Experts Discuss Obama’s War On Fossil Fuels — And Coming Blackouts

Energy experts discuss Obama’s war on fossil fuels and the potential for rolling blackouts all over the U.S. in the near future — due to EPA edicts.


  1. Robert Potter says:

    It is hard to believe. It is a part of the death wish of America by the Obama administration.
    We must renew and/or expand our defeat of this administration. My guts are churning because
    I.m so afraid of our future. No natural gas, no new pipeline. Why? I can't believe it.

    • Why? Answer: They are intentionally trying to make society implode. After it does implode, government will come up with a solution. They are trying to create another "Arab Spring" here in America. Civil unrest needs to circle the globe and become increasingly violent. For all we know, if things turn ugly in our country, B.O. may invite the UN Peacekeeping forces into America, maybe not. World wide Socialism is the goal. Do you know about UN Agenda 21? http://www.UN.ORG/esa/dsd/agenda21
      Step away from the microscope and get the big picture.

    • OK , I'm ABSOLUTELY SICK of IDIOTS thinking that the "STEAM" COMING OUT OF THE STACKS ,(that they always have in the videos) , mistaking "that" with POLLUTANTS ! The pollutants , are produced , (about 99%) , are created during "fire up", and not after the "steam generators" are up to full temperature ! Coal burns very clean (it burns very hot), and that's WHY it's EFFICIENT !!!!! All of the visible "show" coming out of the stacks is STEAM , NOT any of the byproducts caused from "coal" or "any" other energy source that happens to be powering that specific plant !

  2. john martin says:

    you right wingers are so clueless. obama and the epa have invented something called "magic fairy dust". it heats your homes,powers your car and is pollution free! trust me! also the oceans will lower and cleanse the earth! jobs for the jobless!health insurance for everyone! etc etc etc

  3. Edward Shick says:

    We need to send more Foreign aid to China and the Mideast Then we can sell our Children and Grand children in to an asian type of slavery,, Lets get rid of George Soros Puppet, while he is still playing Golf on our dime in Hawaii He's a Failure at any thing except being a hated president, The worst ever

  4. Under my cap and trade program, prices of electricity will necessarily skyrocket.-Barack Obama
    If my cap and trade program does not pass, I'll do it through the EPA.-Barack Obama
    Republicans want dirtier air, and dirtier water.-Barack Obama

    The rhetoric only works on the people that do not pay attention. For example: B.O. takes a 4 Million dollar Chistmas vacation after he had Americans fighting for table scraps ($20 per working person, or $40 per working couple tax break that robbed the elderly out of Social Security funds). B.O. is a disgrace.

  5. The Melanoma is still on course to bring our nation down. The only little saving greace for his monstrosity is that DemocRAT voters will suffer too!


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