Senator Dan Coats Warns Constituents About EPA

Republican Senator Dan Coats (IN)

Indiana Republican Senator Dan Coats issued a warning to his constituents on the dangers of the out-of-control EPA’s Utility MACT rules issued last week.  

According to Coats:

The president has a choice: He can save good-paying American jobs and prevent devastating energy hikes on families and businesses or he can allow the EPA to deliver another blow to an already weak economy. This new regulation completely contradicts the president’s stated top priority to create jobs and strengthen the economy.


This costly, job-destroying EPA rule also jeopardizes the reliability of our nation’s electric grid. As a result of growing bipartisan opposition to this rule, the EPA included a so-called ‘safety valve’ recognizing the very real threat of rolling blackouts. The ‘safety valve’ measure doesn’t go nearly far enough to protect Americans from the harmful impacts of this costly rule.

In November, Coats introduced a bipartisan bill that is designed to create reasonable timelines for utilities to comply with two major EPA rules, including Utility MACT.

The Fair Compliance Act has the support of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity and the United Mine Workers.

As Coats states:

Our bipartisan bill is a commonsense, balanced approach that provides states and utilities the time needed to plan and prepare for these stringent EPA regulations. Without additional time, Americans will face fewer job opportunities, higher utility rates and potential blackouts.

A press release issued by Coats provides more details:

This legislation would extend and streamline the compliance deadline for the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) by three years and the deadline for the Utility MACT rule by two years – so that both would fall on January 1, 2017.

The bill also would require utilities to submit implementation plans to ensure compliance occurs. To safeguard the reliability of the electric grid and avoid brownouts, utilities would also submit their implementation plans to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

The National Economic Research Associates (NERA) estimates net employment losses of 1.44 million across the country as a result of the current EPA rules and deadlines. By 2016, NERA estimates that American ratepayers will see an average increase of 11.5 percent. In some regions of the United States, increases of up to 23.5 percent may occur.

Click here for a copy of the legislation.

Click here for a fact sheet with additional information.


  1. Erik Osbun says:

    The answer to the problem presented by the Obama administration ( and their boss, George Soros ) is simple: remove them from office ASAP.

    • Ken Treesh says:

      We need to have some people that are in touch with what is really happening in our Nation.
      They should not have open season on our energy sources. It used to be that things went thru Congress instead of just putting something in place that has not been thought out to see what they will do to the economy

    • And replace them with what? The sap RINOs in the Senate? Or a sap RINO like Romney? You better wakw up mister and do something yopurself./ HOPEFULLY, the sun will continue and hell will not overflow anymore. With a RINO replacing an illegal in the WH and a few conservative replacing a few more RINOs in the Congress we might actually postpone/dragout the demise of a once great nation by another five to ten years. Who cares about the future generations already spawned and invested in this dying nation, no longer a Constitutional Republic but a socialist thugocracy in control of evil incarnate and his minions.!

  2. Diane Metzger says:

    I agree with you Erik. Our Congress is weak now, but hopefully after the 2012 elections, the "view" will improve.

  3. HOORAY;;; Be sure to vote all COMMIES out of Washington THIS TIME,/?????

  4. See comment under "Texas Expecting Bl;ackouts" Can you spell R_E_V_O_L_U_T_I_O_N??? May the one true GOD help us save the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! When will otherwise reasonably intelligent men wake up and realizae what the progressives, leftist and RINOs have done to this nation? How much longer can it be. Maybe when the coming elections do not save a nation, just prolong its demise?

  5. The EPA is working to implement the UN sustainable development Agenda 21 for Obama. I believe he won the UN Nobel peace prize because they knew he would push this fast & furiously!! The end goal is a one world government. I found the document on line & one thing it said was international law. The fossil fuels they list as unstainable, sounds like they want people living in communities that you'll be able to either walk or bike to work or stores. This is about economy (they don't like free markets, they want public-private partnerships), environment, and equity (social justice) for instance, not everyone can afford to buy a house, then sell to gain wealth so it's whats best for the community. By the way, it will be a one world communist government!!

    • You are spot on.

    • Doris, you are 100% spot on. Another goal is confiscation of all private property, including farmlands. Everything I've read about Agenda 21 is sinister, and too many are buying into it like lemmings. For any unfamiliar with Agenda 21, please, please, please: read up on it and tell everyone you know. We MUST elect representatives who will reliably quash every effort to further the agenda. Energy consumption is only one small part of their hopes for total control.

  6. Do any real concerned citizens read this on weekends and holidays?ean people that really give a damn about this country?

  7. Robert Morrow says:

    As I have written many times, All employers and companies STRIKE against these uncontrolled Shadow Govrnments. Our Representatives and Senators a useless a teats on a boar hog. We are now ruled by these Petty Bureaucrats who are out of control. Quit and they will have nothing to control, turn out the lights, TV, Cell Phones and on and on. In my life I have lived without and can do it again, even at 82 years of life. Then the occupiers and parasites can drop dead as they can not survive. enought said.

  8. murmandamus says:

    EPA should be abolished totally. Along with the Dept of Educatgion and the Dept of Energy. Then we should look for more "departments" that are killing this country; like the National Labor Relations Board. What do you think?

    • I agree totally. The states should start invoking their Constitutional rights rights and kick the Feds out, like New Mexico did. Obama is doing what he said he would do — invoking regulation on energy that would "necessarily cause the cost of energy to skyrocket" and this Congress will not stand up to him and reject his left wing agenda that is destroying this country. And yes, read Agenda 21 folks, because if it goes much further we will never be free of it. Look at the UN Small Arms Treaty and the so-called UN Convention for the Child (support the Parental Rights Amendment).

  9. murmandamus says:

    OK. A typo. It should be education, awright?


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