Will Mitt Romney Keep Lisa Jackson & Gina McCarthy?

Romney's environmental advisor while governor of Massachusetts is an EPA bureaucrat.

A commentator at the Wall Street Journal points out today that the EPA bureaucrat responsible for crafting the new Utility MACT rule — Gina McCarthy — was a member of Mitt Romney’s cabinet when he served as the governor of Massachusetts.

According to Joseph Drago:

The National Journal calls Ms. McCarthy President Obama’s “green quarterback,” with EPA chief Lisa Jackson cast as the coach. In the Romney administration, Ms. McCarthy was the state’s “Super Secretariat,” the person who oversees land use and development regulations among the various state agencies. The former governor also appointed her to lead a commission charged with creating the state’s first global warming “action plan.”
The Massachusetts Climate Change Protection Plan debuted in spring 2004 and was the basis for the first carbon-dioxide emissions regulations for power plants in the country. Mr. Romney is cited as saying in a Dec. 7, 2005, press release that “These carbon emissions limits will provide real and immediate progress in the battle to improve our environment. They help us achieve our environmental goals while protecting jobs and the economy.”

The press release goes on to call the new rules “the toughest in the country” for overall power plant emissions, though after yesterday that is no longer true. Mr. Romney has said on the campaign trail that he opposes the EPA’s regulatory surge.

Yesterday, the Daily Caller aired a video of Romney on CNBC four years ago discussing his belief that the world is getting warmer.


  1. one of the four RINO candidates. There is no such thing as a Republican from Massachusetts. This guy,one of which the media is trying to choose or the "Thee Good Ole boys" forget it. I am praying for a dark horse to step in.

  2. bobby nealey says:

    I didn't think he was that stupid , I would like for him to answer that and not tell me what he thinks I want to hear , but the truth if he can tell the truth .

  3. We waste our time and print minute by minute, hour by hour. Sick of the commonality between rino romney and illegal ODUMBO???? what do you need to know?????

  4. Romney would have to let them both go because everyone is tired of the EPA producing false data to make their case. I would fire Jackson now since she doesn't bother to check the facts before she opens her mouth. Obama should see this but likely won't do anything about it. She is not qualified for her position, period.

  5. James Morgan says:

    Not surprised, suspicions confirmed. VOTE OBAMA, ALL DEMOCRATS, AND ALL RINOS OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012!

  6. Tommy Mims says:

    Romney and John McCain, et al, are identical twin Progressive RINOs. Everyone needs to STOP listening to and commenting on the lamestream media propaganda. Let's just get a GOOD Conservative elected and then get rid of all of the treasonist assholes on the left, including lisa jackson.

    • You hit it right on the head , Tommy, any time the lamestream propaganda media speaks good of a republican candidate, run like hell in the other direction.

  7. Don't need to say more azwayne 76p, budman,James Morgan, and Tommy Mims have sid it all.

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  9. Usa Flag Flyngal says:

    Just another example of Mr. Flippety Floppety at his best. Mitty Man is'nt any better than Obummer. VOTE NEWT!!!!!!!!!

    • Newt did a global warming commercial with Nancy "the wicked witch of the west" Pelosi….. Have you forgotten that? Newt is a progressive RINO just like Mitt Obamney. I don't believe there is a conservative party in the USA anymore. We have Liberal Democrats and Left leaning Republicans. As long as the 2 are our only choices this country is doomed.

  10. Romney is another Obama he has the same concepts health care, energy and Romney belongs to a cult. Newt has baggage but non like Romney. Lie-LIe -LIE- Listen to his world policy just like Obama.

    • There have to be other choices out there. Why is the Republican party letting the communist media in this country pick their candidate, again? Wasn't Mccain bad enough? Newt is a has been and is not a conservative. Romney is a liberal. We need somebody new and not from the beltway. I am tired of elitist, leftie Republicans being shoved down my throat. I am beginning to believe that the Repubs do not want to win in 2012.

  11. It seems we have to vote for the best of the worst, but onyone is better than the head muslim in charge!

  12. Another RHINO! He has no backbone to stand up against liberalism. He sounds worse the McCain.

  13. Had you rather have a liar Rhino, or a wife-cheater Rhino? And anyone is better than the head hancho is not the answer.
    Look what we got last time. The only two real conservatives running are Santorem and Bachman, but obviously they
    are being ignoredl, It is sad, and I, for one won't vote for either of the Rhinos.

  14. Docfreeman says:

    Please be sure everyone you know gets out and votes. This coming November 2012 will decide if our nation survives as a Republic or if we are a socialist country. I don’t care if it raining cats and dogs or a blizzard please vote or better yet if you have early voting go then. We must save our nation from a Socialist Dictator or we will all pay the price. Get out and vote. Vote for the one you think is best not the one that the liberal media tells you can beat Obama. If you do not vote for the one you really want then you just let the liberal media vote for you.

  15. Just shows more of the liberal views of Romney who is not a Conservative. I agree that Santorem and Bachman are real conservatives!

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  21. Hello,
    I cannot believe there is a conservative party in the USA anymore. We have Liberal Democrats and Left leaning Republicans. As long as the 2 are our only choices this country is doomed.

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