EPA Regulatory Overreach Explained

The EPA is on a rampage to over-regulate the energy industry, thus destroying jobs and undermining our energy production capacity.



    • GET RID OF THE EPA NOW !!!!!!!! There is "NO WAY" that their standards can be achieved , and they KNOW IT ! I got it , the EPA can impress me by doing ONE THING …install catalytic converters on VOLCANOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks alot Obama. Thanks alot Democrats. Thanks alot Progressive/Communist/Liberal/Scum

  3. Edward Shick says:

    My son works for husky energy , and the water they use has to be cleaner than the city water they use just to be dumped in the river , fish are more important than people,, in Van Wert county , we now have a wind farm with about 275 wind generators for power at a cost of about two million dollars a piece , Some of the best Farm ground in Ohio wasted ,, In China they are building Coal Power plant , because they are more cost effective , Are we crazy or do We wish to destroy the USA , GET RID OF EPA and G George Soros and his puppets one being God only knows how are foreign born president, It's a shame Boehner can't talk as good, We might have gotten the Pipe line through which would create more jobs and make us less dependent on mid east Oil

  4. mrsgunnut10 says:

    It's extremely obvious that the EPA is a "ROGUE" Agency of the Federal Government and one of OBAMA'S favorite Organizations that he has authorized and powered to deliberately destroy America by "Overregulation" of our energy sources. At the same time we have a gutless bunch of wimps in our Senate and House of Representatives that seem to careless about where this damned group of Environmental Idiots are taking this Country. It looks like we, as voters in this Great Nation, are going to have to destroy these "lackadaisical" Politicians at the Ballot Box in the next 2012 Election. Anybody that is so dumb that they can't or refuse to acknowlege where the Obama Administration is taking our Great Country, must be from Outer Space or on a long term "Drug Marathon". Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  5. Erik Osbun says:

    But all these woes from over-regulation is exactly what Obama and his boss, George Soros, want! Their intention is to ruin the United States as an economic power. Their goal is evil, which identifies them as evil.

  6. YOU see what is going on??? BE SURE to VOTE correctly to change commies , Leftests or progressive WHATEVER they are… VOTE RIGHT //?????????????

  7. Follow the money to see who is the puppet master see where the money ends up and how many pockets it reaches. Obamaommunist have a green agenda that they know is a failure but what the hell they are getting rich off it When did that become acceptable for our Nation?

  8. Retired Swabbie says:

    Retired Swabbie; The EPA, NEA, and a bunch of other 'A's are not only costing us directly by salaries, but indirectly by the onerous regulations they invent, with no oversight except that of an egotistical, power hungry president

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