U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Petitions EPA

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has filed a petition with the EPA, asking that it reassess its estimates of the greenhouse gas methane and other pollution from oil-and-gas drilling sites. The Chamber says the estimates are way too high.

The Chamber says that the EPA’s inflated estimates have “crept into multiple rulemakings and across agencies over the course of the past two years.”

The Chamber is especially troubled by the EPA’s hydraulic fracking estimates, which:“erroneously overestimates methane emissions, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from gas wells by orders of magnitude.”

The Chamber petition also notes:

Researchers, financial analysts and other governmental bodies have relied on EPA’s flawed estimates of natural gas emissions from unconventional shale gas well completions in a number of research reports and policy consideration. Those concerned about overall global climate change policy see the revised EPA methane emission numbers as calling into question the emissions benefits to using natural gas.

More on this latest EPA assault on our economic well-being is available on The Hill site …




  1. The EPA is wrong. 23 years in the Petrolium business are my credentials to state that the EPA is wrong, It's a rogue agency mandating goals that are impossible for American companies to meet. Such conduct, especially in a time of international terrorist conflicts is subversion. Treason. Congress owes it to the American people and the nation to do their job. Break up and eliminate the EPA.

  2. ConservaDave says:

    CO2 (measured in parts per million) and methane (measured in parts per billion) are such minute factors in the greenhouse gas equation that very large increases in them both would not make a dime's worth of difference in what the liar Jackson claims in order to justify the EPA's (and Obama's) evil scheme to destroy America as a world power, a manufacturing giant and a country that provides its citizens with such a wonderful quality of life. The Holy Bible speaks of a time when the devil has to act very quickly "because he knows his time is short." Today, as the global warming/climate change concepts are being, revealed to be the hoaxes and scams that they always have been, especially when they come face to face with legitimate science, Jackson is confronted with the dilemma of having a very short time to put her agenda in place. She therefore has to use all the power of the government that she can muster up in order to implement her evil plans. The stakes are amazingly high, if she succeeds we might never be able to reverse these decisions and she knows it. The Democrat Party is a suicidal (to our country) lost cause, the Republicans flounder around in ineptitude, the mainstream Obama-propaganda press succeeds in keeping the unaware in the darkness, the government schools have dumbed down the kids to the point where they largely cannot reason well enough to understand what is happening and the culture is drowning most people in selfishness and hedonism. This truly is coming together as a "perfect storm". I am afraid for our futures.

  3. CONGRESS this is your job again.GO TO HELL

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