House Committee Issues Response To EPA Mercury Rules


Coal-fired power plants will shut down all over America — thanks to Obama and Lisa Jackson.

Yesterday, members of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee issued a pointed response to Lisa Jackson’s new mercury rules for coal-fired power plants.

The House Committee press release is reprinted below:

Washington DC – Today, Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Ralph Hall (R-TX) and Subcommittee Chairmen, Dr. Andy Harris (R-MD) and Dr. Paul Broun (R-GA), reiterated calls on the Administration to end its stonewalling of numerous Congressional requests for data and information related to EPA’s scientific and technical justification for its Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology rule, which is estimated to cost the U.S. economy at least $11 billion.

Chairman Hall:

The Agency continues to tout the health benefits from the reduction in mercury and air toxics required under the rule. More than 99 percent of the benefits cited by EPA have nothing to do with mercury and air toxics but come from coincidental reductions in fine particulate matter, which is already regulated to a level that the Agency has deemed safe. I had high hopes that EPA when issuing the finalized rule would address the concerns regarding compliance timelines and electricity reliability as well as taking sound science into consideration. While I will continue to review the rule as finalized, I still find this rule will have an adverse effect on our economy, including the potential for significant job losses across the country.

Chairman Harris:

EPA’s lack of clarity regarding the scientific justifications for and ignorance of process throughout this rulemaking has been astounding. The scientific foundation that serves as the basis of this regulation is well-known to be fraught with significant shortcomings. Through extensive hearings on Clean Air Act science we determined EPA relies heavily on repeated double-counting of dubious health benefits to justify the economics of its rules.

The EPA fails to analyze and communicate scientific uncertainties, refuses to make key scientific data publicly available, and short-changes the peer review process. In short, the Administration’s political agenda aims to frighten Americans into supporting a regulatory agenda against affordable energy, while science and objective analysis takes a backseat.

Chairman Broun:

We have repeatedly called attention to the ‘press release science’ that EPA uses to advance its regulatory assault on the economy. However, Administrator Jackson’s use of a children’s hospital at today’s regulatory rollout is a whole new level of politicization. Today’s announcement suggested to the public the Utility MACT is the only way to protect public health, including that of children. This political posturing ignores the repeated claims by EPA that public health is already being protected within an adequate margin of safety in regard to particulate matter. Why the need for myriad Clean Air Act rules if EPA could achieve the same result from a single rule?

Prior Committee correspondence on this issue is HERE.



  1. The only hope that the American People have, at this point in time, is the 2012 Elections, and reverse all these controling Regulations that have been slammed down out throats by this Administration.

    • Right Victor, but Ron Paul is the only one that will reverse Obozo's evil deeds…the rest, except Bachman are globalists and CFR men, who will obey CFR, and that is exactly what we have right now…Obozo obeying CFR, and everything he's done is CFR policy!! I doubt Bachman could stand up to them very long!! I don't like Ron Paul, but he is FOR Liberty, not enslavement that the rest espouse!!!

  2. this woman is nuts she is tied in with the jerk in the white house to try and ruin our country. i don't think she is qualifiedfor
    this position. the sooner we get him out and her the the U.S.A.will be back to normal and progress to be great again.

    • Right on chuck,,,the hypoocrisy is that they want to curtail Mercury…a deadly heavy metal, yet our light bulbs are now Mercury.
      Nothing in the works on how to dispose of them, so they being put in the trash, then into the groun and ground water, to help poison the planet…I have 5 burnt out mercury bulbs, and don't know what to do with them…no one will take them!!
      I can't in good conscience put them in the trash, as our janitor said to do!! Any ideas???

    • Qualified for the job? Obama's stooges don't have to be qualified to do anything except say, oh yes Mr. Obama. Oh yes.

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