Experts Call For Reform Of EPA & Its Regulatory Train Wreck


House Subcommittee hears from experts on the need to reform the EPA.

Several experts on the EPA testified before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment on November 30. They presented their findings about the need for the EPA to reform the way it conducts its research and how it reaches its conclusions about environmental dangers.  

According to Subcommittee Chairman Andy Harris (R-MD): “The right reforms to EPA R&D programs will not only improve trust in the science that informs regulatory decisions, it will also provide a framework to prioritize the most important functions and reduce unnecessary and wasteful spending elsewhere.”

A press release posted by the Subcommittee summarized several of the comments:

Professor Susan Dudley, Director of the Regulatory Studies Center at George Washington University, discussed how science is too often misrepresented at the EPA. “Current procedures for developing regulations addressing health and environmental risk blur the lines between science and policy, hindering not only public policy decisions, but development of scientific knowledge itself,” Ms. Dudley said.

Echoing such tendencies, Dr. Kenneth Green, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, said “EPA’s use of science tends to systematically over-estimate the risks humans face from environmental exposures to pollutants such as particulate matter.”  This approach, Green continued, “leads to inefficient use of scarce public resources, and imposes regulatory burdens that may well do more harm than good.”

Dr. Alan Moghissi, President of the Institute for Regulatory Science, took it a step further, calling for EPA to increase transparency in the processes EPA uses in formulating regulations.  “The EPA and other regulatory agencies have the legal and ethical obligation to inform the public to the best of their ability the status of the science used in their regulatory decisions,” Dr. Moghissi said.  “The information must include assumptions, judgments, the inclusion of default data, and any other information that impacted the scientific aspects of their decision.”

Witnesses also made recommendations on how such issues could be minimized.  Proposing an independent body to conduct scientific assessments, Dr. Gary Marchant, Professor of Law at Arizona State University, stated that this recommendation “could enhance the utility and credibility of the scientific inputs into EPA’s regulatory decisions.”

The hearing is available online … Watch and comment …


  1. As with most programs the democratics brought through and made law always never took the time to look at the whole picture. If you give them power, eventually they will forget what they were made for and use the power for it's own survival. We wanted them to stop companies from dumping trash into our drinking water. Since that was done they decided to push themselves further and show how much we need them. They have gained so much power and of course, abuse that power. It's time to let them go, just like labor unions, they are no longer needed as they work now.

    • They have been doing this for so long and getting away with it. Now, it is time for some facts. Oh, those are such nasty little things, facts! But, like a splinter religion, they will not go away easily. But, "Damn the torpedos, full steam ahead!" Fact, facts and more facts, shouted from the house tops!! There is a lot of us. Here we come EPA!! Got readsy!

  2. Firstly, there is no such thing as a temporary government office. Once it is in – It is in. This time it is the epa. It grows like a fungas with no antidote. Obama and his epa are out to totally take away our oil, coal, natural gas. That leave us with nothing. Everything comes from oil and coal. Propane is what they used to burn off, now, its sold. Propane is/are the fumes/vapor from refining oil. When the umes/vapor rise they are cooled and dropped in a vat there become liquid propane.
    Our own government want all people to be dependent on them for the purpose of them becoming the ruling class with all its people paying thru the nose so-to-speak, or begging for relief.
    Remember in 1939 Hitler was elected to office – Later he downsized Germany. Now, we have Obama downsizing the United States. He too was elected to office. Does anyone reading this see any difference?

  3. Like most government regulatory agencies it has no group regulating it . It has gotten it's own way for so long that the ones in control believe they should not be questioned and can do as they like. The same as the Bureau of Land Management killing wildlife in the name of regulation when they should be protecting it.

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