Kansas Electric Utility Sues Over EPA Deadline – Black Outs To Come


Westar Energy is suing the EPA.

The Kansas electric utility, Westar Energy  has just sued the EPA over its air emissions deadline of December 15. The Kansas Attorney General is also filing a suit against the EPA.

The Kansas City Star reports:

“We asked the EPA for more time, but they tell us they’re enforcing the Dec. 15 deadline,” said Westar Energy CEO Mark Ruelle. “So we’re pushing back. KCPL, Sunflower and us have asked a court to stay the rule. It’s not our style, but we’ve sued through the court in D.C. and the Kansas Attorney General has filed his own lawsuit.”

At issue is the schedule to meet reductions in the emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from coal-burning plants in Kansas.

From when the EPA published its preliminary regulations last year to its final proposal that came out this summer, the rules changed, requiring the utility to cut its emissions another 40 percent because of pollutants the agency argues drift into other states.

“We’ve cut sulfur by 80 percent and NOX (nitrogen oxide) by 50 percent,” Ruelle said, from highs in the years 2002 and 2003. “We’ve still a ways to go, but we have a plan to get there. Then this rule came out based on emissions crossing state lines. It came out in July and it says we must comply by Jan. 1. You can’t.”

According to Ruelle, his company can meet the regulations by 2018 but not before. The result could be black outs. The Star reports:

A separate study by the Southwest Power Pool agrees with Westar’s assessment.

The Southwest Power Pool, or SPP, is a seven-state regional transmission organization mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ensure reliable supplies of power, adequate transmission infrastructure, and competitive wholesale prices of electricity for its region.

In a September letter to the EPA, which used the word concern seven times, the organization warned an initial “reliability analysis” of utility operations under the EPA timeline pointed to hundreds of potential system overloads in the region and more than a thousand cases of system voltages going too low to meet mandated levels.

The result, the letter advised, could include “the potential of cascading blackouts similar to what occurred in 2003 or which could require the shedding of firm load, or localized rolling blackouts initiated by utilities within the SPP region, to avoid more widespread and uncontrolled blackouts and to remain in compliance with reliability standards.”

According to David Springe with the Citizens’ Utility Ratepayer Board: “The EPA really kind of ambushed the utility in terms of the process.”  But, of course, that’s the way the EPA operates. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is committed to destroying the coal industry by any means at her disposal. Creating unreasonable deadlines is one tactic used repeatedly by the EPA.

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  1. Idon'tBrakeForDems says:

    Just an FYI everytime we have a rolling blackout or any power interruption, my business comes to a standstill. Everything we use to create and sell our product requires electricity to power. If I cannot produce product, not only will my income as well as my employees income stop, we will also not be paying any taxes as a result of transactions that simply will not occur. The EPA needs to be abolished. Ron Paul is the man to get it done.

    • I think you as well as the energy company have reason to sue the administration for creation of these frivilous and damaging regulations. While you are at it, these regulations are being produced by an administration which directly represents a man who has NEVER demonstrated his qualification for the office of President. I think the damages being visited upon you as energy producer and energy consumer, financial damages, would give you standing to sue Obama directly since he is not qualified to be, therefore not the sitting President. All regulations ordered by him are null and void. The fact is that he is creating this regulation hell illegally, and doubly so since he fradulently occupies the oval office. Sue the bastard.

  2. We no longer need to just shut down and dismantle the EPA , they are getting so out of control we need to nuke them . ( for the ultra sensitive , this is an attention grabbing joke ) .

  3. They should do exactly what this administration is doing and that is ignoring their deadline. If they try to take action against the state, they should again do what they are doing now by taking them to court. The EPA clearly is making policy without going through Congress therein setting an illegal precedent.
    They could take the EPA out of business if they contacted their representatives in Congress demanding they remove these policies or their funding will be cut off. This is one quick way or taking action and the EPA definitely will lose on this if taken to the Supreme Court.

  4. Robert Morrow says:

    Called their hand on this. I think that the power companies shut down and go on strike. The blame the EPA for the problem which it is. Soon the people will put the blame where it belongs and throw the corrupt people out of office. I lived the great depression and would be a great learning lesson for all these dirt bags that voilate the rights of others and they would have to learn how to survive without and not steal from your neighbors. I still remember the night that I was given a Hot roasted potato all for me. I can still taste of goodness today. Maybe a little hard time would do all the spoil brats good. The best that can happen that all doers and thinkers go on strike and all the dirt bags and low lifes can starve.

  5. Westar Energy.. Hire your own security (Black Water)..Lock down and tell the EPA to go to hell..Keep operating..

  6. The Obama Administration and the EPA are totally out of control and Obama and his entire cabenet should be imbeached and the EPA should be abolished. The BLM, Fish & Wildlife Service and the Forest Service should also be abolished and the lands they control sold into private ownership.

  7. glenn koch says:

    its easy, tell the epa to go to hell, get the sheriff to station a swat team outside the power station. If the epa tries to use force meet force with force.

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