Horner on EPA’s Lisa Jackson: Whoa! Which Time Are You Lying?

How many lies does Lisa Jackson tell in this interview?

Chris Horner points out the inconsistencies in Lisa Jackson’s rationale for EPA regulating greenhouse gases.

In last weekend’s interview on EnergyNow.com, EPA chief Lisa Jackson said that the EPA has lots of reasons for enacting rules that would lower greenhouse gas emissions but meeting President Obama’s international climate pledges isn’t one of them, reported Politico.

But the American Tradition Institute’s Horner says in an e-mail:

They had been saying quite the opposite. She unveiled the endangerment finding to provide for a rapturous reception at Hopenchangen.

Pre-Poznan address: Obama said his leadership on the climate issue will begin with cap-and-trade.

Hopenchangen: Obama cited the emission reductions as key but NOT SIMPLY to meet global obligations.

Lisa Jackson, before Copenhagen: “For President Obama and the United States, that global effort starts at home. We have been hard at work on confronting climate change, through a wide range of initiatives – some you may have heard about, and others you may not have…”

“Finally, I’m proud to say that – hours before I stepped on the plane to come here, I announced EPA’s finalized endangerment finding that greenhouse gases pose a threat to our health and welfare.”



  2. Wayne Miller says:

    When you have a President who lies constantly what else could you expect from one of his henchmen ?????
    The whole Obama administration has been one big lie after another, if his mouth is open you can bet a lie is emerging.
    Come on 2012 Time to take the trash out.

  3. Like I said a few weeks ago, Ms. Jackson made statements that simply were not true.

    She didn't bother to check her facts before she blurted them out. This is common for the people in this administration. They must hold the record in outright lies or misstatements in the history of our government. Obama has appointed unqualified idiots so he must be looking for people who will stand by him rather than qualified people. We have one on the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, etc. It seems as long as they are radical, people like Van Jones, they qualify.

    Nothing will change until this administration is fired and several members of the House and Senate are voted out. The four main ones are Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman and Barney Frank as they are major players in this calamity.

    • mrsgunnut10 says:

      You are right Budman, ALL of Obama’s appointee’s are completely unqualified to hold any kind of job in the Whitehouse or Obama’s Cabinet. How,or why, our Senate and Congress continue to let this egotistical lunatic give high salaries to this type of people is beyond imagination.

    • Nothing would make me happier than to see Waxman out on his butt. Been a thorn in my side for years. He got on a kick of regulating the public water system and made the people out there that are doing their damnedest to provide clean safe water, and that bozo comes up with a bunch of regulations (that aren't needed) that make the Operators jobs almost impossible, and jacked up the costs (which are passed on to you the customer) significantly.

      • This whole EPA greenhouse gasses farce is part of a much larger effort by the Obama administration and many of our liberal and conservative Congressmen to transfer the sovereign power and rights of the United States to the UN in order to fulfill UN Agenda 21, the basis for the incoming New World Order regime. Check it out, search UN Agenda 21 and read it. Read it real close and see just how much we're turning over our sovereignty to the UN.

  4. LIza Jackson is an idiot hired by an idiot to run an idiotic agency to destroy our economy for idiotic reasons that have been proven to be idiotic by experts on idiocy .

  5. John Stewart says:

    It would be really novel if she had a clue as to what she is talking about. For her the script is getting very hard to follow. It is funny how that happens when one starts weaving lies together.
    This is one agency that definitely needs to be pared with a machete.

  6. go to you tube and on obama deception and you find who she and who obama really is click on full length

  7. Jim Dunlap says:

    The Epa should be renamed The Ministry of Truth as founded in 1984 by George Orwell.

  8. She is just following BHO’s wishes to bring America down to its knees. The only way that BHO can please George Soros is by ruining America so that George can start his New World Order. George even admitted that America is the only thing standing in his way. You can search for him and some of his interviews where he said this. Here is one site.

  9. Remove the Obama administration and all of its appointees and the threat of greenhouse gases will disappear. You have a mandate to remove those from office who lie to you.

  10. So many fools here. The science is clear and accepted by those who understand science and rejected only by ideologues and corporate stooges. Ms. Jackson is a fine dedicated civil servant working fr an essential agency. Nobody is perfect but the EPA has done more to protect America than our military.
    We need to keep a close eye on the profiteers and keep regulations in place to defend our environment. It is the polluters and their lobbists who need to be kicked out of congress!

  11. Jim Gilbert says:

    Hey Eric, what is your favorite flavor of koolaid. You must not know a lot about science if you agree with the Obummer administration and his bunch of nuts. All of the science that you talked about was based on bad facts and for you to say that humans exhale poisinous gas is such a load of crap. Could you please explain why people burn kerosene in green houses to make their plants grow faster and better if that gas is poison.

  12. The EPA doesn't give a flying hoot about the environment! These fascists want to control US. They engineered the "science" as an excuse to take our property and our GOD given rights away!

  13. LukeAppling says:

    Chris Horner has been on the frontline of Climate change myths with several excellent books well documented and researched Power Grab, Red Hot Lies and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming, Al gore hates him and will not appear on the same stage because al's 35 lies from his foolish book are well known by Mr. Horner. The EPA and Climate Change are all part of the long struggle from radicals to tax Americans heavuily and give outr money to more "well derving nations" they choose the nations. It sounds preposterous but it is a fact no longer hidden under the slime of their proponents.Read the lates E-mails from English professors who admit the scam to receive grants from those in favor. Google Joel Rogers, a U. of wosconsin Professor, caught laughinmg at the polar bear decline and the death of Santa Claus being used to scare children into following the myth.l

  14. All communists lie

  15. 2012 cannot come soon enough! Faith and truth, people, will get us through the next eleven months. Then we can eliminate a bunch of EPA regs., the entire Dept. of Education, the entire Dept. of Energy, and what else?

  16. her monkey a zz want be there long, she,ll be looking for the unemployment line soon ,bet on it
    the worst clueless pos ever

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