Wind Farm Grave Yards

Abandoned wind farms in Hawaii dot the Islands.

According to recent estimates, there are currently 14,000 abandoned wind farms dotting the landscape in the U.S.

Hawaii, for example, has 37 abandoned wind turbines at one site and there are five other abandoned wind sites in the Hawaiian Islands.

In California, there are thousands of such abandoned sites, including Altamont Pass, Techachapin and San Gorgonio — all considered perfect spots for wind turbines.

So, what happened? Well, first off, birds get killed by these huge machines and the PETA crowd goes insane. The Altamont site, for example, is shut down four months out of the year to protect migrating birds. Second, when government subsidies stop, the projects die. Third, wind power has proven to be unreliable as a consistent source of power. There’s either too little wind, too much wind, or it’s too cold to operate them.

In Britain, the energy industry admitted as long ago as 2008 that wind turbines are idle up to 30% of the time because of the unreliability of the wind. A report from the British Renewable Energy Foundation at the time describes the economically disastrous wind turbine industry.

It is unlikely that the Obama Administration will let facts get in the way of their war against fossil fuels and their love affair with solar and wind power. Expect more taxpayer dollars to be flushed down the rathole of solar and wind boondoggles. Expect to see more abandoned wind farms in the future — as long as Obama remains in office and the EPA is run by the climate alarmist zealot Lisa Jackson.


  1. James Morgan says:

    Gee, I wonder why NONE of this is being covered by the Main Stream Media! Could it be that this might be negative publicity for Obama and the Democrats so the MSM must hush it up to help their obvious goal to get them all get re-elected?


    • George Bowen says:

      You are right the only thing that Obama and the Democrats are real good at is wasting tax dollars in business before you spend money you have to show a return on asset the problem in DC is the politicains are working on relection when they are elected we need to put a term limit all politicains and then maybe the will start working for the people!!!!!

    • It is not being mentioned because it is a complete fabrication — there are 14,000 wind turbines in OPERATION according to the state of California.

      • They will only keep running as long as the government subsidies keep rolling in, because they are enormously expensive to keep running!

  2. Old Fart American says:

    Very few "Green" ideas actualy work! Not yet and not soon to come will they.

    • Exactly — if a green idea was profitable, the various types of green energy would be wide spread already!

      It's really very simple – things that work are kept and used!

    • What "green" ideas work?? They do not. When energy is "green" there is a return on investment (ROI). This is real green, a profit and limited waste and use of costly natural resources. Look at all the resources wasted where those broken windfarms are just rotting. Imagine all the wasted energy and "greenhouse gases" building those suckers!
      These windfarms are an albatross around the taxpayers neck and when the subsidies dry up the towers will be abandoned.
      Thanks, just needed to get this off my chest.

    • It is because all the 'Greenies' are ideologues, NOT scientists. Like Odumbo, they spent all their time in school learning about how wonderful it will be when we all live happily under the 'fair' and 'loving' World of Socialism. Science classes? Business classes? They don't need no stinkin science and business! The government is going to take care of them!!

  3. The link to the Renewable Energy Foundation is wrong. The link should be www.

  4. Don't put a space in the link. it should just be My mistake.

  5. All those who built them using taxpayer dollars should be imprisoned for imbezzlement and fraud .

    • It's not the contractors who defrauded the government. It was the GOVERNMENT who defrauded the people. They contracted these wind turbines and knew beforehand that they would not be used. Use up tax payers money is what it is ALL about.
      Break the economy is what Obama wants to do…This is part of his agenda for America and we must not allow him or the next president to extend these ideas. Check out this is over 2 hours long, but afterward you will have a very good idea what Obama and the libtards are trying to do to America.

      • making himselve and his buds rich rich rich. look at that goof al gore. it's a damn shame this is going on and all those who voted for hope and change, ha and they're getting the worse of the whole deal and don't even realize it and may never understand what BO and his policies and appointments have done to this country.

    • joseph S King says:

      Well said and quite true, Buck

  6. jmsmaxwell says:

    Only "Professional Politicans" generate enought wind in Congress to keep them running.
    Otherwise they are as useless as teats on a boar hog and make about as much sense except
    for the political B.S that they generate.

  7. Out here in western Kansas as a lad we depended on wind for electricity. But we always had a lamp or lantern handy just in case we had an extended calm spell. Lucky we didn't have EPA to shut our windcgarger down because of dead sparrows on the ground!!

  8. Gerald Smith says:

    Just this morning there was an article in our local paper about how great wind farms are. It came from the Associated Press or as I call it, Obama's propaganda wing. I am going to use this information to write a rebuttal to the editor.

    • A.P. really stands for the Association of Propaganda.The vast majority of Americans have not a clue as to what has been taking place in their nation for the past five years. The Democrats charge to implement Socialism by running rough shod over our Constitution. Obama is a Marxist Socialist. Make no mistake about it.

  9. This is timely information. I just read an article in my local newspaper by Fiona Harrop today, touting the wonders of alternative energy. I knew, of course, that it was BS, but it's good to air all the facts disputing the "Obama line".

  10. The wind farm at Tehachapi Ca. has been there since the late 1970`s.This was a huge wind farm built when gas prices were high and in short supply do to another one term Dem.When these wind turbines reacher there useful life,they were not repaired and updated do to cost.(they did not work well in the first place)Get use to see sites like this.They were a stupid Idea then just as they are now.And when the subsides stop so will the wind mills.

  11. Independent voter says:

    A good start would be to get rid of PETA which law enforcement sees using terrorist tactics. Which comes first, us or the birds? Of course in CA they'd think that way anyway..

  12. We need for more informed people to step up with their knowledge of the failed Green Forays into alternative energy sources that are being touted as the force to save our planet. Right. Remember Al Gore's interview when he said," if you think this is about the money, then you don't know me"? He is proficient at lying and deceiving the naive.

  13. teresa moore says:

    the epa is the peoples devil. devils can be cast out. where do we start? maybe getting it on the voting ballot, there cant be that many stupid people in the world? . OH, we thought there wasnt when ob ran, we sure got fooled.

  14. These wind farms also kill bats – yes BATS.
    those little ugly creatures that eat thousands of insects that eat crops and if they are not out there eating away crops will be lost and food prices will rise even higher. No one ever talks about this, probably because bats are so small but the changed air pressure causes them to explode and so there is no evidence.
    But we really need bats!!!

    • There are billions of bats, which have natural predators…OWLS?
      They are important, but after thousands of years, I think they have a secure foothold.

      Oh yeah…What about the Owls?


    Grab a sandwich, beer, pack of smokes and watch this video…This will scare you! But it is going on as we live and breath..

  16. Is anyone really surprised? and how come Fox news hasn't talked about this? perhaps they have made some little 10 segment that most didn't see. I don't really watch them very much as I see them now as MSM except for a few who guest show – of course it's 1000 times better than pmsnbc as rush refers to them.

  17. Our tax dollars at work, and Obama wants to spend even more.

  18. We have lots of new wind farms here in South Texas, and they add energy to the existing power suppliers. The wind seldom stops here, and the weather is warm, so we seem to be a perfect place for them. Even the bird enthusiasts haven't fussed too much. There is a place for wind energy, but it needs to be planned well.

  19. Ridge runner says:

    If i can't post a comment the way i want to as long as i keep it clean then i don't need to submit a comment. Thank you.

  20. Cut'em up and sell 'em for scrap metal. That's all they are good for. They're nothing but a greenieweenie feel-good money-wasting boondoggle.

  21. The free market will pick the winners that will actually work. Think: Electric Light, Model T.
    We should not be told "Green or Nothing" and then pay $7-8 for gas till we are starved into capitulating to this social engineering fallicy. Renewable energy will have it's place in the future, when it works.
    In the mean time….Drill Baby Drill.

    And why are all the investors in these companies donors or bundlers to bho? Funny Eh?

  22. Besides which, NOAA reported that if we, the U.S., cleaned up all the polution bho/EPA wants to, it wil have a 2%-3% impact on the global total, 'cause no one else is doing it
    Then jobs will move overseas (cheap energy) while our electric bills will easily triple due to the collapse of our coal industry and laid off (50,000+) miners and mining workers, not to mention those who make the mining machinery, thiose giant trucks (made here) and transport (trains) the ore.

  23. Bernardo Giansomo says:

    I've seen wind farms in Southern Cal,Wyoming,and elsewhere. They are a blight on the landscape. Beautiful rolling hills created by God and interrupted by envirofreaks with their folly. Avians and bats created by God to hold insect populations in check are killed daily because envirofreaks think they're smarter than God. Now those abandoned farms minus their vanes are even more ugly since they are only good for those who engage in phallic worship. So, if the Dummycrats can't figure out how to lower the unemployment numbers,there's thousands of jobs awaiting those willing to engage in taking down these monstrosities. Now,will those stupid voters who gave us Obama please vote next time for a candidate who's willing to get back to oil drilling so it doesn't cost $100+ to fill up a pickup truck! I need a truck for biz but can't afford the gas to fill it thanks to you basterds who fell in lockstep with the stupid media to cripple our country. Why don't you all move to Cuba and take Obama with you.

    • One thing you got wrong. Democrats have actually figured out how to lower the unemployment numbers.

      They make up lower numbers!

  24. Well that Blows! Or, maybe it does'nt?

  25. It is evident that ignorant people do stupid things. (with other peoples money) The people that came up with this stupid idea should have lived and croused on a sail boat to prove how useless the idea was before wasting tax payer money.

  26. No, It's Wyoming blows and Utah Sucks!

  27. Don Rushing says:

    The green energy drive will put us all in the ditch. Fossil fuels, geo thermal energy and nuclear energy is the way to go. We need leaders that will help us go forward, not hinder us. Barry and company are full of hot air and Barbara Striesand.

  28. Elsie E Connelly says:

    I live in Lincoln, NE. They have 3 or 4 wind turbines, out to the north of the city. Our electricity rates have not gone down one iota. These turbines will not produce electricity unless the wind is blowing. Some days it blows to kingdom come, but most days the turbines aren't even turned on to generate electricity. Lincoln, is home to some of the most rabid democrats in the world. Sustainability, go green, bs bs bs. I have shopping bags to use for my groceries, I recycle what I can. BUT I REFUSE TO GO ALONG WITH THE EPA, PETA AND THE REST OF BLOVIATOR'S IDEAS. DUMP OBAMA AND HIS ENTIRE CABINET.

  29. When all these windmills are no longer wanted or needed what happens to them?
    Was there a dismantleing/cleanup clause in the contract? I bet not.

  30. Richard A says:

    T. Boone Pickens, once an advocate of the "future" of energy, has changed his mind and is offering his $1.5 billion dollar windfarm enterprise in west Texas to whomever is interested in it….no takers so far.

  31. Yet another fact of wind energy that just continues to cost American business and the 50% of us that still pay federal taxes so that those that don't can vote for these boondoggles for us to pay for and ensure that the US will decline into mediocrity, just like our schools want us to.

  32. gliverson says:

    As with ALL technology and manufactured products any more, wind, solar, etc. are all listed by "rated output" on the label. What they do not tell you is that this rated power or rated output is mostly theoretical based upon the perfect ideal what ever.
    Wind is proably about 5% efficient no matter what they say = very poor payback likelihood
    My own solar is rated just over 6 KW, but never actually produces more than 4.2 to 4.5 KW. So, the pay back is well over 20 years.
    We need to not have so many free Obama Dollars passed around without oversight. We also must have the accountability that Obama promised to evryone in his long speaches to get elected – no I did NOT vote for the kenyan.

  33. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    Here's a TAUTOLOGY:
    If wind power were more profitable to the electric industry than other means currently in operation, the electric companies would be GLADLY investing THEIR OWN money into it. (And yes, I DO understand that this REGIME FROM HELL HATES PROFIT, PER SE, CATEGORICALLY!) THIS fully explains why the windfarms go fallow after the subsidy "subsides". But hey! SMILE! WE get to PAY for these games!

  34. a low tech solution to alternate energy storage.. take a hydro electric dam that has a lake. any one of them! install a pump that takes power from the Grid . equal to the solar , and wind , and or any other so called unreliable energy source … pump water from the down side back into the lake adjust the flow as needed to allow for storage to be used in time when alternate sources are low

  35. Time for a "Cash For Clunkers" program for wind farms, in ten years we will be trying to figure out how to get rid of them all because they wont be subsidized any longer and obsolete. Hey there's new job's!! "Wind Farm Salvage"

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  37. You people are cavemen . Wind and solar are our only hopes for the future.

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