Wind Farm Project In Washington Killed Over Endangered Sea Bird


The Marbled Murrelet just killed a wind farm project in western Washington.

Once again, the animal rights movement has clashed with the climate hysteria movement – and the animal activists have won.

The Radar Ridge wind power project in western Washington has just been canceled over concerns about the marbled murrelet sea bird – listed as an endangered species.

The project would have built 32 wind turbines on state forest land. The project was also canceled because of the additional $750,000 needed to finish the regulatory process – and an unreasonable environmental impact statement. The project had already cost investors $4 million.

The project managers had spent three years studying how many birds would be killed by the wind turbines. They claimed that only one bird would be killed every two years. Apparently, that’s one too many.

In addition, a Fish and Wildlife environmental impact statement said that the wind farm would have to be shut down for six months of the year in daylight hours in order to protect the marbled murrelet.

The project managers had agreed to spend $1 million to buy 300 acres of old growth forest as a habitat for the sea birds. The environmental impact statement also would have required the federal government to spend an additional $10 million tax dollars on other habitat projects. Because of these restrictions and requirements, the project operators gave up.

The Seattle Audobon Society declared victory over cancellation of the project. They claimed that protecting the sea bird outweighed the benefits of alleged reduced carbon output.

Apparently no matter how many climate alarmists are involved in pushing worthless wind farm boondoggles for energy production, if there’s an animal, bacteria or bug potentially “endangered” by it, the alarmists inevitably lose.

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