USEPA Seems Determined To Demolish Our Economy

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is determined to demolish our economy.

The House of Representatives, controlled to a large degree by economic and social conservatives, is doing everything it can to block the EPA from further destroying our economy and making it nearly impossible to exploit our abundant energy resources.

Lisa Jackson was at the Berkeley School of Law not long ago to give a speech on the EPA’s actions. During her speech, she attacked the GOP House for trying to reign in the EPA. She expressed smug confidence that she was going to be able to survive their efforts and impose more and more regulations on American businesses and energy producers.

The problem we face is that without control of the Senate, no House bill on the EPA is going to get through. And, there’s little chance Obama will ever sign any pro-energy bill even if it does squeak through the Senate. We’re facing an energy catastrophe until there is regime change in 2012.

AOL’s Energy blogger Margaret Ryan lays out the depressing realities we face with a Democrat-controlled Senate and Obama in the White House.

Ryan notes:

Congressional deadlock means two game-changing Environmental Protection Agency rules are poised to take effect unless a court stops them or the White House weighs in.

The rules will cost electric utilities and their ratepayers billions.

These rules include the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) and the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR).

Ryan correctly states that the MACT rules will mean the shutdown of many smaller, older coal plants. Shutdowns will amount to the loss of between 30-70 gigawatts of “more than 300 coal-fired” plants. This one rule will cost the economy $10.9 billion annually. Some estimates are even higher.

In short, the EPA is creating an economic and energy nightmare on our nation, but Lisa Jackson doesn’t care. She has made it clear that she’s against fossil fuels and she’s going to push ahead with an avalanche of regulations to stifle growth, destroy coal-fired plants, and ultimately make our lives miserable. Just imagine how much additional destruction she can bring about if Obama is re-elected in 2012 and the Senate remains in the hands of anti-energy zealots. The future is grim if Obama is reelected and Jackson remains at the EPA.


  1. Said communist Lisa Jackson is merely doing her bosses bidding . Anyone that does not support thr destruction of our country thru the destruction of our economy needs to convice all their friends to vote republican . While I will be the first to agree that manny republicans are phoney fraudes as well , at least they aren't demon rats . (democrats) . I feel at this point in time that ANYONE that votes for a demon rat for any office is either incredibly stupid or is actually seeking the demise of our constitutional republic , the greatest experiment in self-government in the history of mankind .

    • Ms. Jackson proved how unqualified she was for the job when she made the statement about energy sources such as coal saying it was dirty. She obviously didn't even check her facts on this before making an idiot of herself. The standards now are in fact excellent and beat required levels.

      The very people who are fighting the EPA are mostly Republicans who were elected by the Tea Party people so you don't want to vote them out. People such as Rand Paul, Ryan and West are fighting tooth and nail to right this country and domestic energy production is just one of the issues. It is necessary for the Republicans to take control of the Senate and put Harry Reid in the minority. Only then will we begin to take this country back. This would put Obama in a status of lame duck even should he win reelection. The only way he is going to do this though is through fraudulent votes.

      • bobby nealey says:

        fraudulent votes and idiots is what got him the first time, you don't think he got religion after that do you I don't think so he is so crocked if a black snake followed him he would get dizzy .

  2. bobby nealey says:

    you know who these problems they can be fixed.i know conservatives don't believe in that, but i will tell you right now they would not hesitate. I think they are looking for an excuse, remember they don't believe in GOD we do.

  3. Why are you supprised?? Obama and his crew of "one worlders" are determined to bring down the USA so the one world can be established. The USA is too strong economically to assimilate with other nations into a world government, religion and economic system. It must come down in all respects to bring about the one world order.
    The occupiers are being paid to occupy. There will be increased violence until there is an excuse for marshall law to be imposed. Then the elections can be suspended and Obama can reign an dictator.
    This is not a conspiracy theory this is the plan.
    The EPA, OSHA, ACORN, the UNIONS, etc. that Obama has channeled money into are being paid to acomplish the destrution of the USA. They are channeling money back to him for his reelection, if indeed, it is needed.
    Perhaps we will not even make it to the elections.
    Write this off if you will but don't forget it; watch and see.

    • your spot on Don L. I never thougt it would come down to this but its here.Americans are to busy with the bread and circuses to take notice.obama and co. are pulling the wool over our eyes. Sunday net neutraility kicks in so that the gov't can start their control of the internet. Do not write this off people or it will be to late.

    • I believe you are correct.

  4. Gary Tarbox says:

    This is getting ridiculous. Obama has Jackson thinking she can do anything he tells her to do. These alphabet agencies have to be regulated by Congress. By that I mean that any and all decisions MUST be passed in Congress, both houses before those regulations can be initiated. Nothing that impacts our citizens and businesses should be put in the hnads of political appointees. That goes for not only the EPA, but the FCC, FAA, FDA, the Department of Education etc. etc. That is the only way to stop the President (any President) from circumventing our elected representatives to further his own personal agenda. I remember a speech during Obama’s campaign where he threatened putting the coal industry and coal fired electrical plants out of business. That’s exactly what he’s trying to do and replace it with his “Green Energy” that costs 4 to 5 times as much. The middle class shrinks with every week this man is in office.

  5. bobby nealey says:

    obama and his worshipers want to take our guns , but you won't find them giving theirs up. It seems that i read that obama said he would have the best armed civilian army in the world.

    • He gave weapons to the drug dealers in Mexico. Over 2000, not bad for a start.. Why is he bring the troops home ? Answer: needs them for martial law..

  6. Another of this administration goons that has be on government take all her life and has no common sense like obama. But why does this GOP congress still continue to allow these people to receive a pay check? This country does not have a budget but still these no goods receive a pay check and benefits.

  7. This is but one more reason that the EPA needs to be abolished in it's entirety. Obama promised us that he was going to double all our energy costs and that is Change That is Destroying the USA. Gasoline and Utility bills today are about double what they were before January 2009 when Herr Obama took office. Obama has delivered on his promises to the Environmental Whack Jobs. Also, during this time, Enviro-Terrorists, took out offshore drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, and the EPA used this as an excuse to shut down Offshore Drilling. There is no end to what the Obama Regime will do. They are all Fascists.

    • It is time for the Governors of the several states to issue drilling permits to drill on state land. That is done under the 10th Amendment and nullify unconstitutional "laws". What is obama going to do use the army to enforce his orders. I do not think so.. Today obama issued a order that stopped the drilling for oil in Ohio result 220,000 Americans out of work..

  8. This is what you get when you elect a communist who is also part of the Chicago Thug Machine. These corrupt criminals and subversives are all but destroying this nation and our media is owned and operated by the same folks who funded Obama's election. Folks, unless we awaken as a nation and take our streets, towns and communities back one street at a time, our Republic is finsihed.

    • Before next Nov, You will be taking the streets back one at a time my prediction. Occupy is the start it will get more violent reason to declare martial law..

  9. The EPA, Department of Education, Energy, HLS, and other agencies need to be abolished in their entirety. The goverenment uses these Alphabet Agencies to impose Fascistic Laws, Rules, And Regulations and Fees that no congress could ever get by with through normal legislation. These agencies do not need to be reined in, they need to be abolished completely. Ron Paul is the only politician running for POTUS with the guts to say this, and that is why the Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats do so much work in destroying Ron Paul's message and that is why they will not allow any Outsiders into the Process. That is also why they hate Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is an enmey of Big Government as is Ron Paul, and that is why the Establishment will not allow them in the race. They do not want anybody to screw up their Pay To Play Schemes which both Establishment Parties participate in.

  10. I have said all along that David Axelrod is the Wizard behind the Cloak/Curtain of Barack Obama.  When I first heard that this sleazy bastard was part of the Obama Regime, I knew where all of Obama's speeches and rhetoric was coming from as well.  David Axelrod is of the same mold as Lyndon B. Johnson who was a scumbag sleaze even when he was still in high school.  LBJ, while still in high school, used to snoop on his teachers, principals, etc. and find smut on them and then black mail them.  He did the same things in college and later in the House of Representatives.  He was the sleaziest candidate ever and was able to do great harm to this nation.  And, LBJ set the tone for DC politics which has been practiced ever since, especially by the Democrats and also by some Republicans, but none as much as the Democrats. 

  11. Another move to gain control. If this shuts down most of the older plants then it swings the door wide open for a take over by one large corporation – thus they have control of one area of energy. The left will keep this up until they have control of the country. That is their plan. A government not representing the people or by the people or for the people rather a government to control the people. This has been coming for many a decade. They are ruthless even breaking the law to achieve their goal. And no one or group in government is putting a stop to it.
    The Tea Party is only the beginning of a dissatisfied people. When our government collapses The Occupiers are going to look like kindergarten kids.

  12. LukeAppling says:

    When Obama was elected his 60's radical friends jumped with joy because they knew these professors and government hangers-on that this would be their opportunity to rerail america and they are doing that in front of our eyes. Obama gives Brazil $2,000,000,000 so the y can drill in the same Atlantic Ocean that he bans american drilling and tells them "America wants to be your best customer" while our gas prices have doubled from $1.80/gallon on his election date to $3.50 today. NOw Obama won't sigh the Shale oil bill that assures us of 20,000 jobs immediately and many, many more as the pipeline is activated. If Obam,a is reelcted we will have failed there are far more of us than there are of them, even with their lamestream medfia, which I do not pay any attention to.

  13. The EPA must, shall be shut down, de funded they are nothing but a bureaucratic injustice to good safe sane environmental practices. The EPA is an extension to the socialist Wako leftist environmentalism freaks bent on destroying our nation for their progressive socialist communist agenda to a global controlled domain.


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