Editorial: Former EPA Economist Alan Carlin Vindicated On Greenhouse Gas Report


Trusting the EPA's "scientific findings" isn't a very good bet. Alan Carlin found out the hard way.

Alan Carlin isn’t a familiar name to most Americans, but it should be. Carlin is a former EPA employee who earned the wrath of the Obama Administration for doing the unthinkable. He actually wrote a report questioning the accuracy of EPA’s scientific “findings” on greenhouse gases and climate science.

In a 98-page report on how the EPA makes its “findings,” Carlin concluded: “We believe our concerns and reservations are sufficiently important to warrant a serious review of the science by the EPA.”

How did the Obama Administration respond to his report? Why, Carlin’s supervisor (a political appointee) quashed his report and emailed him this comment: “I don’t want you to spend any additional EPA time on climate change.  No papers, no research, etc.”

According to Carlin: “I’ve been involved in public policy since 1966 or 1967. There’s never been anything exactly like this. I am now under a gag order.” As for travel, “it’s been made abundantly clear that I was not to attend anything to do with climate change.”

Carlin left the EPA not long after his report was quashed and he was told to stop doing any analysis of climate change for the agency he had served for 35 years.

Carlin is a hero and has since been vindicated by the EPA’s own Inspector General who issued a report critical of how the EPA conducts “science” and reaches its already-determined “findings.”

The IG report said the EPA had failed to follow peer review procedures for a “highly influential scientific assessment” on greenhouse gases. The report concluded that the EPA had violated its own rules on neutrality, it did not make the review results public as required, or to certify if it had complied with internal or Office of Management and Budget requirements.

Read and distribute his report and the IG report! They both show the EPA to be a rogue agency with a political, not a scientific agenda.


  1. I don't think anyone is surprised. Another politically corrupt branch of unelected officials destroying business with over regulation and laws that society and business cannot meet. And don't really need to meet.

  2. Russell Benneyy says:

    It is dangerous t6o be right when the Goverment is wrong.

  3. As I have said in many posts do away with the EPA and most of the other agencies that are nothing but federal infringements on the freedom in this country.

  4. Elsie E Connelly says:

    I concur, do away with the EPA, the NEA (National Education Association), SEIU, National Black Caucus. These organizations are rife with fraud. They do nothing except take, take, take and do nothing, DO NOTHING for the public. The NEA is particularly odiferous, as they keep miserable teachers on the job, when there are undoubtedly, teachers who would not belong to NEA and would do a much better job without whining so much.

    • I know this is not a PC question, but – Why is there such a Caucus as the "National Black Caucus?" Do we also have a "National Indian Caucus?" What about a "National Hispanic Caucas?" Do the tax's of the hard working people of the US also go into a "National White Caucus?" Just who funds all these Stupid Caucus's that feel a need to sound off on every topic? How about you ALL do your jobs and forget what the Party wants. If a Black Republican comes up with a good idea – Go For It! If an Indian, or Mexican happens to have a good idea STOP looking at who came up with the idea. We should NOT care who comes up with the idea. Please stop forming little Caucus's here and there. All you are doing is trying keep the dumb idea of race in the news. It does Not matter what race happens to have a good idea. Just do the job of assisting our Nation to keep being the best. That's all we truly want…

  5. JAMES THORSEN says:


  6. deegerhardt says:

    who owns Goldmansachs? well they bought 250,000 shares of the Van Jones GREEN company. Of course Van Jones is a declared communist and after Glenn Beck bashed him for it, Van Jones stepped down from his craz appointment from obama. Many of the obama czars are declared communist. This "green slime stuff" was just another big shammmmmmmmmmmmmm even thought if obama could have pushed this forward he would have been rich beyond belief as he was involved with the developement of the GREEN SLIME corp. I am sure Goldman's are pissed at him. I wonder how much they paid for that stock

  7. BRAVO for Mr. Carlin! What a shame that after 35 years at the EPA he could no longer work under such a stifling environment(pun intended). It is very telling that they actually put in writing that they did not want him to research, publish or attend any conferences on "climate change". Shows how emboldened they are to pursue their agenda in spite of facts that contradict this.
    It seems the good government workers who have the courage to tell it like it is get forced out of their jobs.

  8. john whittington says:

    Al Gore droped out of his third year of College and people listen to him? It is only the money that his org brings in that the Scientists want a part of. Even NASA was able to get a satelite launched from the money generated from Global Warming. So now you know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey says.

  9. It would seem that the EPA is part of a smorgasbord of government agencies that serve only one purpose, the accrual of power to government. Those who have created these agencies are not particularly concerned with their efficacy. It is simply a matter of burying the American public under a network of red tape and thus maintaining a tight control over that dangerously creative species known as homo sapiens.

    Why they would do this is not difficult to understand. Entrenched special interests want zero competition since they are too cumbersome, too top-heavy and too corrupt to compete. Additionally, the elected bottom feeders don't want a freed-up population as they would lose their jobs and many would be indicted. A dumbed-down, suppressed population is unlikely to question destructive policies and, in fact is prone to embrace destructiveness as the population thrashes about in an effort to cope with the crushing suppression.

    Witness the "Occupied" crowd: dumbed down, drugged up and selecting the worst possible targets to relieve their what they consider their plight to be. There are way too many of these losers.

  10. Patrioticnut says:

    As I have posted in the past and as evidenced in this article, the EPA, NEA, and countless other departments within the U.S. government were created for a purpose, however once their objective is reached they continue on and on and on. The government will not end these power grabbing departments once they have accomplished their mission, so they continue by creating new missions that harm folks and provide government employees with jobs for life. Get rid of most of these departments and replace the others with ground up re-organization of the ones that might still be useful. First off TAKE AWAY ALL THE POWER from them, they should not make any laws, that is what congress is supposed to do, the departments that are left should only be allowed to make recomendations to congress.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      Get rid of "most of them" MY FOOT! Defund, dismantle, and disband ALL of them. ALL regulatory agencies. Without one single exception, ALL regulatory agencies are an intentional end-run around due process of law. At BEST, they are a DODGE OF LEGISLATIVE RESPONSIBILITY; at WORST, they are nothing more and nothing less than a tool for politicians to pry our money out of us. We never DID, never DO, and never WILL EVER need ANY of them.

  11. John Stewart says:

    The EPA has gone from trying to influence the environmental agenda to being the hit-man for the "green and clean" administration. The agency needs to be abolished and, at best, reformed with an advisory responsibility as their only resposibility.
    Talk about an abuse of power!

  12. Politicalpony says:

    Frightening isn't it? Now look at what might happen to you if you should buck the system. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embed

  13. The EPA has no interest in protecting the Public and the environment surrounding all of us. In 2008, the paper referenced in the following link was published.

    This paper alone should have had the EPA demanding that Congress STOP the rush to ban standard incandescant light bulbs, and move toward Compact Flourescent Lamps. Although the CFL's contain mercury, and are near impossible to dispose of without contamination, the real issue that the EPA should have focused on was ignored. Yet, that issue can, and has killed people. But that is of no concern to the Politically Directed EPA. If the EPA were doing it's job, CFL's would be banned until they get their spurious RF radiation under control, and/or eliminated. The radiation levels from these lamps far exceend cell phones. And, it is VERY wide spectrum.

  14. So when Congress said it's CFL's, LED Bulbs (still not ready for 'prime time' and staggeringly expensive for the one or two usable ones), or just a few Halogen lamps, remember that Congress and their watchdog agency, the EPA have sentenced thousands of people to brain cancer, and myriad other ailments. Here's a hot flash for the EPA. People with diabetes, exposed to CFL radiations have shown high, and erratic blood sugar levels, and those symptoms disappeared after exposure stopped. So, the EPA should be wiped out, along with many other useless agencies, which serve as political power bases and nothing more. If I can know all this, why can't anyone in the entire House of Representatives and the Senate know it? Or do they wish to just ignore these (and thousands of other) researchers? Is there any intelligent life left in the EPA… yoo hoo.. not you politicians… I want real scientists with ethics. Nope, none left there.

  15. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    Mr. Carlin now has a magnificent opportunity in the PRIVATE SECTOR. If he chooses to write a book (and WHY stop at just ONE?), publishers will flock to his door and he will be an instant success. More power to him!

  16. EPA originally was a good thing just like most government agencys, but was turned into political controlled agency and outgrew itself like the other government agencys to be an outlaw political agency that is breaking laws and in turn are making controling laws that are destroying industry and job availability. The EPA agency is no longer helping America but destroying Americas industry and jobs. America demand that EPA be disbanded as a non- functional government agency. Obama and Democratic mules are in control of EPA and destroying industry and jobs by denial of natural resources availability. Industry cannot create jobs without natural resources.


  1. […] Alan Carlin, a mid-level employee of the EPA since 1967 wrote a critical 98 page report in 2011 asserting, “We believe our concerns and reservations are sufficiently important to warrant a serious review of the science by the EPA.” Carlin’s supervisor (an Obama appointee), quashed his report and warned him in an email, “I don’t want you to spend any additional EPA time on climate change. No papers, no research, etc.” So much for an unbiased EPA. […]

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