Three Reasons Why We Should Drill For Oil in the United States


Our nation must drill for oil!

What’s the current economic situation in the United States?

• The United States has a huge federal debt, with many states also having crushing debt loads.
• The United States has extremely high unemployment levels, as well as considerable hidden unemployment.
• The United States spends billions of dollars importing oil from countries besides Canada.

These are formidable economic challenges that harm the economy and lower the standard of living of Americans.

The United States also has massive quantities of oil locked up in the outer continental shelf, the deepwater’s of the Gulf of Mexico, in Alaska and under federal lands.

Drilling and producing this oil could contribute mightily to solving the country’s economic problems.

It’s been said that there is enough oil in North America, which includes Canada and Mexico, to supply all our needs for decades.

Recently the man, Howard Hamm, who is given credit for unlocking the oil from the Bakken shale, has said that producing America’s oil could result in royalty payments of $18 trillion to the federal government.
That’s more than the federal debt. Even if he has overstated these payments, royalties could go a long way toward solving our debt problem.

The oil industry alone could employ thousands who are presently unemployed. And it’s not just the drilling companies who will employ people. It’s the supporting industries like pipeline builders, cement producers, steel mills, manufacturers who build the equipment and all the small businesses that support these companies and their employees, such as restaurants, service stations and hotels.

These employees would also pay taxes that also help to reduce debt at both the federal and state levels.

Drilling and producing oil within the United States would be a boon to the economy, and provide jobs to those who are currently unemployed, and this would also help families recover from the recession.

It’s also potentially possible to stop importing oil from Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and other countries having governments of questionable quality. All the money spent in foreign payments to these countries for their oil would remain in the United States and improve our balance of payments.

With all the benefits that could accrue to this country, it’s mind boggling to realize that the government is preventing the renaissance that drilling could achieve.

This is an opportunity we shouldn’t miss.

This article was originally published at Power for USA. It has been republished with permission. Donn Dears is a former G.E. executive who has worked extensively in energy production business for the United States. Following his retirement, Dears continues to write about energy policy at Power for USA and is president of TSAugust , a 501 (C) 3 think tank comprised entirely of volunteers working towards an energy independent America.

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  1. obammy dosen't want us to recover, he is destroying our economy an a daily basis !!!

    • Gary, you hit it!! That is why he was SENT here!!! But we can undo what he, Harry and Witch destroyed!!

    • kelly jerome says:

      This is so obvious that reasonable people will not believe it. Right under their naive little noses King Hussein and his progressive agenda do exactly what has to be done in order for the globalist to have control of everything.
      The sheeples in this country make me physically ill with their lack of knowledge and inability to look past the curtain and see what is actually going on behind the scenes.
      16 trillion dollars missing from the Federal Reserve, where did it go? Look at Europe, they are having to keep Europe afloat by stealing money from our Federal Reserve banks.

      • kelly jerome says:

        King Hussein is a Muslim, he spent less than 7 years of his childhood here in the US, and Hawaii is hardly a good example of the US. They man knows Islam and he is a Marxist, and everyone knows that in order to have a true socialist state Christianity will have to be removed from the equation.

        What is it going to take to wake up the sheeples? Will they finally get it when Christians are being forced to get on the trains to prison camps? Do the sheeples not see the similarities between Hitler's rise to power and the progressives rise to power?

        Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful! Wake up you bunch of morons. For 50 years we have sent our money for oil overseas to the socialist and muslims and nobody thinks it would be a good idea to drill for our own oil here in the states. One simple process, once started would readjust our economy. Lower the EPA standards and taxes on manufacturing and bam! There is no economic crisis here in the US.

    • We are easier for him to take DOWN FURTHER if we lose HOPE and have no way to pull ourselves back UP!
      HE is in for a HUGE SURPRISE in about one year! I am SURE he could get his old job back! I will be HAPPY to give him a reference! IE! PLEASE REFER to his previous records, capabilities and successes!

      • Richard Wm. Faith says:

        Among mathematicians, said "records, capabilities and successes" belong to THE NULL SET. He HAS NOTHING of positive value to offer. He IS NOTHING.

    • Joseph Upton says:

      You nailed it. Spead the word every where you go. Obama must be defeated, and defeated big.

  2. FARMERJAKE says:

    Try to make the stupid tree huggers understand that and we will be in good shape.

  3. Pres. Bush had all this in his August 2005 energy bill. Dems blocked it, and now with the added strength of the EPA, will be a real struggle to get it going again. Would really benefit America financially if it could start immediately, with the XL pipeline from Canada. Need several new refineries and six or so new power plant plants (nuclear or coal) to support the "Fiskar electric cars" ????? Wow .. Is our present administration concentrated on wrecking America, or what ?????

    • Exactly Hooter! Demos always block anything that will be beneficial to this country; and not being a handout to Mexicans, colored and loofers………!!!

    • The present administration with few exceptions is concerned about their personal "hip state banks"!

  4. It is soooo obviously the right thing to do for so many reasons. We would be putting our own citizens to work; we would stop giving our money to the enemy; gas prices would drop dramatically. What the hell is stopping this from happening NOW!

    • kelly jerome says:

      King Hussein!

    • O'Bamas AGENDA! It began when he was 10 years old! He was turned over to "THEM" to school, support, house, fund, pamper and prod him to do THEIR dirty work! America and Israel are the ONLY barrier to "THEM" attaining "NEW WORLD ORDER"! ALL Rogue Countries have supported this AGENDA from the beginning! And even WORSE have MONETARILY supported it as WELL!

    • our gas prices wouldn't drop at all

  5. there is my oil in the dokatas,montana,and colorado,then any where in the world,look it up USGS,reports,benken-they want us to by from people that hate us,we should only be paying$1,00 a gallon for gas,I say drill baby drill,put america,back to work,and if they do not like it-the epa and who every take a hike and get the hell out of this country,go live where they hate you,because I am starting to hate you,,you are destroying the usa,Bring back glory to the usa,oh and i bet you the people that hate us and are robbing us will being bring down the price of there oil when we have our own,they can kiss off,they have robbed us enough,and the people that work for us in DC ,do not want to drill here,FIRE THEM

  6. kelly jerome says:

    Least we forget the 200 million dollar loan to Brazil to get there offshore rigs up and going. And what does our King tell them. We can't wait to be one of your best customers.

    So we can send more money to another socialist state, making our country weaker by the day.

    • It's all in the "master plan" of Obama's….collapse our capitalist economy—bring socialism/Marxism right in…what was that saying i heard "top down, bottom up, inside out"…he wants to make us a weaker nation so he and his Soros/Ayers type cronies can step right in.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      A President can be voted out. If a person who usurps that position finds and implements a way to make being voted out impossible, then by definition he is no longer a President, but a KING. If we want to know how to get rid of a KING, we might have to HOLD OUR NOSES and talk to our "friends" in FRANCE.

    • Joseph Upton says:

      Don't forget that George Soros is a stock holder in the Brazilian drilling company.

  7. I have said thiss all along. We have sat and wrung our hands over the economy for two years. What caused the bad economy? When gasoline went to $4.00 A/Gal. Price of shipping went up and it was like a domino effect everything followed suite. We need to cut back on the rstrictions, and as Sarha Palin but it, DRILL BABY DRILL. If gas price would come down to $2.50- 3.00 per gal. the economy would take off.____Their is no way , when we have a bunch of towel heads setting the prices. The time is now to become energy effeicceint.

    • You are right about all the hand wringing the last two years….All people want to do is sit around on talk shows and TALK about it. They don't mind this because the make money doing it…

  8. i dont trust anything from ge

    • jetstream says:

      GE is a conundrum at the moment. Their current president said Obama's jobs bills (to name just one thing) was bad for our country. This after GE received the exemptions? What's the deal?

  9. As long as Obama and company are in power we'll be screwed to the wall. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but the truth is is that everything Obama does is hurtful to America. We don't even need an investigation to see this is true. So many times, I've heard it out of his own mouth, i.e., ". . .energy prices will necessarily skyrocket under my plan."; one of Obama's czars has been quoted as saying that they're looking at how they can double gas prices to be more comparable to what Europe pays."! Gee, thanks a lot! I thought we elect presidents to work FOR America, not AGAINST it.

    So, IMHO, I dare say there is a conspiracy at work here. Obama (Mr. Community Organizer) has no credentials to even consider him presidential material. The MSM did everything in their power to get Obama elected. Obama made a lot of promises on the campaign trail, only to be proven the liar he is once in office. This criminal in our WH has done more than enough damage to America. Not only are his policies anti-jobs, but this man Obama, has proven he has no desire to get America back on track. Therefore, I can only conclude, he's a Trojan Horse and a usurper of our Constitution and he's holding the office of POTUS illegally.

    Somebody in Congress needs to address this issue. It's their patriotic duty to do so. They all took an oath of office to 'protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.' What are they waiting for, the total downfall of America? It's my contention that they're either gutless wonders, or are in on it. What they don't know is if America is ever overthrown and a Communist/Socialist govt. is put in place, they'll be some of the first ones to go. That's what communist regimes do. They get rid of their perceived enemies first and then work their way down to the rest of the populace. These people in Congress are either fools or traitors, or both. I'm sick of the corruption in our govt.

    By the time the people descend on Washington it'll be too late. That's the problem here. There are many Americans that know there's something really not right about Obama and his admin. yet, no one is doing anything about it. It will be too late if something isn't done soon.

    God help us.

  10. dallas wolff says:

    Obama is a pawn used by the globalist, led by Soros. Obama isnt an american citizen even as he went to Columbia University as a forieghn exchange student, has an illegal SS card, reported he cheated to get an illinois law licence, later revoked when found out. He is an Islamic freak, always sticking up for the islamic brotherhood, his father was a socialist, communist type who followed islam, had lots of wives and women. What does that make obama???

    When a ploitician violates his oath of office why arent impeachment charges started??? Why doenst the press publicise his eligiblity problems. Look at what the press did during Watergate and also Clinton, Lewinsky affair??? Where is the press???

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      The press, the ENTIRE Democrat Party, and many tenured members of the Republican Party as well are BOUGHT AND OWNED by New-Word DISorder puppeteers including but not limited to soros, his minions, his operatives, his affiliates, and his subsidiaries. That IS THE EXPLANATION why nothing is being done. Do you want to turn it around??? Let me tell you, it will NOT be accomplished by being "nicey-nice". The people who have SOLD THEMSELVES (there's a WORD for that which this website will censor me for mentioning) live in FEAR of their "owners". We need to take the gloves off and give them AMPLE reason to FEAR US, MORE than they fear their OWNERS.

    • dallas wolff,
      What press!

  11. Last year Warren Buffett bought BNSF Railroad for $34B. Right near the trackage , as I understand it of course is the Bakken, as well as another find. Don't you think that he knows down the road that his RR will be hauling akk that oil and natural gas?

  12. Plain old COMMON SENSE dictates that we need to drill for our own oil and tell the other unfriendly countries that we import from – to take a hike. We have enough to last a few hundred years or more. Dump the Washington Loonies, the EPA plus the Tree Huggers and let's get the USA moving forward again..

    • u rachet hoe. u think that this will be ok? because it will be i am impressed with this planted tht we have over came the hard times of this wolf industry

  13. I am so glad many of the post are about BELIEVING that Obama is out to destroy the economic status of the United States. I have been blogging this for the past two years and was called a conspiracy theorist for even imagining this.

    Finally, people has see enough things Obama has done and not done, that they can see for themselves. Hoooray for you….and now, me.

    What our GOP leaders will do about it now is for us to see. But, probably they will do…nothing! No one person can remove this president from office, but a gang of them could, IF they had the stones to do so. But, no, they won't….They will wait until the fault of the economy is squarely pegged on the Democrats, but until know, the GOP does have some blame.

    If our GOPers, felt that Obama had gone against the grain of or constitution many times, and that they really believed in the constitution, then they might do something about removing Obama, NOW. But, most people, who are running for president in the GOP are but just RINOS…They are just waiting to get there hands on the economic income of the tax payers, so they can spend, spend, spend on their pet projects/plans is all.

    I am sure glad enough Americans are seeing the difference between the "real" conservative and the GOP progressive. We already know where the Democraps stand…out in the field in a pile of it!

    Over the past year I have been watching Herman Cain gain popularity. No, he is not about popularity though, but about leading Americans onward, to a more prosperous country.

    Could I be deceived about his intent? Possible! I ask myself that question everyday because America has not had a person in the Oval Office for many years who was not a feeble liar.

    I suppose one can only gain as much understanding about a candidate, read the blogs on them and most importantly, watch videos of the person. Watching and listening to a candidate is most important.

    If you want to know how a person sizes up when asked a question, one needs to see their body movement and understanding on the issues.

    Granted, Cain when someone commented at the very first GOP debate, that Cain did not have any Foreign Affairs experience, he replied with this: Many of you in this room tonight HAVE had years of Foreign Affairs experience in the past. So, how to you explain the situation we are in today? Seems like Foreign Affairs could stand a fresh set of eyes.

    He said he would get the brightest and the best people around him and he would be asking a lot of questions to these people. He would make the best possible decision, that would generate the welfare of the United States. Now folk, don't you like a person like that?

    Cain did not just fall off the pumpkin cart, recently. He is a highly educated, businessman who HAS proven talents in four previous business careers. Check his bio…Read up on this man…Does he come out looking better than all the other candidates? Your choice…This is America!

  14. Elsie E Connelly says:

    Obama is the Anti-Christ. It is written in the Bible. OBAMA IS THE ANTI-CHRIST!

    • He is ONLY the PRECURSOR! He is neither EDUCATED, intelligent, controlled and/OR CAPABLE of being the Anti Christ! The ANTI-Christ will be a man of great WISDOM! He will be able to CONVINCE and CONTROL the "VERY ELECT" to follow his LEAD! O'Bama is NO LEADER, had/has NO leadership qualities, and can only "convince" the clueless and gullible! THIS small support group is anything BUT the ELITE! Old Satan let his EGO over-ride his common sense and was thrown out of heaven! He took LEGIONS of his mindless and blind "supporters" WITH him! Sound familiar? THIS "clown clone" of calamity will "take" a lot of his 'supporters' DOWN with HIM as WELL! WE, the ELITE that don't BUY his BLATHER, will SEE to that NEXT YEAR! He NOR His "SUPPORTERS" should EVER be allowed to run for Office AGAIN! OK! I'll play NICE and agree that they CAN! In ANOTHER country!

  15. We need to drill ASAP…even if they started today, we would be way behind….we have the technology and resources at hand…we can still protect the environment while drilling and exploring…the BP spill was a direct result of govt inspectors "in bed" (and literally) with BP folks.
    And to add another note, a previous blogger mentioned not to trust GE….well don't….it is all a well oiled plot with GE and the Obama administration. By the way, how much taxes did they pay this last year?? huh…..

  16. It is so obvious that we should vigorously and aggressively develop fuel sources in North America, that even Obama and his Czars should understand it. If they do not, that is cause for worry. If they do and yet do not act, that is greater cause to worry.

  17. Sitting out here in a small town in rural America that has turned into a retirement home. I get to see the old farmers who used to work the land just complain about the government and say "there is nothing I an do". Well there is a lot they can do when they become informed and take action, but that requires the input of your energy and it seems it is to easy to sit down and complain.
    Some members of our city council have the idea that the city can rely on the Feds to finance their projects through grants instead of raising the revenue here and pay for the project themselves. They have fallen into the mindset that any grant money is free money which basically is a welfare program and allows the grantor to have control of the city.

    We all need to remember that the borrower is a slave to the lendor and quit working on credit to allow us to keep up with the Joneses or Smiths. Start buying with cash or better yet barter your produce or some goods with someone else. He who is resourceful and will work can survive. I am fortunate to be able to grow many of the vegetables I need and preserve them for winter. Become more self reliant on your own abilities and you can survive most anything.

  18. Western WA says:

    It's a no brainer.
    Opening known US oil formations for extraction and increasing refining capacity are essential for helping to dig our way out of the economic abyss this country is sliding into.
    Additional, the US should follow Brazil's lead in passing into law HR1687, the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011.
    Passage of the Open Fuel Standard Act will cause manufacturers of autos sold in the US to equip them with engines capable of running on – in addition to gasoline -ethonal/alcohal and other alternative fuels. It costs less than $200 per unit to include this technology. Conversion of existing auto engines costs not much more.
    Flexible fuel capability gives the owner/operator the option of buying whatever fuel is the least expensive, forcing petroleum fuels (gasoline & diesel) to compete in price.
    Want to see vehicle fuel under $2/gallon? Pressure your Reps and Senators to co sponsor and pass HR1687.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      What you fail to understand is the fact that even at the elevated prices of gasoline, ethanol is not cost effective. The production of ethanol (starting with tilling the land and growing the corn) consumes more gasoline (or diesel fuel) than the ethanol produced is able to pay for. If you don't believe this, then just ask yourself (or even better, ask someone who knows or knows how to find out): why aren't the farm machines involved in ethanol production BURNING ETHANOL? It should be obvious that corn can't make enough ethanol to provide the energy needed for its own growth! Has it ever occurred to you that one of the obamian reasons for the high price of gasoline might be to help (uneconomical) ethanol more nearly competitive with it?

  19. After reading all the post on impeachment it will never happen it takes 3/4 of congress to impeach. Drilling for our oil is the only way to go as for ethanol it is two expensive to make not only that corn is a food product. The only reason we are not drilling for oil is the Democrats have the majority in the Senate and refuse to pass any bill pertaining to drilling, even if a bill were to pass Obama would veto it. The reason Obama sent troops to Uganda Soros has money in a huge oil find in that country that is being developed , they are saying it is for humanitarian reasons that is a lie.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      soros is actually "humanitarian" by definition: he EATS PEOPLE. In his case, "humanitarian" is a euphemism for "cannabalistic".

  20. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    Let me offer a FOURTH reason, a reason that TRUMPS THE SUM TOTAL OF THE OTHER THREE, why we should drill here and drill now: the money we pay for oil from the Middle East AND countries like Venezuela is in no small part a PRICE we PAY for the SO-CALLED "privilege" of being subjects to TERROR! We need to cut those creeps off. They won't terrorize us FOR FREE; they want to be PAID for it. They really are pretty savvy buisinessmen, aren't they! They are the OTEC: Organization of Terror Exporting Countries. Long LIVE the DEATH of them. DEATH BY POVERTY.


    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      No on Gingrich; the others are okay. Gingrich is a listed member of CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). While that "sounds" innocuous, that organization is a SHILL-STAFF for the New-World DIS"order". Anyone associated with it just might be a stooge of soros or his ilk. Be sure to read up on CFR, and find out what is said of it by not just one, but several sources. The one and only UNIQUELY CORRECT number of globalists to tolerate is ZERO.

  22. Horacio Minguillon says:

    The people who opose drilling in the United States are the people who want ONE WORLD GOVERMENT,and want to destroy America and our values.AMERICA WAKE UP,before be to late.2012 may be is our last free election.Let elect a real American President who Worry only about AMERICA.GOD BLESS AMERICA

  23. Like I said over two years ago. The EPA has been adding shackles to the American people fo years. Remove the shackles and put them on the EPA where they belong. Drill for oil where ever it is ,even on land. Sell gas to the American people for $1.00 a gallion for a REAL stimulus America can believe in and YES WE CAN. Sell the rest to other countries to pay off the debt. We can still look for other ways to fuel America without having to do with out while watching our country fall into the hands of socialism and cause all Americans to become poor and look to government to feed us.The green people are tied in with the EPA and every thing they do has to do with putting America back into the stone age where all was green. I think they are full of green and their brains are molded green. America should not have to borrow a dime from any country and we need to vote all the politicians out of office that doesn't want to pay off the national debt AND BALANCE the budget.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      I agree with everything you said except the part about selling (oil) to other countries. Since the supply of it is neither infinite nor perpetual, we should KEEP IT HERE. It's OURS. With cheap domestic energy abounding, we will (for a long-overdue change) HAVE an "economy" (we absolutely don't have ANYTHING at present that DESERVES to be called by that name), and we will develop plenty of ways to pay off the debt WITHOUT selling off OUR NATIONAL natural resources. It also would help considerably if the Government would get COMPLETELY OUT of the "charity" business (welfare, food stamps, etc.), stop "foreign aid" COLD TURKEY, and de-fund and EXPEL the UN.

      • Richard Wm. Faith says:

        Sorry! Misspelled your name.

      • Sell the extra oil to other countries and pay off the debt because it would be easy and not burden the American people to pay it. Also it would be paid off fast and the American people can prosper faster. We have so much oil that it would last us over a 100 years and would be OK…..cowm is not my real name

  24. Where is my post ?

  25. Where is my post from 5 mimuts ago ?

  26. Oldguy1776 says:

    'Recently the man, Howard Hamm, who is given credit for unlocking the oil from the Bakken shale, has said that producing America’s oil could result in royalty payments of $18 trillion to the federal government.'

    I believe this is the crux of our energy problem. The government has been heralding energy independence since the oil crisis in the 1970's ( remember the gas lines… getting up ay 5 a.m. to go get in line before work). Their solution was the Dept of Energy to make us energy independent! So why is the oil, natural gas and coal still in the ground?

    The government has said, 'If we started drilling today it would years to be productive' or… 'the price of oil is not high enough to be profitable'? There have been many days past since the 1970's and many spikes in the price of oil?

    I believe the answer lies in who will benefit from the $18,000,000,000,000, the country or the politicians?

  27. Over two years ago, I sent e-mails showing the EPA has been shackling the America people for years. It is time to remove the shackles and place them on the EPA where they belong. America should drill for oil anywhere oil is located, even on land. Sell gas to the American people for $1.00 a gallion for a REAL stimulus that all Americans CAN believe in and YES WE CAN. Sell the rest of the gas to other countries to pay off the national debt. We will have time to look for other ways to fuel America without living in proverty. We need to vote out every politician that wants to raise the debt celing and not pay off the debt and balance the budget. America should not need a credit rateing or owe any country anything. The green people are tied to the EPA and would like to put America back into the stone age with AL GORE execpt he be RICH. All they think is green and I think their brains have been green for so long that it has to be the color of green mold. We can drill and fix American's economy OR we can sit by and let Obama transfom America into a poor socialist country……Charles of Waveland, MS.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      If you have a swimming pool or even know someone who does, then you already know how to get rid of GREEN ALGAE: you use sodium hypochlorite, more commonly known as bleach. EPA officials need to drink bleach.

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  30. Our planet is being destroyed by fossil fuels so i agree with the people that dont want to get oil from other countries, it takes energy to get and transport all this oil from the ground and to bring it to the usa. Im only a student in 9th grade but we all got a voice right.

  31. Bill Nye says:

    Obama Is a scapegoat nothing more, nothing less. He isn't in direct control of everything. You are merely blaming him for everything. And by the way we don't need to drill for oil, renewable resources will start much more jobs, than any amount of drilling could.

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