Did EPA Officials Lie About Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards?

Gina McCarthy is an EPA bureaucrat and former official in the Mitt Romney administration in Massachusetts.

Earlier this week, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) sent letters to three Obama administration officials regarding the veracity of their testimonies at an October 12 subcommittee hearing on the administration’s fuel economy policies.*

Issa’s letters — to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator David Strickland, EPA Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation Gina McCarthy, and EPA Director of Transportation and Air Quality Margo Oge – are identical in content.

The gist of the letters is that each administration witness denied under oath that EPA and California’s greenhouse gas emission standards are “related to” fuel economy standards, whereas in fact, according to Issa, ”regulating greenhouse gases and regulating fuel economy is a distinction without a difference.”

This matters for three inter-related reasons: (1) EPA is currently regulating fuel economy by setting motor vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards even though the Clean Air Act provides no authority for fuel economy regulation; (2) EPA in June 2009 granted California a waiver to establish motor vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards despite the Energy Policy Conservation Act’s (EPCA’s) express prohibition (U.S.C. 49 § 32919) of state laws or regulations “related to” fuel economy; and (3) the California waiver, by threatening to create a market-balkanizing “regulatory patchwork,” enabled the Obama administration to extort the auto industry’s support for EPA’s new career as greenhouse gas/fuel economy regulator in return for California and other states’ agreement to deem compliance with EPA’s greenhouse gas/fuel economy standards as compliance with their own.


  1. In case you didn't make the connection, the photo aboive was both an administrator for the Romney AND Obama administrations. If you want more of the same of what we have been receiving for the past three years vote for Mitt Romney… His theme could be "Four more years!" Or "Got any spare Change" Or "More of the same"… They are all in bed together! If you want REAL change, vote for Herman Cain in 2012…

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      If you research his policies and affiliations, you just might come to the conclusion that Romney is a WHITE obama.

  2. Death Penalty for all EPA . Herman Cain got my vote indeed.

  3. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    Much of the debate behind the article centers on the subject of carbon-dioxide emissions. Here is stunning proof that there's SOMETHING ELSE that those attempting to implement carbon-dioxide restrictions care about MUCH MORE than they care about carbon-dioxide emissions: if we were to install appropriate traffic sensors and computers programmed to ELIMINATE ALL UNNECESSARY STOPS, we could EASILY reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by ten percent or more. We would get where we're going more quickly, put less wear and tear on our cars, and would find driving to be a lot less frustrating. This is NO INVENTION OF MINE. It's just COMMON SENSE, and nearly every engineer or physicist KNOWS it. Since it's CHEAPER and EASIER than ANYTHING ELSE that the carbon-lords have proposed, and since they have no excuse for being IGNORANT of it, WHY HAVE THEY NOT PROPOSED IT? OBVIOUSLY, they are LIARS and HYPOCRITES.

  4. Would the EPA actually lie? Hell, these people would rather "lie on credit than tell the truth for cash." This is the entity of the federal government that most wants to destroy this country. All of the environmental BS is a coverup.

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