County Dumps U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Scheme

Agenda 21 is a U.N. program designed to use "sustainable development" to seize land.

What Is Sustainable Development?

Activists in Clallam County, Washington are celebrating their government’s decision to pull the plug on membership in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), a worldwide association of more than 1,200 local governments dedicated to promoting the United Nations’ sovereignty-eroding sustainable development program known as Agenda 21. The county will save $1,200 in annual membership dues, but ICLEI critics say they’ve salvaged much more than that.

ICLEI is a threat to private property ownership and constitutional rights. So says Clallam County GOP Chairman Dick Pilling who submitted to the county commissioners in August a resolution his party passed unanimously to withdraw ICLEI membership and end Agenda 21 programs.


Sustainable Development Is Key Element In Agenda 21
His remarks, detailed at Citizen Review Online, include the warning that ICLEI’s idea of sustainable development is to promote UN Agenda 21, a plan drafted at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. He quoted official documents stating the published agenda of UN habitat programs is to protect the environment by moving people from rural areas into cities and that “land … cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals, [as this] contributes to social injustice.”

“Have you guys really signed onto an organization that would eliminate our property rights?” Pilling asked the commissioners.

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  1. "Kid Richie" says:

    "Agenda 21" of the UN is a dangerous threat to national sovereignty and individual freedoms. It is a plan to subjugate all countries to the United Nations' and must be exposed for what it is and defeated by the peoples of the world. Most governments, including the USA, have signed on to it. It is an evil Marxist-based Socialist attempt, among many, that are invading countries and the lives of their citizens.
    If "Agenda 21" succeeds it will make slaves of us all to the "State" (think UN). Creeping socialism has been insidiously infesting all our institutions for decades and people have been too complacent and ignorant of its intentions. We have a prime example in the current Socialist occupant of the White House.
    Nevember 2012 must be the time to begin to reverse the world tsunami of Socialism.

  2. That is a great thing. I wish the counties in Oregon would follow suit.

  3. Good for Clallam County, WA

  4. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    While I personally choose to do my part for the environment by driving a sub-compact car, by recycling household waste, and by allowing the outdoor ambient temperature to affect the temperature INSIDE my home quite a bit more than most of my neighbors do, I draw the line where the conservation decisions cease to be personal choices and begin to become MANDATES, and ESPECIALLY mandates IMPOSED UPON US BY FOREIGNERS! It is LONG OVERDUE for the United States of America to tell the UN "Don't let the door hit your A$$ on the way out!"

  5. Ridge runner says:

    This agenda 21 is just part of the take over of the whole world by the same bunch of thives that have more or less been running the world for years.A good example of these people is george soros do a search on him and you can get an idea of what is in store for our country if the nwo is acchived.I think we need to send the u.n. packing and do some serious reforming on the enternal workings of our own government. We have to restructure our government if we are to survive.I didn't say change our constution just we need to change our officals that run the government so that it will reflect the core values of the constution.If the canditates don't belive in our constution aren't patriots aren't reasonable honest aren't willing to help our country and the people as well as their self then we don't need to vote for them. Don't just vote for some one that looks good and has a slick tongue. A good way to start i think would be Ron Paul he may not be every body's pick but i think he is honest and we need to break this cabal in washington dc. Out with the old and in with the new done correctly to correct some of our pass mistakes.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      Halelujah! A voice of reason has arrived! So far, it appears that of all the candidates currently running, Ron Paul is far and away the strongest opponent of NWO (a.k.a, New World DISorder).

  6. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    This is a GREAT forum; SO, WHY is its participation so sparse? What's going on here?

    • It seems that Obama does not want anyone to know that he is puppet for the Social Justice backers, and Fox has been trying to tell the American people exactly what is going on behind the office doors on participants. Our 'trusted major news networks' certainly do not want to leak the wicked plans to the texting generation, the people who continue to deny the words that have gotten out about this, or to say it outloud to the Senior citizens who can see exactly what caliber of President the voters tossed into office, on just the posters of Hope and Change, without telling his platform of promises, or that he would ignore the duties of the office, etc. Free Canada Press is telling everything about the demise of America, if Obama is re-elected to sign the US over to the UN. If a President is not following the duties of the office, where is the Judicial Dept that has hearings on him and correct him. Where is the spearhead for the people calling for Impeachment?


  8. CitizenArrestNow says:

    So does this mean that all our "churches" that have "Social Justice" programs will no longer have their "property" that their church building sits on?

  9. I watched a documentary on u tube about this agenda 21, and the people behind it are evil I cannot come up with any other way to describe them. they have intentionally distorted meanings of word to disquise their true intentions to fool good meaning people to adopt this plan as something that sounds so well intended that these fools have no idea of what they are truly doing. It is corrupt. And presidents going back to Bush sr. have signed on to this in various degrees. But the present occupiers as I like to call him , well that was one of the 1st things he did but he took it a step beyond the others and signed us up for the full implementation of the complete agenda. which in my eyes is treason. You cannot take the oath of office and then sign off on this plan with an executive order because the plan is completely undermining the constitution. the 2 cannot exist together. So as I see it any elected person envolved with this plan is in direct violation of the oath that they swore to and needs to be removed asap But you know that will not happen because call me what you will but Im am just stating an observation but lately the laws do not able to us all equally . Just an observation I will leave it at that

  10. Find out what is "sustainable development" AKA AGENDA 21. Learn about it and reject it across the board.

  11. Maintain the Constitution. Protect individual property rights. Reject Agenda 21, AKA "sustainable development."

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