EPA Admin Claims Climate Change Could Destroy Winter Sports Right Before Snowstorm Hits New England

Photo credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District (Creative Commons)

Last week in Aspen, Colo., the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Gina McCarthy, spoke about how climate change could permanently impact winter sports. Just days prior, the Senate almost unanimously acknowledged climate change was real.

McCarthy addressed a crowd of about two dozen people Friday at the base of Aspen Mountain during the Winter X-Games with SkiCo CEO Mike Kaplan. Olympic athletes Alex Deibold and Gretchen Bleiler were also present, the Aspen Daily News reported.

McCarthy lauded Kaplan’s company for their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and tackle climate change. “It’s a big, base-bottom deal for our economy,” she said. “So let’s get off our butts, let’s work together, let’s start taking action. These guys are going to reach the young people. I’m going to keep yapping at the older ones, and someone’s going to get the middle, and we are going to make things happen.”

“We need to take action, not tomorrow, but today,” McCarthy continued. “Climate change does threaten skiing, it does threaten snowboarding, it does threaten winter recreation as we know it.”

McCarthy’s statements were sandwiched between two key events. Last Wednesday, the Senate voted 98-1 that “climate change is real and not a hoax” as part of an amendment to the Keystone XL pipeline bill. Only Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., voted no.

The other event was snowstorm Juno, which swept through the northeast Monday and Tuesday, particularly in Long Island, N.Y., and New England, with accumulations over two feet, according to The Weather Channel. Travel bans were lifted and public transit was restored in New Jersey and New York City Tuesday after forecasts were overstated in those areas, WABC-TV noted. 

Still, along with schools and stores shutting down, mail service in Connecticut, Rhode Island, parts of Massachusetts, and Long Island was cancelled Tuesday as a result, The Associated Press reported.

h/t: Hot Air

Photo credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District (Creative Commons)


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  2. friggen full of crap liberal

  3. No Chicken Little says:

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling!! Man made global warming, climate change, or whatever it’s called is one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated upon mankind. The climate has always, and will go through warming and cooling phases. What caused the last ice age, dinosaur flatulence? Active volcanoes emit many times more so-called “greenhouse gas” than mankind ever could. Climate change is a scam to benefit people like Al Gore and others like him.

  4. People that believe in the climate change garbage that the entire Obama administration puts out have an IQ
    250 points lower than a piece of granite and not as bright as a firefly. Only brainless uninformed voters will follow the Pied Piper (Obama), Albert Gore, John (Lurch) Kerry and others on the "sky is falling" crusade of climate change. Man did not create this world and mankind will not have the power to destroy it or control the weather on a global scale. We do have brainless idiots from the liberals and the democrat/communist party that will always lie about global warming/climate being the greatest threat to mankind when the greatest threat comes from the entire Obama administration and their supporters by stealing all the money they can from the people that work for a living.

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    The best test of the IQ (and/or integrity) of any politician is their position on Global Warming.
    This means that we apparently have only one honest and intelligent Senator.

  6. Amazing, of course there is climate change and has been in cycles for as long as this earth has existed. There are a lot of more intelligent things to spend taxpayer money on instead of spending millions of $$$ to convince people of that natural cycle.

    • Yes. Why not free up all the frigging regulations that have been imposed on Small Business and lower the Corporate Tax so there might some new jobs created and kept in the USA, and not farmed out to some muslim country. The porch monkey in our White House needs to be removed by force as his satanic so called administration is responsible for ZERO growth. Get rid of the excrement in the black house etc.

  7. Senate Minority report from mid 2014: "The Chain of Environmental Command: How a club of billionaires and their foundations control the environmental movement and Obama's EPA". It is an eye opener, at least it was for me.

  8. Florida Jim says:

    Progressive worldwide need an endless amount of tax and regulation dollars to continue their bribing of blacks and their sorry followers. In the 60's they came up withy the scheme that global cooling would end the earth and it was caused my man. When the weather warmed they changed the game to glo9bal warming , then climate change, then just a money grab which enriches professor's, scientists, politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, United Nations dolts and everyone with their hand out. There is no global warming or cooling it is just a grab for our tax dollars.There are dozens of scientists who study weather and weather men themselves who mock these fools :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk8SSqc7ekM

  9. I am really sick and tired of hearing nitwits telling me that I am responsible for climate change. McCarthy ranks right up there with the rest of the liars that are intent on picking our pockets and controlling us through fear and stupidity.

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  26. To be honest, climate change is truly a serious matter, life might not be the same in a few years. We should take care of our planet, not destroy it,

  27. Not really sure what the perfect temperature of the earth should be. It is so ridiculous that Al Gore and McCarthy think they can change weather patterns and the jet stream

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