Bill Nye Hits ‘Unglued’ Viewers Who Object To Blaming Blizzard On Climate Change

“I just want to introduce the idea that this storm is connected to climate change. I want to introduce that idea. I know there will be certain viewers who will become unglued.”


  1. Maybe when actual climate temperatures match, instead of falls short, of the established climate change forecasts I'll start blaming random weather phenomena on climate change.

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  2. jheasler12175 says:

    By unglued, Bill Nye must mean that applies to only those who disagree with him. We should admire the Left's cunning in using "climate change" as a mantra to support their ideologically driven policies. I mean anyone that disagrees with their goals is labelled as not believing in "climate change" and therefore scientifically ignorant. One might as well state that they are against "wind" or "tides" or similar nonsense. Of course there is climate change; on a long term basis the earth goes through cycles of cooling and warming and IMO it has little do with human activity. So, I believe in climate change but not as a political tool nor as a means to achieve Agenda 21 objectives. The genius of using "climate change" is that it is hard to deny it because it exists, but it exists with different definitions and purposes for the Left than it does for apolitical types. With the left, you can't be skeptical of their claims that climate change is driven by human activity without being labelled as one that is ecologically ignorant, uncaring, and unwilling to husband earth's resources in a mature and responsible manner. Bill Nye is just one more labeller. Disagree with him and you will be labelled, "unhinged".

  3. He looks old enough to know that this is all just regular old climate, the same climate that we have had since I was born 65 years ago. Some years are stormy some are dry. I'll believe in climate change when ANY of their dire projections (false prophecies) actually happen. Changing your predictions to fit the current climate is just insulting to our intelligence.

  4. What a jerk off!! So every time we have a storm now its climate change or global warming. I wander how much government funding is tied in to his paycheck. We have had severe storms since we started keeping records and now all the sudden its climate change. Its all about greedy government bureaucrat's trying to get in the working mans pocket. Look how rich that fat slug Al Gore got off all this. The last I heard he has made to the tune of about 900 million while jetting around the country preaching this BS.

  5. The man is a tree hugging liberal. With all his education you would think he would know some geological history… the earth being about 4.24 million years old, 5 major Ice ages with out the help of man, that our strongest weather determiners are the Sun, Earth's Axis (23,000 year cycle), incoming Asteroids, and Volcanoes. The suggestion that Man has much effect on our weather is a Joke perpetrated by those seeking take our Tax Dollars and impose their will on us.

  6. I just want to introduce the idea that this storm is connected to normal variables in the short term weather pattern. I want to introduce that idea. I know there will be certain viewers that will come unglued. I just want to introduce the idea that we have no control over the weather. Weather variables change from year to year and all those storms and winds we see are just weather patterns, nothing to be alarmed about. We have a developed nation and can handle the few crisis that weather patterns create. It does cost society to have an extreme event now and then, but there is nothing we can do about it. You can't buy nice weather with tax money. I just want to introduce the idea.

  7. I grew up in SoCal, and we had STRONG Santa Ana winds regularly, why is this even being mentioned? As far as this STORM of the Century, apparently they got it WRONG (again)… Nye mentioned the economic impact of these storms on the Eastern Seaboard… it wasn't the storm that actually caused the air traffic delays, it was the news that reported that this was the STORM of the Century that caused the delays…

  8. Nye has got to be the biggest jacka** on the face of the planet. He is supposed to be an objective man of science (he is not a scientist). He makes it sound like the current weather just materialized instead of having been around for a million years.

  9. Puny man with limited intelligence at best (whic is mostly absent from bureurats) have a big ego that makes them think they can really affect the weather to any extend; what a joke.
    Yes, it's a scam that fat slug Al Gore sort of started and definitely milked to make himself quite rich (it does not take intelligence to make money) and that windbag nye keeps blowing hot air, even though not anywhere near an Einstein in intelligence.
    God, the creator of the Universe has made all things to support life on earth, and have it abundantly.
    It is so precisely balanced that if constants were just slightely off one way or the other, no life would have comme into existance or have any permanency, yet here we are at least 5000 years and no cataclysmic catastrophy in sight.
    Yes climate changes a small amount in the seasons as the wind patterns blow a little different in one or another are taking turns and puny man thinks it's his doing … God (Jesus) must get a chuckle out of this … I can almost hear Him sometimes …

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  19. We have a man-made climate problem! The further we're spoiling nature, noticeable climate change! But not every storm its global warming or climate change. The Earth’s climate can be affected not only by human activities, but by natural factors, such as solar output, and the Earth's orbit around the Sun.

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  21. You introduce the great idea that this storm is connected to climate change. And i really become unglued.

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