Climate Change Moves “Doomsday Clock” Close To Midnight


Climate change and the threat of nuclear war are accelerating the world on a path to doomsday, according to a group of scientists and Nobel laureates.

Kennette Benedict, executive director of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, said that “it is now three minutes to midnight.”

The group has a symbolic doomsday clock that has existed since 1947. According to the group, the civilized world is now the closest to destruction that it has been since 1983, amidst tensions between the Soviet Union and the US.

Benedict commented: “Today, unchecked climate change and a nuclear arms race resulting from modernization of huge arsenals pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity. And world leaders have failed to act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe.”

The issue of climate change is still being fiercely disputed.

Richard Sommerville, a Scripps University professor and member of the Science and Security board at the Bullettin of the Atomic Scientists, declared that “unless much greater emissions reductions occur very soon, the countries of the world will have emitted enough carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by the end of this century to profoundly transform the Earth’s climate.”

Physicist Freeman Dyson, a noted climate change heretic,  thinks that the current carbon dioxide models are too simplistic. He does concede the posssiblity of climate change, but thinks that it could possibly be a good thing because of the beneficial effects of carbon dioxide on plants. Ironically, according to the New York Times, he is an “Obama-loving, Bush-loathing liberal.”

The threat of nuclear war is another reason the doomsday clock is being moved forward.

Sharon Squassoni, another member of the Science and Security board at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, says that the disarmament process has “ground to a halt” and that countries including the US, Russia, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea are all modernizing or expanding their nuclear weapons programs. Post-nuclear optimism seen after the Cold War ended has “essentially evaporated,” she says.

Is the threat of climate change a serious one or not? Has the spread of nuclear weapons gotten worse? Feel free to share your thoughts.

h/t: Yahoo! News

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  1. gliverson says:

    You know, the "Dooms Day Clock" concept is well on the way to becoming the true story of the "Little Boy Who Cried Wolf" soon if it is not so already. That clock has been 2 minutes or so till midnite for over 20 years now.
    They are right about nuclear threats, and nuclear in the hands of any Moslem is certainly reason to be concerned….. so what's new? (humor) I don't know about you folks, but….. "My Hope is in the Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth." Be encouraged….. I read the end of The Book….. God wins.

    • fdcampbell says:


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  2. EMP attacks are the weapon that Iran's planning with their new missile- unless Israel takes 'em out.
    2 minutes, 'bout right…

    • Erin Kelly says:

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  3. We see 'Dooms Day' as some sort of absolute. It's NOT! I suspect that 'doomsday' will come and go, and NO ONE but the curent crop of would-be scientists will recognize it.

    Here's a thought….. Our little World has been here for BILLIONS of years, much of that time inhabited by one creature or another. And large batches of various creatures. A few plant forms can trace their origens to those times. But, WHICH animals are STILL HERE? They all became extinct at one time or another. I'm sure they fought like anything to stay alive. Un-successfully. Realize, People…. WE are NOT permanent, either! WE are here. Someday, a trillion years from now, the schentists of the then-existing civilization will be digging holes and finding OUR artifacts. Bones, maybe bits of what was oince flesh… And they will be wondering WHAT HAPPENED TO US! I suspect that 'Climate Change' had nothing to do with our demise! WE can enjoy what we have, or we can deny ourselves enjoymant because of 'Global Warming' or 'Climate Change'. Let's FIX what needs fixing (govornment), and LIVE!

    • Ida Wallace says:

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  4. If the anthropogenic climate change hoax is moving the so-called doomsday clock then those responsible are complete idiots. Maybe they should concentrate on Obama and his giving Iran a nuclear capability. That scares me, not something that doesn't exist. The only reason people like Gore, Kerry and especially the imposter in the WH are pushing climate change/global warming is to extract more of our hard earned dollars from our pockets. Collectively they are nothing more than greedy sociopaths.

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  5. The real Doom Day Clock for the planet? Google "causes and timing of future biosphere extinctions". The papers conclusion states: states that "the ultimate life of the Biosphere is defined by the extinction of prokaryotes in about 1.6G years due to CO2 Starvation." Think about that for one moment and note that at 180ppm all life on the planet ceases to exist. And we have these freaking idiots trying eliminate CO2 the very by product we breath out and that plant life needs to survive and produce Oxygen. Gruber and Gore had it right, we are all freaking idiots. Hey SCOTUS, thanks a bunch for letting the EPA loose on us and then there is Obamacare thanks to Roberts. Maybe they are todays Dooms Day Rat Pack.

  6. Janice Jarvis says:

    this dooms day clock and Climate change are nothing but a lot of crap It has been proven time and again that this is the figment of a bunch of nutty enviromentalists and the stupid guy in the white house. Time we woke up and stop the funding of the EPA

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