Al Gore, Mexican President Calderon Want To Spend $90 Trillion To Get Rid Of Cars In Cities



Former Vice President Al Gore and Mexican President Felipe Calderon proposed a $90 trillion plan to redesign every city on earth so that motor vehicles would become obsolete due to more dense populations.

Gore and Calderon announced the proposal with colleagues from The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate at the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland Wednesday, Business Insider reported. The conference – attended by some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world – runs from Wednesday through Saturday.

Entitled Better Growth Better Climate, the report’s objective is to combat climate change. “The world is now experiencing a new, different type of urbanization,” according to the introduction.

By 2030, around 60 percent of the global population will live in urban areas. Cities and urban areas will house nearly all of the world’s net population growth over the next two decades. 1.4 million people are being added to urban areas each week, roughly the population of Stockholm [Sweden].

 Calderon said these new, redesigned cities would not include the integration of automobiles, but rather more mass transit.

“We cannot have these cities with low density, designed for the use of cars,” he said. “We recommend those cities should have more density and more mass transportation.”

Business Insider points out that one challenge to the achievement of this goal is that every single mayor in the world would have to be on board. “The mistake we made in Mexico was to let cities develop however they want, and it’s a mess,” the Mexican president explained to the publication. “It’s in [the mayors’] best interest not to” not to make that “mistake” again, he added.

h/t: Business Insider


  1. Richard Irvin says:

    If it comes from Gore then it mout be stupid

  2. A little advanced planning for Agenda 21?

  3. Gee…how would that work out on the eastern seaboard today with the Winter storms?

  4. chefrobert1407 says:

    Just how much will go to grease their palms?

  5. It would be cheaper to get rid of Gore & Calderon then spend anyones hard earned money on this no exsisting climate they are spewing about!! Gore just go away you old fool!!!!

  6. I have news for Al Gore. YOU LOST! Dude never has realized that he lost the election and has not power to do this spending…good thing he lost. The Mexican president has his people pouring out of his dirtbag country and THIS is what he wants to do? Wow.

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  7. Calderón is not our president now, Enrique Peña Nieto is, sadly for us, because he has led the country to the border of the abyss. Calderon was a great president!

  8. Time to tax Al Gore out of existence

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  10. We are talking about the former president of Mexico Calderon and the continuing lying fraud Gore. Anyone with any sense at all would keep a good distance from Gore so as not to catch what he has. I guess if one is going to spout BS one might as well make it truly grandiose. I guess 90T fits.

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  11. danstewart says:

    This is so stupid it doesn't deserve a comment.

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  12. pineapple says:

    President Obama Has His
    Hand in the Cookie Jar Too.

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    But here’s a little-known side of the Solyndra story I bet you haven’t heard: Obama, in essence, used taxpayer money to finance his re-election campaign . . . by funneling it through Solyndra.
    You see, when Solyndra fell on hard times, it passed into the hands of two large private equity investors . . . Goldman Sachs and George Kaiser. When $500 million in taxpayer money was given to Solyndra, both Goldman Sachs and George Kaiser benefited. Coincidentally, both have made contributions to Obama’s election campaigns adding up to roughly $1.25 million.
    It doesn’t stop there.
    •In 2010, another federal loan of $400 million went Abound Solar. That resulted in a bankruptcy as well. But investors in Abound Solar seemed to do just fine . . . investors like billionaire heiress Patricia Stryker. Stryker has famously contributed $500,000 to the Coalition for Progress while throwing $85,000 toward Obama’s inaugural committee. It’s just a coincidence that the government handed a company she invested in $400 million just before bankruptcy . . . right?
    •There’s also A123 Systems, which paid one lobbying firm $970,000 to secure money from the government — and received $279 million in federal assistance. The CEO of A123 Systems went on to fund multiple Democratic senators and contributed to Obama’s campaign.
    •First Solar received $646 million in government loan guarantees, and has since contributed more than $180,000 to Democratic campaigns.
    •GE is notorious for spending tens of millions of dollars a year to “buy” green energy credits for its wind turbines and other green technologies — credits which helped the firm pay ZERO taxes in 2011.
    There are a host of other examples of liberals getting wealthy off “global warming” initiatives just like these.
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