Just As Consumers Catch A Break On Gas Prices, Look What Pelosi And Company Want To Do


Crude oil prices have fallen even further on world markets, with the price of a barrel of crude hitting its lowest point in six years on Tuesday. And according to Reuters, traders expect to see more price declines in the weeks and months ahead.

The downward pressure is so great that even record Chinese crude imports for December – as the world’s second-largest oil consumer took advantage of low prices to build reserves – could not lift the market for long.

Oil prices have fallen 60 percent from their June 2014 peaks, driven down by rising production, particularly U.S. shale oil, and weaker-than-expected demand in Europe and Asia.

Dramatically lower oil prices have translated to significantly lower gasoline prices for U.S. motorists. In many cities, drivers can fill their tanks for less than $2 a gallon.

But as consumers celebrate the savings at the pump, lawmakers in Washington now appear to be licking their chops over the prospect of being able to raise the federal gas tax at a time when the hit to taxpayers’ pocketbooks won’t seem so big.


As the chief economist for the Heritage Foundation, Stephen Moore, writes in the Washington Times, “As prices keep falling, the politicians and the moochers in Washington want a piece of the action.”

Leading the D.C. charge to pump up the federal levy on each gallon of gas, writes Moore, are top Democrats Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Dick Durbin, as well as GOP Sen. Bob Corker. These three lawmakers have “…linked arms with the entire road-building industry and green groups that want the cost of fuel to go up.”

Moore points out that these are the same politicians who say they want to do everything possible to “help the middle class.”

The author also notes that raising the gas tax will take billions out of the pockets of consumers, middle class and otherwise.

Every penny rise in the gas tax will take about $1 billion out of the wallets of consumers. A 10- or 20-cent gas tax will take $10-$20 billion from consumers.

And could it be that one big reason for Nancy Pelosi’s passion for higher gas taxes is the fact that her state of California has decided to move forward with the astronomically expensive high-speed rail line — the so-called “bullet train” between Los Angeles and San Francisco?

Again, via washingtontimes.com:

Don’t be surprised if gas tax hike dollars help fund California’s $70 billion high-speed rail white elephant. The program has been so riddled with cost overruns, it may go down in history as one of the most absurd transportation projects ever.

h/t: WERG


  1. Any new gas taxes will not go away when the price of gasoline goes back up. Isn't $18,000,000,000,000 and counting enough???!! At the current rate of federal spending the debt will be close to $20,000,000,000,000 by this time next year. They are completely drunk on spending.

  2. Proving once again, neither party gives a dam about the people

  3. Bob Higginbotham says:

    Pelosi is a delusional nincompoop that doesn't care about the United States or it's people. Among other things she is just as selfish and sociopathic as Obama. Thanks to her questionable insider trading she and her mousy husband are millionaires. She is continually reelected by a bunch of fruitcakes that should know better but don't.

  4. If Pelosi has her name on the idea you know it is a bad idea!

  5. Florida Jim says:

    With all democrats, progressives, Nazis, Marxists New Dealers and socialists you cannot give them enough of your money they always need more if not for themselves for some fly-by-night victim.This group will find ways to get your pensions, your retirements, your life savings every dime you have one way or another. The result of not providing for every one of their foul following is war and chaos of which we are getting close. Regulations, taxes on everything and raising taxes on those items which have not been raised for a week, global warming scams to get more taxes and prevent energy independence. their ideas and needs are endless the only answer is to oust every single one of them and every one who works with them in any capacity their rapaciousness is overwhelming.

  6. Let's have a complete audit of the transportation fund and see what can be CUTOUT before giving the government 1 more penny !!!!!

  7. Larry Hearold says:

    Can't lay all the blame on the democrat's doorstep on this. The republicans are just as greedy. Funny thing is, gas taxes are per gallon, not based on dollar amounts like sales tax so regardless of what the consumer pays for a gallon of gas the government gets the same amount. They must think we are so stupid that we can't see what is going on. But then again, maybe the majority of the people are that stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If consumers have a tiny little bit of expendable income they may not be so inclined to depend upon liberal democrats for scraps from the big plantation house in Washington. We can not have that now can we? They must be 100% dependent on us the democrats to allow them what WE decide they need. Besides we pissed all the gas tax money away on programs that enriched us and our friends instead of using it for actual infrastructure as it was intended. Well now we need more tax, screw the peasants, they will get only what we allow them.

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  18. I agree with author note. Every penny rise in the gas tax will take about $1 billion out of the wallets of consumers. A 10- or 20-cent gas tax will take $10-$20 billion from consumers.

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