Gergen: Obama’s ‘Most Significant’ Foreign Policy Achievement Is Climate Change

Once again, the mainstream media slobbers over lame-duck Obama and his “accomplishments” while in office.


  1. Just when we may have hoped that the US government had reached bottom, the president drags us down to an even lower level. Altho it may well be his 'most' significant 'achievement'.

    Elect an idiot and you get idiotic government.

  2. Extra special praise and congratulations go to Der Fuhrer for killing Osama bin Laden, a man that everyone in the government knows died in late 2001. By the way, all those Seals that were involved in the phony bin Laden hit were either blown up that very night or a short time later when they were all loaded onto a copter that also was blown up. Got to silence the witnesses. That has to top combating global cooling, I mean global warming, I mean climate change. It may even top his drone program that the government now has admitted is counterproductive. Really? Killing thousands of innocent people is counterproductive?

  3. Howard Wolf says:

    Anyone who believes that Barack Obama's policies contributed to the present upsurge of the economy is hopelessly stuck on clueless. The present recovery is due not to Obama, but in spite of Obama. They don't seem to remember that it was his stated wish for gasoline to go to eight dollars a gallon. He is profoundly disappointed by the success of fracking and he is totally against the opening of the pipeline from Canada. It's as though he was never able to grasp that lowering the price of energy would benefit the economy.

  4. ‘Claim of consensus is fake’
    Plus: Science group 'reviewing its stance on global warming' after 160 physicists sign petition

    By: Marc Morano – Climate DepotNovember 2, 2009 5:43 AM
    The following letter signed by five physicists was sent to all 100 U.S. Senator’s on October 29, 2009. The letter is reproduced in full below:
    You have recently received a letter from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), purporting to convey a “consensus” of the scientific community that immediate and drastic action is needed to avert a climatic catastrophe.
    We do not seek to make the scientific arguments here (we did that in an earlier letter, sent a couple of months ago), but simply to note that the claim of consensus is fake, designed to stampede you into actions that will cripple our economy, and which you will regret for many years. There is no consensus, and even if there were, consensus is not the test of scientific validity. Theories that disagree with the facts are wrong, consensus or no.
    We know of no evidence that any of the “leaders” of the scientific community who signed the letter to you ever asked their memberships for their opinions, before claiming to represent them on this important matter.
    We also note that the American Physical Society (APS, and we are physicists) did not sign the letter, though the scientific issues at stake are fundamentally matters of applied physics. You can do physics without climatology, but you can’t do climatology without physics.
    The APS is at this moment reviewing its stance on so-called global warming, having received a Team of Scientists’ Open Letter To U.S. Senators: petition from its membership to do so. That petition was signed by 160 distinguished members and fellows of the Society, including one Nobelist and 12 members of the National Academies. Indeed a score of the signers are Members and Fellows of the AAAS, none of whom were consulted before the AAAS letter to you.
    Professor Hal Lewis, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Professor Fred Singer, University of Virginia
    Professor Will Happer, Princeton University
    Professor Larry Gould, University of Hartford
    Dr. Roger Cohen, retired Manager, Strategic Planning, ExxonMobil
    List of 160 signers of the APS petition available at
    Climate Depot’s Related Links:
    Scientists Write Open Letter to Congress: ‘You Are Being Deceived About Global Warming’ — ‘Earth has been cooling for ten years’ – July 1, 2009
    Climate Revolt: World’s Largest Science Group ‘Startled’ By Outpouring of Scientists Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears! Clamor for Editor to Be Removed! – July 29, 2009
    American Physical Society to review its current climate statement after a group of 80 prominent physicists petitioned APS revise – May 1, 2009
    American Physical Society editor conceded a “considerable presence” of scientific skeptics exists – 2008
    Polish National Academy of Science ‘published a document skeptical of man-made global warming’ – April 2008
    Climate Fears RIP…for 30 years!? – Global Warming could stop ‘for up to 30 years! Warming ‘On Hold?…’Could go into hiding for decades,’ peer-reviewed study finds – – March 2, 2009
    March 2009 U. S. Senate Report: ‘More Than 700 International Scientists Dissenting Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims’
    India Issued a report challenging global warming fears – 2008
    Canvass of more than 51,000 Canadian scientists revealed 68% disagree that global warming science is “settled” – 2008
    Japan Geoscience Union symposium 2008 survey ‘showed 90 per cent of the participants do not believe the IPCC report’
    Skeptical scientists overwhelm Prestigious Geologist conference in Norway in 2008: ’2/3 of presenters and question-askers were hostile to, even dismissive of, the UN IPCC’ & see full reports here & here
    Petition signed by over 31,000 American scientists: ‘There is no convincing scientific evidence that greenhouse gasses are causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating’ – 2009

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