Michael Savage Uses Logic To Refute The Theory Of Man-Made Global Warming

“Let’s move on…”


  1. Reformed Greenhouse Denier

    Evidence supporting the theory of man made climate change is accumulating. Scientists previously from the Penn State University Center for Climate Studies have recently found from study of charred tree ring data that the incomplete burning of wood in the early 15th century had led to a reduction of man-made carbon dioxide leading to the dramatic cooling of the planet. Continued study of increased ice core thickness have led credence to the well accepted theory that possible wood shortages due to mans deforestation may have exacerbated man's contribution to this decreased CO2 theory of cooling. Other scientific studies expected to be published in prestigious journals such as 'Climate' by scientists previously from other prestigious laboratories around the globe have supported the findings that there is 97% agreement in the scientific community of man caused cooling of the planet leading to the well documented 'little ice age' beginning in 1500 and lasting until the burst of industrial activity in support of the American Civil war began to rescue the planet from the grips of the serious cooling catastrophe.

    • So answer these questions
      About 50,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, early immigrants to this continent used the land bridge between Asia and America that had been exposed by the glaciation of the entire planet, dropping the level of the oceans to expose this land bridge.
      1, Since trees could not grow, where did the CO2 get absorbed, if indeed CO2 is the greenhouse gas you postulate, since trees could not grow to absorb the CO2 creating the ice age.
      2, Where did the wood come from, that when burning created the CO2 in the air to end this glaciation.
      3, How does this theory explain the Medieval Warm period of between 950 and 1350??
      Fact is that the tectonic plates, in their movement driven by the molten core of this planed, are affecting the climate of this earth by directing the flow of oceans. Massive Volcanic eruptions that are able to block out sun light for hundreds of years are more likely to affect the climate of this earth that driving around in our SUV's.
      This sounds more like an April Fools Joke than a scientific explanation for temperature fluctuations
      Get a grip

  2. There is no global warming as an anthropomorphic problem. Penn State is using government money to "investigate" this…they are not investigating anything, they are desperately trying to find something that they can lay at the feet of the government and get more money. All of what you speak of is nothing but conjecture. Not proof.

  3. In this context the only deniers are those that promote anthropogenic global warming/climate change. They deny science, logic and what almost every youngster (at least of my generation – I'm 74) was taught in grade school and on up through high school. We were taught CO2 is the life blood of the planet. Without it this planet would be just another barren wasteland as is our moon.

    • Herrmann Glockler says:

      The +/- 1/3rd increase in CO2 in the air over the last century may well have staved off the mass starvation Obama's Science Czar John Holdren had predicted in his book Population Bomb he co-authored in early 1970's, in which he predicted mass starvation because of insufficient food supply, which is directly tied to the amount of CO2 in the air.
      The gas (CO2) Holdren and the ignorant media now denounce as responsible for the non-existent Global Warming in reality has never been a problem, is more likely the benefit that increased food supply proportional to its increase in the atmosphere.

  4. Al Gore predicted a twenty foot rise in ocean levels, then bought a house on the coast. The power bill at his mansion in Tennessee runs around $1500 per month. Also, he has a heated swimming pool.

    If you want to k now the truth about the global warming scam, read "Climategate" by Brian Sussman.
    There you will see how Al Gore, Obama and others plan to make a killing on the Chicago Climate Exchange by buying and selling carbon credits.

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  12. I for one don't think science is done by consensus but by trial, and reproducible fact. Just because a group of people agree on something does not in itself mean it is true. If that were the case Creation would be taught in every school in America as fact because a consensus +70% of American's believe in God or Creation. But it is not. So with that said, I will say this. I for one do not believe in man made climate change, because so far the scientific evidence does not show it to be so. But let's for the sake of argument say that it was true. Why then is all the talk about taxing corporations, taking money from this country and giving it to that. Taxing power companies to allow them to produce more CO2. If the planet was in jeopardy, why wouldn't be make it illegal to use these resources? Does charging someone to pollute somehow make the climate stop changing? NO it does not. The earth doesn't know that we are penalizing someone monetarily to be able to produce CO2. This is why the whole discussion is ridiculous and really has absolutely nothing about saving the planet but really about making people rich. For this reason I know it is a complete sham that so many sheeple are following.

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