Revealed: Obama’s Biggest Taxpayer Funded Classrooms Used For Teaching Global Warming Doctrine


Even as we’re heading into the colder months of the winter season, your thoughts may be turning to the kind of vacation you’d like to take when the weather turns warmer. Some of the more popular destinations in America are, of course, our treasured National Parks.

According to a recent article in The Washington Post, there are some 400 National Parks throughout the United States visited each year by about 280 million people. Greeting, guiding, and working with many of those visitors are uniformed Park Rangers, numbering close to 4,000.

And now, recognizing that those Rangers enjoy a relatively high degree of credibility with the children and adults they contact, the National Park Service has added a new duty to the list of work requirements — talking to visitors about global warming. features a lengthy post explaining how the thousands of Rangers in America’s National Parks — often seen as teachers about, and protectors of, the environments within which they work — can have a tremendous influence on visitors.

National parks are on the front lines of climate change. And park rangers are increasingly delivering the message that global warming is taking a toll on the iconic areas.

The National Journal article explains how Park Rangers — operating with an unquestioning belief in the “proven science” of climate change — recognize they are uniquely positioned to teach. They take the “opportunity to turn parks into open-air classrooms.”

Educational efforts have ramped up in recent years. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which spans parts of North Carolina and Tennessee, has hosted climate-science workshops for high school and middle school teachers as well as college professors.

California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area produces a podcast that discusses global warming. The visitors’ center at Yosemite National Park in California is chock-full of climate change brochures and fact sheets.

Though some Rangers reportedly avoid getting into debates with those labelled as “climate change deniers,” a new Obama initiative aimed at energizing the Rangers’ pro-active global warming education efforts might change that.

Earlier this month, the White House issued a directive asking the Park Service to create a national blueprint for climate education.

“We still have some park managers who think it’s too controversial to talk about climate change,” says Julia Washburn, the Park Service associate director for interpretation and education. “This nationwide plan will really show that this is a priority.”

And what about the presentation of opposing viewpoints from those who don’t buy into the man-made global warming narrative?

While there’s no indication the National Park Service will present, or even acknowledge, opposing opinions and theories to the officially adopted, Obama-approved climate change curriculum, we are told that Rangers will be kind enough not to force unwilling vacationers to sit through a global warming lecture.

…visitors who don’t believe in global warming may opt out of educational talks and leave climate brochures sitting on the shelves of visitor centers.


  1. Funny stuff…..but sad

    • Of**ko is sick and because of his mental illness, infects the rest of the world with his lies that he believes. gore is no better. This is sad when the countless world has no opinion and believes all this crap. There is only one sure cure for this debacle and the revolution is coming.

  2. No doubt the feature film will be Gore's "An inconvenient truth" and this article will be handed out as backup.

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  3. Obama is truly a pathological addict of lying. Only an absolute moron will believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I think he enjoys duping the dopes. He disgraces the entire Country before the world , that goes along with him, encouraging him to continue to betray America. The success if the USA has always been a source of jealousy and hatred for Europe especially. They believe we became great at their expense, that the wars brought destruction and dependency to their Countries while we grew. Now my guess is that the failures of the Socialization of Europe cheers Obama on to make us as weak as they. His desire to use the lie of controlling the climate by taxing the fossil fuel industry and hence us will be another means to his bringing down America. He is a treacherous fool and should be denounced.

  4. Keith Allison says:

    We have some true idiots that have taken up residence in our government, and those who push their lunacy about how global warming is caused by man are some of the dumbest. This planet naturally warms and cools of its own accord, and mankind has little, if anything to do with it. Politicians who bray like jack asses about man made global warming need to be removed from office rather than allow them to nurse at the teet of government service.

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  5. How many times will they cry, 'wolf' before they are no longer believed? None of their dire predictions have come to pass. and they change their story when mother nature doesn't cooperate. Maybe we really are fools.

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  6. While there are actions that truly do hurt the environment is it necessary for the park service to be inundated with expensive literature and talks? Isn't that the job of scientists and educators if in fact they can prove the facts they present?
    How about revealing the fact that Southeast Asia is cutting rainforest to replant them with palm trees for palm oil production and upsetting the ecology? Or destruction of same in South America by drug runners? All this diminishes the one way to rid the earth of CO2 which only trees and bushes can do. We do need to cut down on it but America is not the biggest offender of production like China and Russia.

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  12. I think that Obama is one of the best things that ever happened to US, I hope he gets to come up with even more amazing reforms while he's still a president.

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