This New Report On Hurricanes Is Sure To Get A Stormy Reception By Climate Change Alarmists

Photo credit: charliekwalker (Creative Commons)

On the website of The Nature Conservancy is the kind of matter-of-fact conclusion based on “scientific research” that you can find repeated, echoed, and amplified by numerous groups promoting a government-driven climate change agenda.

Scientific research indicates that climate change will cause hurricanes and tropical storms to become more intense — lasting longer, unleashing stronger winds, and causing more damage to coastal ecosystems and communities.

A major “scientific” study issued in the summer of 2013 by a climate researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) warned of increased activity of killer hurricanes because of global warming/climate change.

As reported by USA Today in July of last year:

One of the biggest debates in the climate change research community in recent years has been the projected impact of global warming on hurricanes. Will it make them stronger? More frequent? Longer lasting?

[The MIT] study used six newly upgraded global climate computer models to simulate future hurricane activity around the world. [The] study found that these killer storms will not only increase in intensity during the 21st century, as many previous studies had predicted, but will also increase in frequency in most locations.

The researchers behind the ominous study basically discounted their own efforts by suggesting that any evidence or experience that didn’t support their projections could be dismissed because they would be based on dumb “luck.”

“We should not be lulled into a false sense of security by our recent good luck (yes, good luck) with respect to hurricanes,” [the researcher] says.

“We do not need studies of the distant future to tell us that we are going be be hit hard and often in the coming years, just as a matter of historical precedent.

And that is truly a curious statement by this climate “scientist,” claiming that fact-based research and scientific studies are not necessary to support the dire predictions — apparently inspired by intuition or psychic projection — that deadly hurricane disasters would be wrought upon America by climate change.

Well, here are a few just-released facts that would appear to provide a basis of inconvenient truth that, at the very least, throws a wrench into the narrative workings of the climate change alarmists. tells us that the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season that ended on November 30 marks yet another year without a major hurricane hitting the Eastern United States.

And that’s not all, as a string of “recent good luck” has helped the U.S. to set a very good record, as far as hurricanes are concerned.

It has been a record-breaking nine years since a Category 3 hurricane (or stronger) made landfall along U.S. coastlines.

The last was Hurricane Wilma in 2005 (Sandy was not a hurricane when it hit the northeast in 2012).

The United States has never recorded a nine-year period without a hurricane touching its shores. The prior record for the longest stretch, from 1861 to 1868, was set during the Civil War, according to Colorado State University climatologists.

The post at goes on to observe that nasty weather in the Eastern Pacific did see an upturn in 2014:

…tropical storm activity was busier than it has been over the past 20 years. Fourteen hurricanes and six tropical storms formed since May 15, including Hurricane Amanda, a Category 4 storm and the strongest May hurricane ever recorded in the East Pacific.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is expected to announce its first seasonal forecast for 2015 by next May.

In the meantime, one might ask if those intensely pushing a government-mandated climate change agenda will modify their blanket warnings or stay with the now familiar, “science-based” doomsday scenarios…like the one below from, that overlooks the scientific fact that, as noted above, “Sandy was not a hurricane when it hit the northeast in 2012.”

To deny that Sandy was intensified because of climate change would be to deny science.

Photo credit: charliekwalker (Creative Commons)


  1. This MIT must have a number of Gruber's. It is called the Gruber effect , simply put , they are LIARS , and have no clue what they are talking about . I would guess this regime has paid him really well for his input .

  2. Where's the evidence? Where's the repeatable significant evidence that heating of the earth.. has anything to do with what is living on it? Where is the data? And… oh yes, and, for how long has it been accurate and repeatably stable. What is the control group? Where is the repeatable and verifiable information on calibration of the instrumentation? oh.. one more thing… Exactly, and precisely, how is it proposed to control the single source of heat for the planet? We, humans, have known for a lot longer than we have known about "global warming" that the sun actually varies in its level of heating. (no, not seasonally).. This is called cyclic occurrence. We had one in the 1700-1800.. called the Maunder Minimum. I'm thinking that was BEFORE, al gore, and carbon pollution, greenhouse gas, and any of the other supposed crap get into the air. Therefore, using the same fast tracked "science", a summation would be that BECAUSE humans have been so intent on pollution.. we haven't had any additional mini Ice Age occurrences. Therefore, pollution must be a good thing. Also, take into consideration for proper logical thought, that the sun is burning out.. It will go cold. And as it does, we will need to save all the energy from it that we can… any questions, where this goes? Shoot.. guess this is why no one really believes al gore.

  3. rukiddinsport says:

    Everyday is a report of an OBAMA disaster. GOT IT?? EVERYDAY!! OBAMA is a DISASTER who deserves ????? You like your freedoms??? Best you reasses your political affiliations.


    EVERYDAY …………….

    GOT IT???

    OR DO YOU NEED A brain transplant???

  5. rukiddinsport says:


    HE's dead because he (Micharel Brown) was a violent and deadly 6'4 250# violent criminal.

  6. There is a reason why horses wear blinders, too bad so many people choose to wear them rather than seeing the realities of life.

    Though not exactly true, the PT Barnum cliche holds way too much truth, 'there is a sucker born every minute'. Unfortunately most of them are government employees which includes public schools and colleges. People that are led by the hand and taken care of rather than work at a real job, one that really does pay taxes.

    Modern society has destroyed the primary means of survival, ordinary common sense.

  7. Climate Change is weather. Other than "seasonal change" in weather "Climate" change is NON-existent.

  8. pineapple says:

    ‘Claim of consensus is fake’
    Plus: Science group 'reviewing its stance on global warming' after 160 physicists sign petition

    By: Marc Morano – Climate DepotNovember 2, 2009 5:43 AM
    The following letter signed by five physicists was sent to all 100 U.S. Senator’s on October 29, 2009. The letter is reproduced in full below:
    You have recently received a letter from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), purporting to convey a “consensus” of the scientific community that immediate and drastic action is needed to avert a climatic catastrophe.
    We do not seek to make the scientific arguments here (we did that in an earlier letter, sent a couple of months ago), but simply to note that the claim of consensus is fake, designed to stampede you into actions that will cripple our economy, and which you will regret for many years. There is no consensus, and even if there were, consensus is not the test of scientific validity. Theories that disagree with the facts are wrong, consensus or no.
    We know of no evidence that any of the “leaders” of the scientific community who signed the letter to you ever asked their memberships for their opinions, before claiming to represent them on this important matter.
    We also note that the American Physical Society (APS, and we are physicists) did not sign the letter, though the scientific issues at stake are fundamentally matters of applied physics. You can do physics without climatology, but you can’t do climatology without physics.
    The APS is at this moment reviewing its stance on so-called global warming, having received a Team of Scientists’ Open Letter To U.S. Senators: petition from its membership to do so. That petition was signed by 160 distinguished members and fellows of the Society, including one Nobelist and 12 members of the National Academies. Indeed a score of the signers are Members and Fellows of the AAAS, none of whom were consulted before the AAAS letter to you.
    Professor Hal Lewis, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Professor Fred Singer, University of Virginia
    Professor Will Happer, Princeton University
    Professor Larry Gould, University of Hartford
    Dr. Roger Cohen, retired Manager, Strategic Planning, ExxonMobil
    List of 160 signers of the APS petition available at
    Climate Depot’s Related Links:
    Scientists Write Open Letter to Congress: ‘You Are Being Deceived About Global Warming’ — ‘Earth has been cooling for ten years’ – July 1, 2009
    Climate Revolt: World’s Largest Science Group ‘Startled’ By Outpouring of Scientists Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears! Clamor for Editor to Be Removed! – July 29, 2009
    American Physical Society to review its current climate statement after a group of 80 prominent physicists petitioned APS revise – May 1, 2009
    American Physical Society editor conceded a “considerable presence” of scientific skeptics exists – 2008
    Polish National Academy of Science ‘published a document skeptical of man-made global warming’ – April 2008
    Climate Fears RIP…for 30 years!? – Global Warming could stop ‘for up to 30 years! Warming ‘On Hold?…’Could go into hiding for decades,’ peer-reviewed study finds – – March 2, 2009
    March 2009 U. S. Senate Report: ‘More Than 700 International Scientists Dissenting Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims’
    India Issued a report challenging global warming fears – 2008
    Canvass of more than 51,000 Canadian scientists revealed 68% disagree that global warming science is “settled” – 2008
    Japan Geoscience Union symposium 2008 survey ‘showed 90 per cent of the participants do not believe the IPCC report’
    Skeptical scientists overwhelm Prestigious Geologist conference in Norway in 2008: ’2/3 of presenters and question-askers were hostile to, even dismissive of, the UN IPCC’ & see full reports here & here
    Petition signed by over 31,000 American scientists: ‘There is no convincing scientific evidence that greenhouse gasses are causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating’ – 2009

  9. The far Eastern pacific is more active for the very reason that the el Nino fizzled. The trade winds remained strong and kept the warm pacific surface waters push westward. Too bad California, maybe next year.

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  28. None of rumor about doomsday recently comes true. But I think it’s better than watching other people in other parts of the world face with terrible hurricanes.

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