Five Problems with Wind Power

Five Problems with Wind Power

There are a few major problems with wind power, which proponents of this technology don’t want you to know about.

Problem with wind power #1. It isn’t that environmentally safe, at least according to environmentalists

This first major problem with wind power is exemplified by recent news.

We posted a story on our web site today on 35 windmills that have been shut down at night in western Pennsylvania because an “endangered species” bat was found dead at the base of one of the wind turbines. The wind farm can’t operate at night now until the bats go into hibernation later this year.

This is madness. If wind farms are one of only two sanctioned sources of energy by eco-freaks – the other is solar – then our nation is going to be in serious trouble in the future. But, even wind farms aren’t popular among the animal rights zealots because the turbines routinely kill birds and bats. In addition, those turbines require those “unsightly” power lines to transmit the electricity to homes, businesses, etc.

Problem with wind power #2. The technology contradicts itself

Brian Sussman, author of Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes The Global Warming Scam, points out that wind farms are fragile and must be shut down when there are high winds. Why? Because the turbines will bend inward and snap. When there is no wind, there’s no power generated. So when production could be highest, the technology can’t work.

How’s that going to work in the long run?

Problem with wind power #3. Wind Power takes up excessive amounts of land

If these problems with wind power weren’t enough, the turbines take up vast amounts of land compared to regular power plants. Brian Sussman notes, for example, that the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant outside of Dallas produces 2,300 megawatts of power – more than needed to service 1.3 million homes. It fits into 8,000 acres of land. In contrast, the failed Pampa Wind Project promoted by T. Boone Pickens, was going to require 400,000 acres of land to produce the same amount of power. The Pampa Wind Project would also have required the construction of massive power lines and service roads. Pickens eventually dumped the project.

Problem with wind power #4. Wind Power isn’t cheap and never will be

Oh, but there’s more problems with wind power. James Delingpole, author of Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors, describes the madness in Denmark. In that climate-alarmist paradise, there are 5,200 wind towers – one for every 1,000 residents. Is their electricity cheaper? No, Danes pay one of the highest electricity bills in Europe. Why? Because the government subsidizes it through a 50% tax on every kilowatt hour. The Danes don’t even fully benefit from these wind farms because Denmark exports 50% of its wind power to Sweden and Norway.

Why does this happen? Is it because Danish power companies hate Danes? No, this happens because wind power is unreliable. Denmark either has too much power or too little so these other nations must absorb their power surges. When wind isn’t blowing, the Danes pay for hydroelectric power from these other nations. They get taxed at outrageous rates for an unreliable power source and then have to get electricity from other nations as well.

Problem with wind power #5. Wind Power pollutes more than a coal plant.

Find that hard to believe? Watch this video by the American Traditions Institute about how wind power actually ends up causing greater pollution than a coal plant all alone.


The problem is that wind power doesn’t retain a steady rate of energy production, and relies on coal plants to fill in the gaps. But just like a car on the freeway gets better gas mileage and pollutes less than a car in the city, coal plants when running intermittently pollute much more. All because of wind power.

 The madness must stop

The problems with wind power are many. Yet, the eco-freaks within the EPA and environmentalist activists continue to push for wind power as the solution to our nation’s energy problems. If this isn’t madness, what is? This craziness must stop.

Fossil fuels and nuclear power are reliable sources of energy – but not if the misguided eco-zealots at the EPA are successful in shutting down every energy source but wind or solar. Our civilization is doomed if they succeed.

Please comment below to start the discussion about wind power and what we can do to stop the EPA.




  1. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    Having enjoyed a long and successful career as an electronics engineer, I have on numerous occasions been profoundly frustrated by the fact that non-technical douchebags, even including the WORST of their ilk: POLITICIANS, have placed themselves in positions of authority over engineers IN THE TECHNICAL ARENA, WHICH THEY KNOW NOTHING WHATSOEVER ABOUT! The frustration is even COMPOUNDED by the knowledge that the ONLY thing ANY "regulatory agency" ever IS, WAS, EVER WAS INTENDED TO BE, or EVER WILL BE is a DEVIOUSLY-DESIGNED END-RUN AROUND DUE PROCESS OF LAW. If we ever desire even a PRAYER of getting our country back, we MUST de-fund, decommission and DISBAND ALL REGULATORY AGENCIES.

    • Agreed….starting with the EPA and the Endangered Species Act and continuing with the Departments of Energy, Agriculture and Education.

    • AMEN, RICHARD !! We need to stop all the "subsidies" and earmarked "green" programs also. Two million dollars to investigate how to get rid of the smell on "pig farms" ?? Millions to build "turtle tunnels" in Florida ? And the list goes on and on. Get back to "Drill and produce", build several refineries INLAND, build the XL pipeline from Canada, and build several nuclear power plants. How are the idiots who buy "electric cars" going to charge them with an already overloaded power system ??

      • Richard Wm. Faith says:

        The scientific truth about electric cars is that they don't "eliminate" emissions; they just "emit" by remote control. Some of the smoke from coal-burning electric plants constitutes the remote emissions from the charging of electric cars. On top of that, the charge-discharge cycle efficiency of batteries (as of last I heard, anyway) is only about 60% tops, and gasoline in a modern car engine burns a lot cleaner than coal. Now that you've read this, I'll BET that you can, completely on your own, come up with a good definition for the word "pollute-tician".

    • A voice of reason with empirical experience. When government mandates and decrees conflict with common sense and science it should be obvious that there is a money trail to follow. The EPA is the governmental leveraging agent for bureaucratic thugs. Pulling strings through regulations to favor the financial support green industry venture capitalist provide to career corrupt politicians to ensure their re-elections and power base. The EPA and Department of Energy along with the Department of Education are three federal agencies that should be immediately and permanently de-funded by Congress. The financial savings alone would be significant in this time of out of control government spending and total responsibility from the liberals and progressives in the administration and Congress.

      • Richard Wm. Faith says:

        You have hit squarely upon the reason why I insist that people in public office would be far better drafted for involuntary service than elected. Instead of having a bunch of LIFERS in there pandering to deadbeats for votes, we would have a government comprised of people who actually want to get OUT of office. The term-limits problem would be AUTOMATICALLY solved! Also, ALL Senate and HR votes should be of the roll-call type, and every vote should be IMMEDIATELY published with NO EXCEPTIONS.

    • Politicians haven't only placed themselves in authority over engineers, they've managed to place themselves in positions of authority in almost every issue. Ever hear the old phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none."? Think whoever first said that had politicians in mind?

      • Richard Wm. Faith says:

        What politicians ultimately WANT to do is to be MASTER of all PEOPLE. They are control freaks because they have no practical skills whatsoever. They're not even worth shooting.

        • hottrodscars says:

          That's right – – in the real world, most would fall flat on their face trying to make it like the rest of us have to!

    • All regulatory agencies? Perhaps most, but I question ALL.

      Being in electronics, what do you suppose would happen if the FCC didn't have control over electronic communications?
      Would there be such a thing as and AM radio band, a FM radio band? How would we receive television? Would the police, fire, and other public service groups have standardized communications?

      • Richard Wm. Faith says:

        We already have all the technical standards that we need for the services that you mentioned. Whatever needs to be "converted into" law for enforcement purposes can and should be converted into conventional law and enforced as such by ordinary law-enforcement agencies. If this requires (say) the Sheriff's office to need to hire a few technical people, NO PROBLEM. With the FCC disbanded, you KNOW that such people would be AVAILABLE!

    • Robert Dexter says:

      I agree one hundred percent. Permitting requires FAA, EPA, State, Local approvals. Permitting takes 1 to 2 years. The FAA has 5 people overlooking the same project. Until we reduce the size of all government agencies, especially at the Federal level, by at least 35 %, there will be too many ignorant "English Majors" performing a government job, overseeing the issuance of a complex permit for a project headed by an Electrical, Civil, Chemical or Mechanical Engineer, they dislike. If you look very carefully, the most incompetent unmarketable people work in Government and they never quit their jobs because their skills are unmarketable. Money expended on Government employees is wasted money.

  2. Just as I suspected all along. Wind energy is unreliable. I didn't realize that any areas actually using wind power had to supplement with intermittent coal-powered energy, thus creating more,not less pollution.
    I agree completely that the whole climate-change/global warming scam is just that, a scam. It is not about alternative "sustainable" Green energy. It about Green money to be made in carbon trading and primarily about control.
    Yet here we have someone in the White House doubling down on this green agenda despite the failure of Solyndra, SpectraWatt, Evergreen Solar and the coming failure of Sun Power, and the expensive and unreliable alternative power sources.
    Of course GE is the prime producer of wind turbines in the USA and we know how cosy Immelt is with those in the White House.
    Glad to hear that Mr. Pickens had the sense to drop the project of that wind farm.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      It would take a lot to convince me that obama actually had confidence that Solyndra could actually DO anything CONSTRUCTIVE with the money he "blew" in their direction. After all, it can be very LUCRATIVE to enter EVEN a scandal that you KNOW you'll be CAUGHT in, because once all the money has been distributed, YOU CAN NEVER RAKE QUITE ALL OF IT BACK IN. With the likes of obama, this is NOT an "occasional" thing. It's a PATTERN.

    • My husband alway's said the Wind Generators also slow storms etc. so they probably change the weather. With out them Irene could have been blown off the coast.

    • Money and power speak to Obama. He listens only to them.

    • The truth of the matter, wind energy replaces very little fuel used in coal or nuclear power plants. Since wind is so unreliable, power plants must maintain readiness. Coal and nuclear power plants take some time to crank up and be on line. For the most part, coal and nuclear power plants are dumping steam to stay ready for when the wind stops blowing. (of blows too hard) To be fair, hydro power plants are a perfect compliment for wind energy. All hydro plants have to do is open a valve to begin generationg power. Natural gas powered electricity power plants are a fair marriage for wind as then can be brought on-line much quicker than either coal or nuclear.

      How about a couple more statistics. Wind farms are approaching generating electricity 40% of the time. Not bad until you consider that they generate full power less than half of that time. The end result, full electricial generation from a given wind turbine is less than 20% of the time.

      So, when you see a wind farm and the blades are turning, it could be that they are not generating electricitiy. They are just turning.

    • hottrodscars says:

      I'm just a common working person in mechanics and I could have told Pickens THAT! Maybe he just needed the write-off.

  3. Hydro-electric kills fish, nuclear is dangerous due to radiation, fossil fuels pollute, solar and wind take up vast areas and confuse and/or kill animals….cow flatulence is a major air quality issue…Is there nothing that the eco-libs can support?

    Without power, how would they charge their ipods and blackberries?…just sayin

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      It's all really very simple. They want to kill most of us off, and then clean out our wallets and bank accounts while we are being hauled off the to morgue.

  4. Dump the EPA and lets get on with the drilling on our own country. Tell the animal creeps to go elsewhere because the animals won't notice our drilling as we showed in Alaska.

    If they don't like it, they can go to one of their "feel good" buddy countries and stay there and "spread their wealth to help us get over our econ issues.

    • Tiredofbums says:

      I’m Tired of seeing dead possums on the road anyway. I’m starting the “SAVE THE OPOSSUM” foundation. These much maligned creatures need a break. It’s the deer’s fault the poor possum gets hit. The deer asks the gullible possum to go check traffic so he and his mate can cross the road safely. So I say kill the deer so the the possum can thrive. This is indicative of what happens when you put nuts and idiots in positions of power. The EPA needs to be scrapped. Our tenth amendment says we can Nullify any laws or regulations that we don’t like. Call your congressman. Camp out at his office. Let your voice be heard.

    • Greg Muehlberger says:

      I agree! Drill here,we have plenty. our drilling practices are the safest and cleanest in the world. At least one of the cleanest. Let the eco- freaks go protest in the third world countries. They do alot of polluting! Let's see how they fare against those goverments.

    • Jim l Adrian 111 says:

      Not only Alaska but everywhere else as well

    • Joyce, I 100% agree. By drilling for the ocean of oil and natural gas below our soil we would create thousands of new jobs, create revenue to increase the Tax income, become Net Exporters to the world, and stick it to our blackmailing Middle Eastern Muslim friends………that don't like us. Let them eat sand and drink their own oil.

  5. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    KHM, if it were "only" about green money or even "control" in the general sense, it would be VASTLY less sinister than it actually IS! The end game is to make the United States of America a VASSAL to the UN, through the implementation of Agenda 21 and similar "central plans". If we TOLERATE this, WE'RE TOAST!

  6. Before any of you jump into this with both feet, do some extensive research into the cost of the system components, power required to run your home, installation, permits, maintenance, etc.
    Besides the basic equipment, consider where power will come from during night and on heavy overcast days. How long will it take to amortize the cost of the system.
    Some systems can run $25,000.00 or more.
    A friend in Arizona installed a solar system 12 years ago and he is still paying for it and hasn't saved a cent.

    • My friend across the street checked into "solar" power. He would have to have 40 panels, which would take up most of his yard(he has 2/3 acre corner lot) at an initial cost of $87,000.00 ! After "subsidies" it would still cost $38,500.00, more than he paid for the property in the beginning !!!! And would still need "backup power" from UES when his "panels" weren't generating !! What a CROCK, and to think AlBore and his cronie friends have made BILLIONS off the "green revolution" already ????? STOP the madness, people, and shut down the EPA and all their stupid regulations that are killing AMERICA . I think I read where Pelosi's Brother in law was given a contract of some BILLION + TAXPAYERS money to build a large solar "farm" south of Laughlin NV on land owned by Harry Reid ?? What kind of CRONYISM IS THAT ??? Obummer will stop at nothing to pay off his "electorate"…

    • Your friend in Arizona's story is an all too familiar one with alternative energy pioneers in America.

  7. The eco-freak hypocrites should do their part…..stop exhaling all that CO2 into the atmosphere.

  8. I have developed technology that solves every problem related except power lines. And it is done without any subsidies or taxes or rebates, and won't increase power costs. The system will run in winds up to 100 mph, is extremely cost effective, and will run in very low winds. Maintenance is easy and infrequent. Cost to set up manufacturing is a fraction of what is common today. And in the end, consumers will pay less and power companies will make more. The system has been tested to 55 mph and computer modeled to 120 mph running. You won't have to shut this off, except for once a year maintenance. Funding is also relatively low.


    • Jim l Adrian 111 says:

      That is mighty big talk-can you back it up?

      • I would like him to expand his comments in a meaningful way.
        When I worked for the Feds, the reports I saw stated that on the BEST sites (and there were damned few nationally) the wind only blew (at all – not the speeds he's talking about) about 46% of the time, if my memory serves me well. And of course, you have np options in picking the time!

  9. Diane Metzger says:

    I agree with the video.

  10. this is why the EPA must be abolished

  11. These environmentalists are all whackos , they don't have the sense God gave a horse . while their ideas sound good , just like socialism sounds good , neither are compatible with the human environment . Want a perfect world in every respect ? Eliminate all human beings . It still won't be perfect but along with the rest of us these fruits and nuts will be gone .

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      On a GOOD day, we just WISH that they were ONLY whackos! In reality, they are MUCH WORSE than that. They are ROBOTS dedicated to the installation of New World DIS-"order". If we merely dismiss them as whackos, they will accomplish their agenda and we will suffer. On the other hand, if we root out their connections and prosecute ALL of the criminal activity involved (including but not limited to SEDITION), THEN we MIGHT have a chance. Let's BEWARE of underestimating them!

  12. Folks, a factor in wind power systems and solar systems is not only the intermittent service realised but the problem of fire. Just a couple of days ago I read about a windmil that could not stop producing 10kw at 220vdc and the fire company had no means to shut it down. The garage where its main equipment was located was a loss but the house was saved. This same thing with solar panels, as long as the sun is shining they are producing electricity at again 10kw at 220 volts, there is no way to shut it down except to cover the panels with a tarpaulin. Nothing like Green Energy folks, its like Global Warming, voodoo science at its best. The EPA should be repealed or discontinued.

    • Rhalstead says:

      Sounds like a home installation. The commercial ones are well protected and run several hundred thousand watts for the little ones to over a megawatt. Solar cells are usually low voltage and very high priced. A 4KW system is considered large and would likely consist of many panels with a number of inverters mounted remotely. To be reliable, wind farms cover very large geographical areas so the wind will for the most part be blowing on some portion of the wind farm.

      I'd not worry much about fire from a properly installed wind or solar system, but RF interference (radio interference) is a major problem caused by many of the inverters. However the cost makes it impractical for most homes to go independent of the grid. OTOH there are several energy neutral homes (out of my price range) within 20 miles of us. On top of that, China can produce the things (solar cells) to sell for about half of what it costs us to make them. Add to that the installation of solar and wind systems is now a major portion of the system cost.

      • Richard Wm. Faith says:

        AHA! The CHINA CONNECTION. Deja Vu ALL OVER AGAIN! Hope to God obama isn't reading your post; you just gave him the idea to contract it out to GE, to make the panels in China TAX FREE! And they (the Lamestream Media) called GOLDWATER a throwback?!?1?! How much more is our FIRST SO-CALLED "black" "president" a THROWBACK by FORCING the United States of America, AGAINST HER MAJORITY WILL, to SUPPORT, to ENCOURAGE, and even to FINANCE , , , SLAVE LABOR!

    • The Quadfather says:

      Uh, there's a way to shut it down. It's called a switch. A breaker switch should be installed at the wind or solar drvice.

  13. At the very core of environmentalism is the belief that humanity is a blight upon the earth. Environmentalist know factually that wind and solar energy can never provide the kind of reliable and cheap energy that oil and nuclear does. Nevertheless, by working to mandate that societies must depend on expensive and unreliable wind and solar energy, the types of progress, technological or societal, that the extremist consider to be anti-environmental can be slowed or halted altogether.This ultimately would translate into the kind of universal poverty that decreases human lifespan and by extension population resulting in reducing human population to a number that is more simpatico with the goals of extreme environmentalism.

  14. Dan Holland says:

    Solar and wind can't compete with conventional sources of power because; no matter how efficient solar and wind become their energy source is diffuse. Whereas fossil fuels and nuclear power are concentrated sources of energy. Solar and wind can have niche applications in locations that are way off the grid and the cost of running power lines to remote location is cost prohibitive.Just like houses in urban areas have public water and sewers and rural locations have their own wells and septic systems. However, solar and wind will not likely ever amount to more than a few percent of the total power generated.

  15. SAUER ENERGY (SENY) newly listed on stock exchange is the answer for homes, farms, barns, limited areas, etc. Small and efficient- check it out on the internet and stock market!

  16. Interesting!!!! Sounds as if the EPA and seudo -scientist are just like the liberals that buy into their baloney. They start drawing conclusions without all of the facts. I hope the folks wake up to the ignorance that both groups are spouting.

  17. Rachelrao says:

    When driving from Oklahoma to Chicago you see these vast areas of wind farms and they look ugly and so unseemingly on the otherwise beautiful prairie land. I never believed that windmills would generate electricity and common sense would dictate that birds would naturally be caught up in these windmills. But young engineers left secure jobs to job on the bandwagon with the promised subsidies by government only to find out that there were no projects and they were back to inspecting old fuel plants. What a waste of money be it private or government, and what a hairbrained scheme. How were these windmills to run without a "power" to get them started? And Solar, that is another story of wasted resources – think of skylights (years and years ago in Calif) giving solar heat and how they did not work. The liberals like hairbrained ideas and do not sound out consequences of their actions and that is why not only America but the Globe is in trouble. And now that trouble maker Trumka has gone to poison India!

    • Have you ever seen what a coal company has done to mountains to obtain said coal? Have you ever seen the sky around a coal plant? Have you ever seen what coal towns look like? Not to mention the people who live around and grow up in coal towns? Have you ever set foot on an oil field? Have you ever seen the ocean around an oil drilling platform? If you said yes to any of these questions then you didnt really think before posting your idiotic statement. Wind and solar power in their current form may not be the answer but eventually they WILL HAVE TO be the final answer. Fossil fuels WILL deplete and run out and there is not a damn thing you or your big coal and oil companies can do about it.

  18. DAN BIGGS says:


  19. DAN BIGGS says:


    • It actually comes out to $3,225 per home, but as you say, that doesn't include ongoing maintenance and operational costs. The other thing that I've noticed is that these farms are always overrated. One has to assign a operational rating based on the wind speed/frequency for the location and an availability factor for the unit. This is usually over estimated by 20 to 30%. Other considerations that were observed in the Dalles area of Oregon and Washington is that often there is 0 wind when the temps are either the hottest or the coldest.

    • When you count ALL costs to construct, including labor, it's about $3 million+ per turbine. 50 -turbine project costs about $180 million. I guess you'll be 1000 years old when wind energy is free.

    • Let's not forget the obvious.
      The life expectancy on these generators is 15 to 20 years. At that point, the avaialbility of parts and their costs, will probably make a full replacement a cheaper option then the time, labor and parts costs to repair the unit. (not unlike your typical car . . . of course, for someone who has never owned a car this would be a lousy example) OK, think PC replacement instead.
      Bottom line. If this technology was an economic 'winner' we would not need the Govt to subsidize it's use with tax-payer dollars. Only losers champion economic losers . . . why? to buy votes. Just plain stupidity to pursue Govt subsidized losers.

  20. AL NAZARIO says:


  21. to bad,,,
    if you get government out of business and stop giving your hard earned money to fund bad technology,,,'
    then good technology can come forward,,,
    I have the solution to all the problems with wind power,,,

  22. jetstream says:

    Several problems are rarely discussed in these posts. Having seen the furor that arose in my rural faring comunity, they are of particular concern: 1) the noise component. Have you ever spent much time around a wind farm? Can you imagine living nearby? 2) the flicker factor. Google this for yourself. 3) the property issue. (extension of #3 above) The intent of the wind power companies to lease land for extended periods of time (30-50+ years) has the potential to severely impact large farms or tracts of rich, tillable acreage. I would never willingly agree to give up control of my land for this purpose, and many of the local villages were in arms trying to restrict construction of windmills ithin a reasonable distance of their town limits. Unfortunately, county boards often don't listen to the constituents and the eminent domain laws kick in. Grain mills and individual farmers using windmills for power to run water irrigation gave up on wind as a reliable source of power YEARS ago, but it's almost impossible to convince these people that THE WIND JUST DOESN'T BLOW ALL THE TIME!

  23. MJNellett says:

    The answer is simple! Surround Washington D.C. with a huge wind farm and with all that hot air swirling around our capital the eastern seaboard will have an infinite supply of cheap energy! Oops forgot, that is until the PROGRESSIVES figure out a way to tax the heck out of it!

  24. My farm is part of a wind farm project. I have to say that so far, none of the claims made in the article have proven true. They are able to produce and sell power to the major companies and both are able to make a profit. The reference to blades bending and having to shut down applies to older technology. Today they vary the pitch on the blades just like an airplane does to maintain RPM. The towers take up very little space. Maybe a 20 X 20 or 30 X 30 foot print.

    Now this is not to say there aren't failures, but all technology has failures including well established tech, but this wind farm *appears* so far to present a sizable supplement to the power in the lower peninsula of Michigan.

    At-any-rate, I've not seen, at least in our case, any one of the statements that is outright true.
    I do agree with those who want to see subsidies abolished. Even though it's an up hill battle for new tech to fight established tech.

  25. Ridge Runner says:

    These people are not idiots. That is being too nice to them. These people are government created smart ass dumb asses and are doing what they are told to do.I am sure there is some people in the epa that reasonable and will try to work with you but just one smart ass is one too many and i have not heard of too many that were reasonable.The atomic power plants are the way to go but not uranium, A better option is i belive it is called iranium. It doesn’t get as hot as uranium and to make it work you have to keep adding a neutron.If there is apoblem you just shut it off and let it cool down on its own.the reason uranium was used was they could make atomic weapons from depleted uranium and couldn’t the other.Wind farms are like gambling impusively you don’t get much out of it for what you put into it and they are expensive. If these powers to be get what they want then there want be as much need for electricty and the wind power may be all is needed.Do a google search on agenda 21 and read how much the one world gov wants to cull the population and how they want to make you live only in certain locations.If i am reading the cards right the human race has just about becom the most endangered species.They are working on that reduction now.

  26. Ridge Runner says:

    Here is some thing to think about.Very few people don’t know that when the epa made the coal fired plants put in the wet scrubbers to take the fly ash out of the coal burning discharge they didn’t get the acid out of the dissharge and have to reheat the discharge to vaporize it to get it away from the plant or it would corode and eat their switch gear inthe control yards pretty quickly. If they could get the acid out or neturalized in the residue(fly ash)it could be used in construction building projects and lots of other things and wouldn’t be a hazard to the enviroment,The fly ash when when dry should make a pretty good insulation. That also could elimate alot of these holding ponds and the danger of them breaking open.I don’t guess that would make these green idiots happy and maybe if they don’t want you pi&&ing on the ground they will let us use their boot.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      When I was in the Boy Scouts, the Scouts used to have a publication that explained how spraying a thin film of OIL on stagnant ponds could eradicate local populations of mosquitoes by making it impossible for the larvae to breathe. If we try to do something like that NOW, we might be CRUCIFIED for it. Q: What's wrong with spraying stagnant ponds with a thin film of oil? A: It WORKS! Conclusion: under the regime of the current dictatorship, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING that WORKS! The time is PAST DUE for some SERIOUS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

  27. Jamie Shafer says:

    For about 3 decades I have said that the environmentalists want us to freeze and starve in the dark. And if today's greenies have their way we will all be cooking our food – if any – in our foil covered cardboard cookers – just like the greenies prescribe in Africa. Otherwise every tree in the Northern Hemisphere will have been harvested for heat and food cooking, just as every stick of furniture including expensive antiques was burned in the winter of '45 in Hungary. And don't tell me it was '44 or '46 – I heard the story first hand from a woman who lived through it and the precise year is not critical! And of course a previous poster is quite correct: human life on the planet is to be extremely reduced if not eliminated altogether.

  28. This would be hilarious if it weren't so damn stupid.
    When I was a little kid, I remember my gandad had a Delco 32 volt light plant. It consisted of a string of batteries , a gas generator and a Wincharger. We would call it a windmill today. It was on a hill in back of the house in the sandhills of Nebraska. This would have been in the mid to late '40s. They were usually happy when the wind was strong so the batteries would be charged especially on washday so they wouldn't have to run the gas generator. I do remember one occasion when the wind blew all day and well into the evening. Someone commented that the lights were really bright tonight. About that time one of the lights burned out. Grampa sent one of the boys scurrying to shut off the Wincharger and another with a kerosene lantern to check to see that the batteries had sufficient water in them so they also wouldn't burn up. All we have to do is look back and see what problems they had 65 or 70 years ago and you would know that we are just creating the same problems on a much grander scale.
    I wonder how long it will be before we have to remove all those "ugly" windmills and how about the 6 or 8 truck loads of concrete with each one as well as the miles and miles of copper. Talk about pollution, what about all the electronics that are going to end up in some landfill?
    Now I'm not an engineer, just a plain simple old farm kid and I sure see the fallacy in all this green power.

  29. Bill Nemo says:

    As a retired electrical engineer, I look at these sites and shake my head.

    Besides having politicians play engineers and scientists, no one ever discusses maintenance very often, or at the least, very minimally.

    I will confine myself to solar and wind power, but it applies equally to other sources.

    You can't just install this stuff and and expect it to work flawlessly for 25 – 50 years.

    All this stuff requires maintenance.

    In wind power, bearings and gears wear out and have to be replaced, sometimes at a dangerous height or in extremely tight quarters.

    In solar power, the solar cell lenses get dirty and have to somehow be cleaned on a regular basis and unless, I have missed a development or two, the solar cells degrade due to weather, and yes, even the sun. Both of these issues affect the efficiency of the cells.

    Usually, the power coming from both of these sources have to be processed or smoothed from either direct current or very scuzzy looking waveforms to give you a sinusoidal wave form and/or the correct frequency or else you can't transmit it any distance to speak of without significant losses. Some of the newer wind installations may produce directly useable AC, but I doubt it.

    Anyway, I think the politicians, who are such proponents of these types of technology have been watching too much Star Trek to focus on the problems, that go with the promise of what they call free (ha ha) energy. All the hardware to do this wear or burn out and eventually and have to be replaced.

    But hey, if someone can figure out ways to solve some of the problems, go for it!

    Besides the technical problems, it appears from the above article that a lot of the problems stem from the "Law of Unintended Consequences". Before making these installations, they need to be reviewed in fine detail.

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      From a fellow engineer (retired): non-technical people should NEVER be allowed to come within a light year of acquiring authority over any technical people or technical situations whatsoever. This applies most particularly to politicians, since they possess the uniquely worst existing combination of these two despicable attributes: incompetence and corruption. Incompetence (alone) we can deal with by exposing it (well, at least that was true before much of our population was dumbed down by Communist Public Education); corruption (alone) we can deal with by exposing it (that is, if we can acquire some way to force the LameStream Media to either publish the truth for a change, or at least SHUT UP); but when a corrupt-AND-incompetent person, especially a politician, gets into a position of authority, HANG ON TIGHT! These guys are really HARD BARNACLES TO SCRAPE OFF YOUR BOAT!

  30. Kevin Beck says:

    The doofuses at the Ending Power Alliance have to go out of style faster than an Edsel. They will destroy us from within, unless they are dethroned from their perch in the nation's cesspool of stupid ideas. A good enough riddance cannot come soon enough.

  31. Simon said says:

    Dump the EPA. I suspect they really care very little for the environment. They are liars and they're real intent is to destroy capitalism, hence their ridiculously restrictive over – regulations on businesses. Is nobody standing up to these lunatics!?!? We must get rid of these people and start drilling!

  32. Richard Holmes says:

    Man thinks he is so smart and yet can't seem to figure out that the higher the technology the higher the problems created by that technology. There are inharent problems with any device used by man to make his life easier. It has come to the point that man must make compensations for the sake of good versus destroying everything for ease. Do a lot more the old fashion way. Slow dwn a little and entoy life a bit. Everything will still get done.

  33. This all is reminiscent of the "larger lawn mower" concept; a bigger lawn requires a bigger lawn mower – a point of diminishing returns. Thus far our electric bills here in SE Oh are still 75-80% coal, and the news is full of those tapping into the Marcellus Shale layer for drilling for natural gas and oil.

  34. Not to mention, wind turbines are ugly and intrusive on the landscape across America. I have traveled thousands of miles and the wind turbines are not pleasant to have to look at. I live in Colorado and I hope the gov't won't bring in those eyesores like they have in Kansas, Minnesota and other states. The few wind turbines around Boulder clutter that beautiful landscape as it is.

  35. Jim l Adrian 111 says:

    These wars just keep getting better and better.
    You find something wrong with their system and they find something wrong with your system, sounds like the damn government.
    That was a good aerial photo of the downed wind turbine, the stand(pedestal) appeared virtually undamaged except for the top end area. Wonder what the bottom side looks like. Score one for the damn the wind turbines crowd. I can remember, though, an incident or two for every style of energy production-nothing is perfect, we just strive for the best we can do.

  36. The EPA should really stand for ECO PROPAGANDA ADMINISTRATION. In-fact the EPA is really a Terrorist Organization.

  37. Lt Dangle says:


  38. I think we're all supposed to just clam up and freeze to death in the dark.

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  42. From a physics point of view work is done when energy is expended over time and wind power is a very poor conversion of wind, with a low mass, impinges a turbine blade. A much more efficient conversion method would be Ocean wave energy, which is actually wind energy store over time and then use that energy to drive hydraulic pumps that would then drive turbines on land. This should be a much more efficient conversion method to me!!!

  43. hottrodscars says:

    From personal experience, I can tell you our economy started to go bad ever since 1971 due to EPA regulations. From 1970 until 1974 new cars literally doubled in price. I know because I used to haul new cars on truck transport. Now the price of new cars is prohibitive and their expensive to fix integrated computer systems are so prone to failure. Some guys I know got in hock for $50,000 just for a PICKUP TRUCK! This is NUTS! I'll keep driving my 1967 Dodge Charger, my 1970 Lincoln Continental and my 1965 Olds Delta 88.

  44. I know a family of 5 that has for more than 15 years run their house , (2800+ sq ft) + 2 outbuildings with 5 solar panels and 1 small windmill, which fit on less than half an acre. They don't even have an outside power connection and have never been without power. And, this is in Northern NY. So don't even try to tell me that these power sources aren't feasible.

    • Boneyfingers says:

      These systems are idea for a small scale application such as one family's home.. Where they don't work is on a grant scale like power for a major city. The solution, if you were to be looking for one, is to have a mini power plant for each house. I would guess this idea wouldn't even work for a large apartment building, the turbines would have to be too big and the complaints about it being an eyesore would start up. Then you have the cost factor, the larger, more heavy duty, the equipment required the higher the cost will be, rapidly reaching the point where there is no return on the investment. Keep it small and it will do the job nicely..

  45. Thank you so much for the effort you have put into giving factual information on this subject. It is not my area of expertise and I resent the general idea that it is OK to use my ignorance against me. You've laid this out logically and given me references to seek confirmation of your opinions. After following up with the references, I believe that your opinions are bang on the button and would love to follow you on facebook if possible.

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    • There are many anti wind power sites on the WWW. But ones (like this) with a general anti-environmental stance are morally inconsistent by criticizing only “green” energy. The wind industry may as well be oil, gas or coal, the way it disrespects nature. It just does it with a green mantle as propaganda. Workers in those industries are interchangeable except for some specialized skills. Truck driving, logging, road building, crane rigging, etc. are common to all of them.

      The best reason to be against wind power is basic respect for untainted landscapes. Nothing else that big is being built so far and wide. This active map tracks wind projects in the U.S., which has about a fifth of the worlds quarter million wind turbines: The industry wants to see that number multiply tenfold at least. Goodbye scenery if that ever happens. It’s already getting bad enough..

  48. One item I didn't see explained is the primary reason wind and solar cost so much. To prevent grid failure (blackouts) it is necessary for utilities to have enough generation on line to cover the potential production by wind and solar. The entire time wind and solar are functioning duplicate reliable power systems are on line to pick up the demand load as the 'faux green power systems' go off line. This faux system also requires extra computer controls, switches, and manpower all of which drive up the cost of electricity.

    According to a Texas study, one nuclear plant would provide more energy than the 15% faux green energy required for Texas; yet the cost for faux energy cost would build 7 nuclear plants.

    The only reason we have a nuclear waste issue is money. Not disposal cost but storage revenue. The storage facilities refuse to give up their revenue stream. We have the technology to safely dispose of nuclear waste; one example is to give it back to mother nature by dropping it into sub-ducting faults at the bottom of the ocean, letting mother nature recycle it.

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  56. Yet another site that fuels the impression of wind power opponents as right-wing climate denier types. Can’t you realize that Man is causing damage on numerous fronts? You claim to care about the blight from wind turbines yet bash the EPA when it tries to prevent fossil-fuel related blight and pollution. It’s all part of the same destructive continuum, not some simpleminded A vs. B scenario.


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