The Insane Fantasies Of The Marxist EPA Laid Low By One Simple Chart

But if the EPA can stop just one extra molecule of the deadly toxin known as carbon dioxide from escaping into the atmosphere, the destruction of the American economy will be worth it!

Please note, of course, that the EPA won’t dare to speak out against the Earth’s most egregious polluter, China.


China’s level of pollution renders all of America’s activities meaningless, but that won’t stop the Marxist left from bankrupting America’s energy producers.

There has been no global warming for 17 years and 6 months — according to the gold standard of temperature measurement known as the RSS satellite record — but that won’t stop the Marxist left from issuing thousands of new regulations every year.

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  1. Incredulous says:

    Excellent chart … although after the "hockey stick" scam, I've lost most of my faith in ANY alleged "scientific data." Scientists should be ashamed for jumping on the politically motivated A.G.W. bandwagon. They "know not what they do" to the credibility of the entire scientific community. It will take a generation or more to regain the "honorable profession" science once held (assuming they recant today.)

  2. Just like Obamacare, the global warming/climate change scam is designed not to improve healthcare and to solve any climate change but are both designed to achieve total control of we peasants, from birth to the day we die.

    • Pineapple says:

      ‘Claim of consensus is fake’
      Plus: Science group 'reviewing its stance on global warming' after 160 physicists sign petition

      By: Marc Morano – Climate DepotNovember 2, 2009 5:43 AM
      The following letter signed by five physicists was sent to all 100 U.S. Senator’s on October 29, 2009. The letter is reproduced in full below:
      You have recently received a letter from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), purporting to convey a “consensus” of the scientific community that immediate and drastic action is needed to avert a climatic catastrophe.
      We do not seek to make the scientific arguments here (we did that in an earlier letter, sent a couple of months ago), but simply to note that the claim of consensus is fake, designed to stampede you into actions that will cripple our economy, and which you will regret for many years. There is no consensus, and even if there were, consensus is not the test of scientific validity. Theories that disagree with the facts are wrong, consensus or no.
      We know of no evidence that any of the “leaders” of the scientific community who signed the letter to you ever asked their memberships for their opinions, before claiming to represent them on this important matter.
      We also note that the American Physical Society (APS, and we are physicists) did not sign the letter, though the scientific issues at stake are fundamentally matters of applied physics. You can do physics without climatology, but you can’t do climatology without physics.
      The APS is at this moment reviewing its stance on so-called global warming, having received a Team of Scientists’ Open Letter To U.S. Senators: petition from its membership to do so. That petition was signed by 160 distinguished members and fellows of the Society, including one Nobelist and 12 members of the National Academies. Indeed a score of the signers are Members and Fellows of the AAAS, none of whom were consulted before the AAAS letter to you.
      Professor Hal Lewis, University of California, Santa Barbara
      Professor Fred Singer, University of Virginia
      Professor Will Happer, Princeton University
      Professor Larry Gould, University of Hartford
      Dr. Roger Cohen, retired Manager, Strategic Planning, ExxonMobil
      List of 160 signers of the APS petition available at
      Climate Depot’s Related Links:
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      American Physical Society to review its current climate statement after a group of 80 prominent physicists petitioned APS revise – May 1, 2009
      American Physical Society editor conceded a “considerable presence” of scientific skeptics exists – 2008
      Polish National Academy of Science ‘published a document skeptical of man-made global warming’ – April 2008
      Climate Fears RIP…for 30 years!? – Global Warming could stop ‘for up to 30 years! Warming ‘On Hold?…’Could go into hiding for decades,’ peer-reviewed study finds – – March 2, 2009
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      India Issued a report challenging global warming fears – 2008
      Canvass of more than 51,000 Canadian scientists revealed 68% disagree that global warming science is “settled” – 2008
      Japan Geoscience Union symposium 2008 survey ‘showed 90 per cent of the participants do not believe the IPCC report’
      Skeptical scientists overwhelm Prestigious Geologist conference in Norway in 2008: ’2/3 of presenters and question-askers were hostile to, even dismissive of, the UN IPCC’ & see full reports here & here
      Petition signed by over 31,000 American scientists: ‘There is no convincing scientific evidence that greenhouse gasses are causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating’ – 2009

  3. Florida Jim says:

    Doesn't that mean the EPA is simply ripping off America to use climate change as a ploy to raise rules and regulations which harm America while doing nothing to the real world polluters. Can you say HYPOCRITE
    If we had a truly concerned President and Congress we would not be in this silly scenario oust them in 2014! Get the rest in 2016 and never, never consider Hillary Clinton unless you read this book first:
    "The Final Days-The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House" By Barbara Olsen
    Olsen died in the Pentagon 9-11 attack and her book was held until the country recovered somewhat. This book exposes the Clinton's for the horrible people they truly are.

  4. I've never been to China but the pictures I've seen of the air pollution of various cities is of visible particulate matter. That is not CO2. Just like what I used to see approaching Los Angeles in the 1950s and more recently what I saw approaching Pittsburgh in the 1970s. What I saw was not CO2 but particulate matter generated by manufacturing and/or vehicles. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is negligible compared to other components and reducing it is even more insignificant except that CO2 is the basis directly or indirectly for all life on this planet. Increasing the amount from 0.038% by 10% allows vegetation to grows faster which means more food crops for starving nations.

  5. The biggest HOAX, perpetrated by several so-called scientists… including that most well -known Internet Inventor Al Gore… was that CO2 is a green house toxic gas. Also, CO2 is only a very small part of our atmosphere but is essential to the growth of ALL living things, like trees, plants, etc.

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