Idiotic Keystone Opponents Vow Civil Disobedience, Vigils

Photo credit: tarsandsaction (Creative Commons)

Environmentalists and other opponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline are ramping up their opposition to the project following the release Friday of a  largely favorable State Department report — vowing to hold vigils, jump into the November elections and even perform acts of civil disobedience.

The report raising no major environmental concerns bolster the hopes of the oil industry, some union groups, congressional Republicans and others that President Obama will soon approve the $7 billion project, after a roughly five year wait.

They say the Canada-to-Texas pipeline will create tens of thousands of jobs and make the United States less dependent on foreign oil.

However, within hours of the release of the report, opponents were pressing forward with a lawsuit to challenge the project, public protests and an effort to inject the issue into this fall’s elections.

Among the critics is a coalition of landowners and environmentalists that says there is still cause for denying a federal permit.

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Photo credit: tarsandsaction (Creative Commons)


  1. It would be good to find out if any of these people are NOT communists…..
    Also…..they should all be reminded if they have anything in their house or hut that is plastic they should dispose of it immediately since it made from petroleum. In fact, 5 million barrels of oil a day are used to make products other than fuel for automobiles.

  2. They all have been brainwashed by these stupid environmentalist in school on tv everything and everywhere you look it is save the damn planet what they have not figured out is how. I'm all for saving the planet but oil is not the one killing it, people are with all those regulations they are no jobs because of this. before they had Global Cooling in the 70's then when that did not work they went to Global warming now that is not working so it is climate change. well right now I could use some Global warming cause it is very cold and I;m in the south so it should not be this cold. and in case your wondering I'm 57 years old and worked in the oil field all my life so I'm an oil man that is where the money is they pay good money so you need to stop all this stuff about oil killing the planet it is a lie

  3. they show up using fossil fuel, clothes that they bought, using their cells phones, eating food they did not produced wrapped in throw away containers and than tell use not to use petroleum products.
    Liberal arrogance. Actually cranial rectal imoaction

  4. JohnWayne says:

    Idiots! What a stone waste of protoplasm!

  5. Well you see , they can do it because they are not working, they are on well fare, or they are stupid students , taught by socialist professors. Mean while all of the rest of us, the working class , who need this pipeline and the fuel it will supply, are working to pay for their well fare so they can protest.

  6. These idiots have no clue about the multi usage of oil , remove everything they own where oil was used to produce , they would better understand . Cut them off now !!!

  7. Environmentalists, activists, jackasses – all three words mean the same. Paraphrasing an old saying, 'fools of a feather flock together'.

  8. This is what is being taught in the schools that we are paying taxes to propagate. Parents are not paying attention, they don't have time. Our children are being indoctrinated, they are not allowed to have a mind of their own. All are equal, give everyone an A, so feelings are not hurt. There are no winners, all are losers in this new society. This people, is the New World Order. ALL ARE SHEEP, follow the leader.

  9. Suggestion for vigil site. The latest of several tanker train crash is US or Canada.

  10. canislupus100 says:

    I think that if and when the Keystone pipeline finally arrives, we ought to teach these geniuses how to clear their minds by having them enemas with its initial delivery.

  11. Florida Jim says:

    Jail these fools if they cause any problems whatsoever! Had Ayers been jailed America would be much better. These kids have been indoctrinated at every level of education and can't think for themselves so they espouse Marxist doctrine as if it were great…..200,000,000 murders too late.

  12. Civil disobedience sounds good. That way all these asinine clowns will wind up in jail for a while and have a criminal record. Try getting a good job then!

  13. yeah, if those boots aren't leather then they are pleather or PLASTIC, they do look like pleather so they probably smell bad yuck…I'd love to know what kinds of fabrics they are wearing if not "organic" then they need to step out of that line.

    They need to also turn in their i-phones or androids and their computers too, do these people ever THINK?

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