Oklahoma To Ban EPA?

Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn (Creative Commons)

The State of Oklahoma is turning to nullification, as well as the courts, to contend with federal Environmental Protection Agency overreach.

State Sen. Patrick Anderson recently submitted SB1167 to the Oklahoma Legislature. This bill will render void all rules imposed by the EPA and not passed by Congress. It is absolute nullification of that agency’s rulemaking in the state of Oklahoma.

Section 1.A. of the bill, as introduced, reads,

“The Legislature declares that the rulemaking authority of the Environmental Protection Agency is not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violates its true meaning and intent as given by the founders and ratifiers, and is hereby declared to be invalid in the State of Oklahoma, shall not be recognized by this state, is specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.”

The bill also requires the state legislature to take all steps necessary to block EPA enforcement of its rules.

Read more at The Tenth Amendment Center. By Susan Kennison.

Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn (Creative Commons)


  1. sreynolds says:

    That is great news, hopefully other states will follow suit, and also negate obamacare as a couple other states have done….

  2. Oklahoma is showing the way for all the states to begin the long moribund process of ridding our nation of the Communist shackles this administration has saddled us with. SEMPER FI

  3. This is great! A state finally standing up to tyranny from the federal level – may others do the same. GO!!!

  4. Hopefully the OK legislature will pass the bill and then strictly enforce its provisions. Our members of congress no longer work for We the People so it is going to be up to the states to reclaim our Constitutional Republic.

  5. Texas had better be right with them !!!

    • Texas has been fighting EPA ever since inception. With the EPA trying to shut down oil refineries and power plants, I don't think any person in the EPA should be allowed to purchase oil/gas products or electricity. If they are so against these enterprises, they should lead by doing without.

    • Texas most likely will be.

  6. In Virginia that would have been possible, maybe, last year. Now we are burdened with "Terrible" Terry McAuliffe as governor. Won't be able to happen here. But I wish……….! So glad other states can start doing this!

  7. They need to this on ALL regulations. Starting next with Obummercare.

  8. When we get rid of Bebee in Arkansas maybe then we can do the same

  9. Come on Washington State Legislators. We need desperately need this.

  10. dcartmillmort says:

    This is absolutely the best news I have heard in years. The EPA has for too long ignored their actual charter, expanding via mandate ,recklessly awarding grants to any supposedly ECO friendly groups complaint or challenge ( without properly vetting same ). Over reach in every and all directions with no congressional oversight. This approach by the state of Okla is an idea whose time has come. Long overdue ,and at this point the quickest and perhaps the only way to salvage our nation from an agency gone mad. An agency which has ignored risk reward statistics ,misinterpreting , actually corrupting studies and data to agree with an agenda NOT in the best interest of the nation and we the people.

  11. Way to go OK! Love it. Just realized that the state of OK from the welcome to picture looks like the pop tart gun that little boy formed nibbling and got kicked out of school for it. PC police get called on the state of OK better change the borders! LOL

  12. Oklahoma, O-K! We could use a little like action here in NC. The EPA and the UN need to both be sent to belgiumistan.

  13. We will have to get rid of Nixon here in Missouri he is a butt kisser to Ovmit way to go Oklahoma I might think about leaving Missouri if we dont get rid of Nixon and the other Demacraps

  14. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Hopefully they will nullify ALL of the cabinet level bureaucracies that are not SPECIFICALLY enumerated in the Constitution.

    That includes every thing except Defense, State and Justice.

    Get rid of the rest of the cabinets and all the petty little dictatorships below them, cut federal spending by 85%, cut all taxes to match, LEAVE THE MONEY in the pockets of the EARNERS and PRODUCERS.

    Every State already has state level agencies that duplicate the fedcrap.

    The 'formerly' federal employees will find work in the private sector since the regulations and taxes ALLOW for more job creation.

    And the "interstate clause" can be returned to its Constitutional limitations and intended role.

  15. Hope Texas will follow Oklahoma's lead soon……….

  16. This is a great ay to get rid of these agencies that hearse us with stupid rules that non of us voted for. I hope Georgia goes this way of getting rid of this awful agency. God bless Oklahoma hope they succeed. I've written my congressmen about getting rid of EPA, Department of energy, and dept. of Education but we have no representation anymore!

  17. 1-Eddie-1 says:

    I think that this is a great first step! Now, what about laws that were put in place by other government agencies that do not have the constitutional authority to make laws……….like the BATFE.

  18. Finally, someone with the stones and straight thinking to do something about the out of control EPA. Hopefully, all red states will follow suit. I don't have much hope for those run by democrats like my Maryland. The states most affected by the rogue EPA should follow Oklahoma's lead.

  19. This is SO exciting!! This is the best news I've heard in a long time! Oklahoma is obviously what other states need to be, and I salute them! I can't find the article right now to check the facts, but didn't Oklahoma put a policy in place that a vehicle without valid insurance, if legally stopped by law enforcement, would be towed until owner could produce valid proof of insurance? There is actually a relatively long list of sensible, honorable things Oklahoma has legislated, even though the whiney, thin skinned, easily offended, suit-happy libs say can't be done! If I wasn't afraid of tornados and wild fires and blizzards, I'd move there!

  20. This won't go anywhere, watch

  21. I'm in blue Oregon and they sure have some stupid crap going on here … We definitely need a new Governor. In Jackson County you are NOT allowed to harvest water that runs off your roof … what's with that? I live in Klamath County, right next door, but I doubt it will come this far. Oklahoma has a long list of things that need to be done in all states, not just red ones … get rid of the libs and probably half the problems go away …

    • Someone needs to challenge Jackson county in court…

    • Leslie Paugh Sr. says:

      I was born in Medford. Hate it when Oregon went blue. Had heard about the law that you can't collect roof water another stupi
      d rule.

    • steviesix says:

      Its like the book Dune. Those to control the spice, control everything. If they prevent people from storing water, then you are forced to buy it from the public supply… It is socialism at the least. I think Phoenix has a similar law on Rainwater run off. Its is being studied in Oklahoma City as well.

  22. Yes Ken Salazar stoled farmer water then sent his henchemen out to buy it from those who had it he is a crook fit well with others in washington

  23. Best news i have heard since Obummer took office…Let's take back our rights one state at a time….Obamacare is the worst of the worst…I want Government to stay the hell out of my life..I can make my own decisions in life without these control freaks constantly telling me what i can nd cant do…


  25. You know something is wrong when Obama appoints a former lawyer for G.E. as deputy director of the E.P.A. and right away they start shutting down coal fired electric plants in Texas, so Texans can pay hyper inflated prices for electricity from G.E. plants located in Old Mexico.

    • RoseSpice says:

      Same as he's done to FDA turning it over to Monsanto Executives.
      Everything Odrama Queen touches turns to Gangrene.

  26. RoseSpice says:

    We should have been doing this a long time ago! Why isn't Texas doing this, too? It would encourage a lot of other states if they knew a state as large as ours was there to help.
    GUTSY OKLAHOMA, hope this goes well, all my prayers for you, Psalm 91 – The Soldiers Shield! Amen!

  27. steviesix says:

    This way to good to be true!.

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