Al Gore’s Lunatic Weather Forecast

Photo credit: SS&SS (Creative Commons)

Self-styled “global-warming” guru Al Gore (shown) and a gaggle of supposed “climate scientists” have egg all over their faces — big time. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, Gore publicly and very hysterically warned that the North Pole would be “ice-free” by around 2013 because of alleged “man-made global warming.” Citing “climate” experts, the government-funded BBC hyped the mass hysteria, running a now-embarrassing article under the headline: “Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’.” Other establishment media outlets did the same.

Well, 2013 is almost over, and contrary to the alarmist “predictions” by Gore and what critics refer to as his “doomsday cult,” the latest satellite data show that Arctic ice cover has actually expanded 50 percent over 2012 levels. In fact, during October, sea-ice levels grew at the fastest pace since records began in 1979. Experts predict the expansion to continue in the years to come, leaving global-warming alarmists scrambling fiendishly for explanations to save face — and to revive the rapidly melting climate hysteria.

In September, meanwhile, data also showed that sea ice levels in Antarctica had expanded to record levels for the second year in a row. Of course, by now, virtually everyone who has been following news about “global warming” — now more often referred to as “climate change” owing to public-relations concerns — also knows that global temperatures have not risen for some 17 years. The spectacular lack of warming demolished all 73 of the “climate models” used by the United Nations to push its controversial theories.

Read more at The New American. By Alex Newman.

Photo credit: SS&SS (Creative Commons)


  1. Only Liberal fools believe the globe is steadily warming. Over the past billion years, Temps. have fluctuated from 20 % warmer than now to 80% colder than now. We are in a warming cycle but history is against a warm planet. Ice core samples indicate that the Columbia Glacier and the Athabasca Glaciers in Canada, were not there as recent as about 5000 years ago.

  2. Global warming is just another worldwide redistribution of wealth scheme.

  3. I got a laugh out of the group of "global warming" nincompoops whose ship got stranded by ice in the Antarctic recently. They were there to study the reduction of polar ice and how rapidly it was melting. I doubt the ship they were on will be freed until spring.

    • Fabricius says:

      It is antartic, so it summer down there where they are. Just to explain the level of knowledge some of these postings have

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