Adoption of New Bulbs Requires Big Subsidies

Photo credit: Jamestown Audubon (Creative Commons)

The full implementation of the incandescentlight bulb ban takes effect in two weeks, which in the U.S. government’s anti-liberty wisdom will effectively eliminate the competition to companies like Cree, Inc., who one industry analyst has said is trying to do a “land grab” of the alternative lighting market.

Besides the illegalization of the Thomas Edison’s filamentous light, Cree last weekreceived a $30 million tax credit from theDepartment of Energy to expand its manufacturing in Racine, Wisc. and Durham, N.C., where it is also headquartered. That was the second installment for Cree from the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit Program, which was funded by $2.3 billion from the Recovery Act. The first windfall for Cree from the stimulus was a $39-million tax credit, as well as $1.8 million for research and development. This is in addition tomillions of dollars in federal grants and contracts, plus deals for much more with state and local governments to essentially smash perfectly good incandescents to replace them with Cree’s light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

“With this project,” an announcement of the latest DOE giveawayexplained, “Cree is taking the next step toward its goal of making traditional lighting products obsolete through the use of advanced LED technology with significant estimated annual energy savings.”

It always helps when your government mandates your competitor’s destruction while at the same time pours other peoples’ money into your company’s development – presumably a recipe for victory. Unfortunately those darn consumers keep getting in the way, and some retailers are trying to find a way to accommodate them as long as possible. According to, Home Depot is urging customers to buy up the last of the incandescent bulbs before they are criminalized.

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Photo credit: Jamestown Audubon (Creative Commons)


  1. One more freedom we are loosing. Soon they will be all gone.

  2. The government didn't mandate the destruction of the light bulb companies because the biggies like Sylvania, Phillips, GE, etc were in on the planning.

    Maybe it is just me but it seems like every time the government gets some big idea that is suppose to save the world everything gets screwed up worse.

  3. I find it no problem to use the new bulk, it’s brighter, saves more energy, greener for the environment, but I prefer waiting for the old bulk is dead. Waste the old one is also not good, right?
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