Last Light: Final Phaseout Of Incandescent Bulbs Coming Jan. 1

Photo credit: dvanzuijlekom (Creative Commons)

It’s lights out for the light bulb.

On Jan. 1 it will become illegal to manufacture or import traditional 60-watt and 40-watt incandescent bulbs, thanks to a 2007 bill that set strict minimum efficiency standards – and effectively outlawed the ordinary bulb.

And like a politician on Election Day, Home Depot is urging consumers to buy early and often.

“Get them while you still can,” the nation’s largest bulb retailer urges on its website. “Stock up on incandescent light bulbs before they are completely discontinued.”

That’s not quite correct. The 2007 law doesn’t mandate that manufacturers discontinue their bulbs, just that they improve them: 40W bulbs must draw just 10.5W, and 60W bulbs 11W. But the result is the same: Incandescents simply can’t keep up with those twisty compact fluorescent (CFL) and newer LED bulbs, and even retailers are buying in bulk as the calendar winds down.

Read more at Fox News. By Jeremy A. Kaplan.


Photo credit: dvanzuijlekom (Creative Commons)


  1. This is ultimate stupidity, the know nothing government idiots telling us what we can & can't do.

  2. JohnThomas says:

    Beyond the fact that it's another government mandate we didn't want or ask for, has anyone thought about the fact that CFL's and LED replacements won't work in some cases? How about the over light? Or the outside porch lights? Either too cold for CFL's or too hot for the electronics of LED's.

  3. I will not by either CFL light bulbs due to the danger of them. The light and the longevity of those bulbs is bogus and much over hyped. There is nothing wrong with the old bulbs. Isn't it just a coincidence that the CFL bulbs are only made in China. You mean to tell me no American company can make these here. Where is the legislator who will remove this ridiculous law get the government out of out homes.

  4. Drive to Canada or Mexico and stock up your car with bulbs the same thing that goes on with toilets. You can buy black market bulbs or make your own. It's quite simple.

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  6. Bulbs always need good energy like this bulb which you shows in your article. I want different bulbs which consume little energy then these bulbs because these bulbs consume high energy and the electricity bill also increased.

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