Agenda 21: The Raping Of America

Photo credit: fsgm (Creative Commons)

A covert game of hide and steal among the United Nations Agenda 21 Project, the U.S federal government, and Indian tribes will result in irreversible consequences that will let the feds control all national water rights. According to a press release by small ranchers and property owners in Montana, “Circuit Court Judge Cameron Wogan in Klamath Falls, Oregon, refused ranchers’ requests for a temporary restraining order to allow their cattle and horses access to drinking water.”  Their main water tributaries were shut off in June of this year after tribal demands on rivers and streams feeding Klamath Lake turned 100,000 head of cattle into herds of animals dying from thirst.  By calling the U.S. Indian Tribes sovereign people, just like France, China, or Germany, the feds seek to take over complete control of America’s water. “Families are being forced into bankruptcy as their sole source of income is being taken away while legal battles slowly grind on with delays and hearings with time-wasting lawyers,” continues an urgent appeal for help.

By continuing to harangue average citizens with guilt over the treatment of Native Americans, the federal government along with the UN one world power momentum are dividing the cattlemen, killing their animals, seizing and spoiling private property, and in essence threatening all of us by taking over water rights for everyone.  The tribes “with their $12 million a year kickback from the feds in addition to their casino earnings” are dragging out this Klamath water war in a five county region out West.

Rural Cleansing was first identified in a WSJ article by Kimberly Stassel when Klamath Basin water shut-offs occurred in 2001.  Farms in the lower Klamath basin were all part of “The Project” that the federal government set up to give by lottery land to returning WW I and WWII veterans with “a 1905 water right supply, regardless of what year the acreage was put into production.”  But now, by political and legal maneuverings, closed and/or secret meetings, and a divide and conquer mentality, these very ranchers are facing destitution and rape of their privately held lands!   Yes, this is happening here in the good old U.S. of A.  And what is worse, if legal precedent can be established by this huge UN-US takeover of the Sprague, Williamson, and Wood Rivers, ALL rivers in America could become part of a One World owned and managed water supply.  “No river in the country is safe,” warns the ranchers’ news release.  “Once precedence is established here, it makes it easy to attack other rivers elsewhere.” If the feds control our water, they control our food supply.  We’ll have to fill up our own daily water allowances at the village wells or tanker trucks to take back to our cluster homes designated for us in UN designed ipodment living quarters.

One rancher put this outrage in real perspective when he said, “Many of my friends up here have mortgaged the ranch, mortgaged their lives, and those of their children and grandchildren to fight this insane taking. . .what are you willing to do. . .Open another beer in your recliner and watch the drama?”  Folks, this is serious business because if the federal government controls our health care, our water, and our food, we are serfs, not free Americans.  Do something now.  Call your representative and Senators, no matter where you live, and demand that this takeover be stopped NOW!  Call 1-877-762-8762.


Photo credit: fsgm (Creative Commons)


  1. The Washington State Department of Ecology is progressing daily toward complete control of all water use within the state boundaries. Lakes, rivers, seasonal ponds and streams and yes even private wells. They use false models to regulate while convincing us they are doing this in our best interest. The DOE is out of control and has to be held accountable. This is something the Govenor and many lawmakers are not willing to do. Educate your self to the real problems.

  2. Abrogation of all Indian treaties is LONG overdue. These lazy fools should be able to "make it" better as stock-standard US citizens than as members of tribes. They'll cost us a fortune either way (at least for a while), but they'll STOP getting any "special privileges". And the Bureau of Indian Affairs can DISAPPEAR along with the EPA, Energy, Education, HUD, FHA, Fannie, Freddie, USDA, DOT, GSA, TSA, FEMA, and of course (for other reasons) the IRS, to be replaced by the FairTax etc etc in the coming Tea Party Revolution of 2017. Make it so!

    • Amen, Mr. Withers. A local man bragged about his grandfather being from Sweden – until the local
      tribe built a casino, then, suddenly, he was 1/8 Indian for there was money in it. As fo the Fair or Flat
      Tax, Laurence Vance wrote an article (one may google it) about the Fair tax not being Fair, and the
      Flat Tax not flat. He made sense, so I'll hold out on that one.

      Another matter: The word "rape" is horrible one and also very misused. Nor is it what government
      people are doing. What they ARE doing, i.e. comitting treason, is just as bad whether by confiscation, theft or other unconstitutional and anti-American means.
      Otherwise, thanks to Ms. Eovaldi for writing about Agenda 21 which has no place in our country.

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