CNN Pushing Depopulation Agenda To Stop Global Warming

“We don’t need another billion people.”


  1. ok so we kill the liberal liars off and we save the planet wow who'd a thunk.

  2. When you want the answer to be, "it's human's fault", you stop looking for other culprits. I would like to see sun spots figured into the conclusion, since we know that other planets in our solar system are heating up right now. What role does natural interference play, things like volcanoes and forest fires? My biggest question is, why is carbon being outlawed? It is part of all organic life and plants require it to make oxygen. Last of all, was anyone else annoyed by the reporters giddiness? She seemed to be getting a tingle up her leg.

  3. OregonBuzz says:

    There is no such phenomenon as "global warming". It is a hoax. The whole purpose of this contrived "crisis" is to gain control of the means of production on a world wide basis. A side "benefit" of this hoax in the eyes if the socialist/marxist tyrants, if it should succeed, would be far greater infringement/restrictions on our freedoms and control over our daily lives. This is one world government in it's infancy.
    "The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants." Albert Camus

  4. W.Eulberg says:

    Why!!!! Do you trust anything that the UN has done? They want to be able to commit murders and
    atrocities and try to use science [really science fiction] to accomplish that. When you get news media that is trained in our no brains American political correction institutes you get people who believe whatever UN liberals and terrorist Islamist want them to think. Go ahead , no brainers, Satan is leading you to your own destructions. If you don't get a life your god, the devil, is sure to take what life you have!

    • We can help them by starting to dispatch the trash in the US. Should be at least 50%. About global warming, all relevant questions are to be submitted to Al Gore with a $$$$ check attached

  5. 1-Eddie-1 says:

    Maybe these people that say humans are causing global warming should commit suicide to help combat the problem. Then we can tell if they're correct!

  6. As the polar ice caps grow, the blizzards blow, NASA warns of global cooling…Sounds a lot more like a great delusion!

    Revelation 9:13-21; Revelation 11:3 (New International Version)
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    Revelation 9:13-21

    New International Version (NIV)

    13 The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God. 14 It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind. 16 The number of the mounted troops was twice ten thousand times ten thousand. I heard their number.

  7. Propaganda, pure propaganda

  8. Incredible, and ignores the fact that humans do not cause any kind of climate change.

  9. I support this. Kill all the humans…There are lots of them in DC. Let's start there. Us terrorists have nothing to worry about…we're subhuman (according to Harry Reid).

  10. All part of the elitist oligarchy through the use of envirocommunism. Now with Omommycare we will soon see whats in it, forced abortions, forced sterilization, forced vaccine ala Bill Gates. death panels and much more war and famine.

  11. Crusader1012 says:

    When the time comes to thin the herd, we can start with UN Membership, diplomats, and employees.

  12. mac12sam12 says:

    Liberals should consider self sacrifice.

  13. Absolutely!!! Let's start with the liberals and their allies. Then gays and gypsies and Jews and Republicans and blacks and browns and the poor etc.,etc.,etc. How about climate deniers and Libertarians and welfare recipients and anybody over 40 or blonds and brunettes and redheads. How blatantly anti-human can these asswipes get?

  14. Well it's about time! I don't believe the anthropomorphic "climate change" bull puckey, but if I did, the first thing I would do is STOP IMPORTING PEOPLE AND PAYING THEM TO PRODUCE CHILDREN. Then, sinisterly, I would immediately begin a program of sterilization based on how many children each woman has had and if those children are wards of the state in any way. Later on I would impliment a child baseline intelligence report (based on "common core" testing) and any child who didn't have an IQ of a certain standard would be sterilized. The ones that are left would be free to reproduce as long as they didn't do it at taxpayer expense. This way we could taper the population explosion without doing anything drastic, like genocide. How do you "climate changers" like me now? In reality there are charts which measure sun activity and they exactly correlate with climate. Have a nice day.

  15. Florida Jim says:

    These people are ideological fools. they do not have a mind of their own believing in the scam of the year rather than investigating the facts. It is all a scam to get more money for the United Nations, the one-world-society, Progressives everywhere this has been an indoctrination tool of the 60's radicals in schools for 50 years and now they realize they were wrong so they change the tack to overpopulation. Read about Thomas Malthus in the 1830's he had the same idea….wrong then wrong now.

  16. Obama style healthcare in the form of the Affordable Euthanasia Act may be be the liberals most effective to reduce the world's population !!

  17. Richard Holmes says:

    Liberal junk science, manipulated facts, Fuzzy math, out right lies. We can always try their plan by killing off the lying liberals, muslimes and wannabe gods heads of state.

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