The Roots Of Obama’s Rage Against Capitalism


President Obama apparently wants us to be more like North Korea — with its lights out. South Korea, of course, is thriving under a free-market system.

Last year, Dinesh D’Souza published an amazing book titled: The Roots Of Obama’s Rage.

In it, he outlined reasons why Obama is so determined to undermine capitalism, energy independence and to benefit Third World nations.

D’Souza believes that Obama’s rage against capitalism and what he perceives as modern-day colonialism is based on the ideology of his father. Barack Sr. was a Kenyan bureaucrat, drunkard, socialist, and anti-colonialist who ultimately died in a car wreck. Barack Sr. was still married to a Kenyan woman when he hooked up with Barack’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham when they were taking a Russian-language class together. He later dumped Stanley for another woman and then returned to Kenya.

Barack Jr. barely knew his real father, but apparently developed an obsession with the evils of capitalism and the need to redistribute income based on Marxist thinking. Of course, he also had help from his mother who was a committed Marxist. While in Hawaii, living with his grandparents, young Barack was also mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a black Communist who apparently inspired him to become a community activist. He later had help in developing his anti-capitalist ideology from Pastor Jeremiah Wright, a Marxist black liberationist who preaches against the free enterprise system and the basic goodness of America.

D’Souza believes that Obama’s anti-colonialist worldview is what has driven him to work to destroy our economy with such unrelenting fervor. America isn’t a colonialist nation, but our economic power is viewed as being as evil as the old colonialism abroad. In Obama’s mind, we are neo-colonialists because our economic power extends into other nations.

According to D’Souza, “My argument in this book is that it is the anti-colonial ideology of his African father that Barack Obama took to heart. From a very young age and throughout his formative years, Obama learned to see America as a force for global domination and destruction. He came to view America’s military as an instrument of neocolonial occupation. He adopted his father’s position that the free market is a code word for economic plunder. Obama grew to perceive the rich as an oppressive class, a kind of neocolonial power within America. He began to detest corporations as institutional mechanisms for economic control and exploitation.”

Obama’s actions against our economy can be explained by his anti-colonialist Marxist view of the world. He will do everything he can to undermine free enterprise, while seizing money from the “rich” to give to the poor – both here and around the globe. He will do everything he can to diminish the U.S., while enriching other nations – especially those nations that view America with disgust. Likewise, he will do whatever he can to disrespect nations that have traditionally been our ally.

Barack Obama is easy to understand, once you know what is driving him to destroy the greatest nation in the world. His actions aren’t the result of incompetence, but of clear intention.

In relation to our energy crisis, Obama’s strategy is simple: He will do whatever he can to make sure we have less energy in the future and that other nations will get our tax dollars so they can exploit their own natural resources.

His ultimate goal is to have our nation looking like North Korea at night. You’ve seen the night shot of North Korea and South Korea by satellite. There is a stark contrast between a Communist system and a free-market based system in South Korea. This is our future if Obama gets his way. Let’s work to make sure he doesn’t.


  1. I read all the artcles in this post. I can only come to one comclusion. Obama is anti-American.

    • Elsie E Connelly says:

      Dean, you are correct but he is also the Anti-Christ. He comes clothed as a sheep, speaking with a forked tongue, talking peace and love, but bringing chaos and madness. I detest him and all of his friends.

      • Elsie, thanks for expanding on my statement. You are so right. I can no longer look at his picture or watch him on T.V. He is definitely a liar.

      • Elsie: I don't think he's the anti Christ,but I believe he's the messenger who clears the road for his entrance. The biblical prophesies that describe the coming of the A-Christ haven't been seen nor fulfilled yet.The anti Christ is supposed to be a man of intense charisma,a leader of nations who wins undying support of the masses. Obama has lost this,he is scorned,reviled and hated around the world.
        The A-Christ is said to be the man who saves mankind from the very brink of self destruction with his leading and commanding abilities. Obama doesn't have leader or commander abilities of any caliber. He is a failure.
        Next, We haven't seen that war yet where all of mankind is at the cusp of virtual extrinction.However,WW III isn't far off if something doesn't happen and that COULD be the event.

        Anyhow….I believe he is a precursor,an agitator to get the world worked up into a warmonger fury that would harken the anti Christ once war breaks out. I believe that the end times ARE coming and sometime soon,but we still have some biblical events to go yet.

    • Are you just finding out that obama is anit-American? I read the book Roots of obama's Rage and I believe that is exactly what he is trying to do–ruin this country. I don't understand why, if people had really listened to him, they voted for him.

      • No Dee. I did not intend to imply that I was just finding out that Obama was anti-American. I read rhe Roots of Obama's rage, The Manchurian President, Demonic and about a dozen more than I can emember. I knew.he was a fack, liar and had muslim beliefs and his intentions before he was ever elected. I even had a bit of a cry on the day of his inaguration. If you really want to read a book exposing his inner thoughts, I suggest you read The Obama Diaries.

  2. Obamas rage is misplaced because he is a mental midget without the real facts , the facts he has available are the distorted history and facts of an American hateing cabal of fantasyland idealists that think they can do better than the founders by following the likes of Linin , Marx . Stalin , Castro , Mao , etc . There is no bigger bunch of #*^&%#^& in the world .

  3. Obama is a revolutionary. He is working for the complete overthrow of our Republic so that he and those like him can build another "workers paradise" like the old USSR. Keep your poweder dry!

  4. Obama has got to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. After you read the book, you can almost predict what Obama will be doing or saying or who he will favor. It's sad that this country has such a warped person leading it, 2012 cannot come fast enough to save us at the rate he is destroying the country…

  6. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Obama isn't or hasn't tried to destroy America by himself. He has had plenty of help from the entire Democratic Party. The Federal Election Commission, Justice Department, Every Federal Circuit Court, and the United States Supreme Court are all giving him a "PASS" on this path of destruction. Remember when, right after he was sworn into Office, he and "ALL" of the Supreme Court Justice's met in the Supreme Court all by themselves?? Ever since then, none of the Circuit Courts or the Supreme Court has ruled against "anything" that Obama wanted. Even some of the Republican Senators and Republican Congressional Representatives have supported his desires on several occasion's. Yes, It is very clear to most Americans that Obama is trying to destroy our Country – BUT – Not by himself !! Thank you for your time. TSgt. USAF Retired.

  7. John Stewart says:

    His fathers influence as a socialist, his liberal teachers, and finally the corrupt influence he picked up in Chicago politics have defined him as a progressive/socialist. The problem with him is he does not have the intestinal fortitude to admit that he wants to destroy the United States of America as we know it. He also wants to bring this Nation to its knees, so he can one up George Soros.

  8. President Obama is doing a wonderful job

  9. If Obama is so anti-capitalist, why doesn't he give away some of HIS big bucks??
    Could it be because he and Michelle like living the good life???

  10. I'd like to see all our rowdy friends get together for a series of concerts throughout the country until election time, in support of conservative values: Smaller government, less taxes and a return to our Constituional values. Think it would go over big? I do.

    When he is tried, let him be found guily and may his prayers comdemn him. May his days be few. May another tke his place of leadership. Psalms 109: 7,8

  11. How stupid is this? I am not even an Obama fan at all but this is just childish. Like being anti-colonialism is a bad thing? How stupid are you people?

  12. How about focusing on the real dangers he poses, not this fake Capitalism vs. Socialism crap. The man has created a super-congress that supersedes our elected congress. He has gone to war without congressional approval, he can be impeached using the 25th amendment. We need to do it based on these premises, though. Not the simple-minded, "He's a socialist!" or "He's un-American!" That crap is real lame and that is why anyone who says things like that needs to be laughed at. Try sticking to what is real instead of listening to Hannity and Beck talking points.

  13. kelly jerome says:

    Many people need to be held accountable for allowing King Hussein to get to the White House. He is Muslim, he is a marxist and he and those who have placed him in office need to be tride for treason.

    They are attempting to nullify the Constitution by executive fiat and UN regulations. There should never be any othe law above that of the Constitution. That's when you know they wish us harm, when they proclaim the Constitution is getting in the way.

  14. Teachings should be multicultural and anti races. Teachers should promote other culture for the sake of information and knowledge. They should give awareness to the students about different culture so that it can be helpful for them whenever they have to go to other region or country.

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