How Fossil Fuel Industries Can Defend Themselves

It’s estimated that, in large part thanks to new, coal-powered infrastructure, between 1 billion and 2 billion people now have access to clean drinking water that didn’t 20 years ago.

So far this week, I’ve argued that fossil fuels actually improve the environment for human beings, and applied that idea to two important strategies for any debate on the value of fossil fuels: taking the moral high ground and taking the environmental high ground.

I apply both in the following excerpt from my book, Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet.

How the Coal Industry Should Defend itself

Once you understand that coal and other fossil fuels improve our environment, your ability to defend them is incomparably greater.

Let’s work through an example: the controversy over coal exports in the Pacific Northwest.

Read more at Master Resource. By Alex Epstein.

Photo credit: eutrophication&hypoxia (Creative Commons)


  1. John Dorne says:

    If the idiots running things had a brain and were truly worried about fuels, they would use coal for everything that would run on coal, like trains , ships, power plants, thus saving petroleum products for things that can only run on that ( airplanes, cars, ( Alcohol is a joke it takes more fossil fuel to produce than if you used fossil fuels as we do; not to mention they ruin your engine and drive up meat prices), and of course use natural gas however it can be used. Of course our fearless leader knows that that's why he is giving our money to Mexico ( and every body else to drill in the same places he says we can't ) Who the hell gave him that power anyway?.

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