Welcoming Committee Greets ‘Hide the Decline’ Climate Warmist Michael Mann

Protesters welcome "hide the decline" Michael Mann.

Dr. Michael Mann was welcomed to Minneapolis today by a group of demonstrators who blame Dr. Mann’s research and publications for damage to the US and world economies and fostering distrust in scientists. The demonstrators believe Mann’s oft-referenced work to prove anthropogenic global warming theory is fraudulent and showed up at the Minneapolis convention center where he was speaking at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America to tell him so.

Mann was made infamous by discredited tree ring research used to create the so-called “hockey stick chart” that purported to demonstrate recent, runaway man-caused global warming. His name came up in the “climategate” email scandal that emerged out of the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University, in connection to a “trick” employed by Dr. Mann for a paper published in Nature Magazine.

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  1. Everyone that has had ANY part in the global warming scam needs to be sent to prison and kept there until the oceans rise three inches for fraud . If and when we get the three inch rise we can pardon them . This latest nut and Al Gore can share a cell .

  2. William T. Arant says:

    These "scientists" have obviously lost their objectivity. I see their research, projects and other activities as part of a paid concerted effort to disrupt normal free market activity in favor of a one world government.

    Chariots of the Gods came out back in the 1970s which had a lot of good information; however, the rebuttal to that book was called "Crash go the Chariots" where the author of that book mentioned that when the archaeologists make a new discovery in their digs, they all call a convention so they can all make this new find fit into the model they created over time.

    Now, they've gotten out of hand. They are corrupt, and marking time with the progression of corruption found in governments in this and other countries so they can be part of the "elite", calling the shots and becoming dictators in their own right.

    That's the result of unchecked human nature. Money and ego has a lot to do with it, and it's up to honest, courageous people to hold them in check.

    Sadly, they have now become part of the smokescreen provided by the "ruling elitists" trying to take over the planet. It is obviously already not working. Their reported findings attempting to make their research "settled science" is now hitting a lot of us in the pocketbook. Once you become more important than the next guy, all objectivity is lost and ego trumps compassion which leads to a dark age ahead.

  3. It is nice to give your views about a research conducted by the scientists. A lot of people are in the favor and many are against. It is good to raise your voice so that there will be an alternate solution to these problems.

  4. Jett Millington says:

    All of these protestors are looking great writesmyessay.org because it will help them in the end I hope there will be no danger because sometimes it become dangerous. You will agree with me because I also did protest once and the police charge me for violence and take me into jail.


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