America to new EPA Chief: Not just no, but hell NO.

The new head of the EPA is a damned arrogant imbecilic Marxist who clearly believes that it is her job to force Americans to do what she and her agency knows it the right thing. To hell with whether it really is the right thing or not, and most importantly, to hell with the consequences of her and her agency’s decisions.

New EPA chief: Can everybody please “stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs?”

The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency told an audience at Harvard Law School on Tuesday that cutting carbon pollution will “feed the economic agenda of this country” and vowed to work with industry leaders on shaping policies aimed at curbing global warming.

“Climate change will not be resolved overnight,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told the 310-member audience. “But it will be engaged over the next three years. That I can promise you.”

McCarthy made a full-throated defense of her agency’s right to address greenhouse-gas emissions and other pollutants, saying that air-quality regulations and environmental cleanup efforts have already produced economic benefits in the United States.

“Can we stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs, please?” she asked, prompting loud applause. “We need to embrace cutting-edge technology as a way to spark business innovation.” …

The simple truth of the matter is that the EPA has become little more than a club to be wielded against evil laissez faire capitalists who obviously have only one desire, which is to rape the environment, by an ever increasingly blatant Marxist Federal Government.

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  1. another commie appointed by our commie in chief

  2. Florida Jim says:

    This woman is terrible I can picture her sitting in faculty lounges conspiring to destroy America using the EPA which is an unelected body. She has her chance with a President who hates America jus as she does.
    Russia, china, Canada, Mexico all use their oil, gas, coal, nuclear and we allow dolts like this unelected fool to hold up America and mock us at the dame time.

  3. If we had a congress with any common sense, they would defund the EPA (along with some other agencies) to prevent them from doing so much damage. Eliminate would be better, but a 50% fund reduction would be a good start.

    • Elimination is the only long-term solution. If you leave half of the bureaucrats around, they will multiply like rats in the dark. And this applies to every agency, department, or office that does not appear in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution.

  4. This socialist, arrogant McCarthy woman will give us all the ammo we need to CLOSE the EPA when the time comes in 2017. And between now and then I expect a TON of new "McCarthyism" jokes updating on the Tailgunner Joe legacy. :o)

  5. arationofrationality says:

    I'll keep posting this. Any CO2 reduction by shutting down and replacing coal fired plants in the US will have no measurable effect (less than 0.001 deg. C) on global temperature. The cost will be hundreds of billions in our power bills and all other commodities since they all use energy in processing, growing, transportation etc.
    (Even the 83% reduction in carbon proposed by Waxman-Markey would save less than 0.003 deg. C)
    The people following these carbon reduction mandates must be totally brain dead not to look at the inconsequential effect of their own proposals even if we assume that the IPCC projections were correct.

    Reference to check the calculations:….

  6. JohnWayne says:

    Plant more trees and other green plants!

  7. The new head of the EPA is a damned arrogant imbecilic Marxist who clearly believes that it is her job to force Americans to do what she and her agency knows it the right thing. To hell with whether it really is the right thing or not, and most importantly, to hell with the consequences of her and her agency’s decisions.

  8. Christ Almighty, won't these Marxist degenerates ever learn. I hope enough people are waking up so we can begin to fix this mess they created. Not Bush, Obumma. Maybe if we offered free economics classes. Never mind economics deals with facts. My mistake.

  9. John Stewart says:

    The regime is becoming more and more lopsided with these jack***es who adhere to the 50 point agenda. The civilian side is getting more and more like lemmings following this communist rhetoric.

  10. We citizens need an email area in which to fax or email this evil Marxist regulator and demand that her agency stop going to war with free enterprise in this nation. We need healthy enviros for all Americans and of course some animals but snail darters???? I am sick of the EPA and how it is attacking the Const. and destroying legal entities like farms, small and large businesses, even private housing. Enough. These evil socialists should all be driven out of DC on a rail including this silly dame. Take a look at the article again. EPA is more evil than the Know Nothings realize out there in voter land.

  11. It appearsHow do these agencys get all this power? It appears that can can pass regulations that I thought only congress can pass.The way things are going soon we will no longer need a congress-of course that is what Obama is planning.It appears that both partys have sold their souls to the devil.That is why Obama is getting away with his goal of destroying the America that I grew up in and making it into a muslim hell hole.God help us doesn't work anymore since God is so disgusted with us letting this happen.

  12. dcartmillmort says:

    This administration is pursuing several courses of action ,that taken separately would each in its' own right create catastrophic results for its' citizens and the nation as a whole. Ill-conceived methodology RE: illegals on several fronts ( i.e. amnesty, no provisions for reducing / curtailing the influx of additional illegals , providing entitlements for illegals that are unsustainable and surpass those in place for natural born citizens. ) Obamacare has so many still unidentified piggy back mandates, along w entitlements mentioned above, restrictions and limitations on the manner and quality of health care to be provided for the elderly. In addition the EPA is acting as the top gun, mandating , and implementing unattainable limits on particulate and gaseous emissions wherever fossil fuels are in use. These severe restrictions have been justified by fraudulent and misinterpreted "JUNK SCIENCE" and the risk / reward ratio skewed dramatically. All of this in pursuit of this administrations agenda of bankrupting the "coal industry”, which will have a domino effect ,with the major fall out reducing our national energy and power grids from a little better than marginal to impending failure

  13. 4TimesAYear says:

    "cutting carbon pollution will “feed the economic agenda of this country”"
    Only if you're trying to bankrupt us…

  14. Jennie Walsh says:

    Keep praying for evil to destroy itself. America NEEDS Divine Intervention!

  15. "Can we stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs", what this women/sheman does not like the TRUTH…………………

  16. Run Sarah, Run you are typically one of the type people we the American people need in the Senate someone who gives a DAM about us and our Country, GOD Bless you Sarah please run for the Senate and I believe we need more common snse thinkers from the Repub party to do the same, and please be all inclusive of everyone who votes in our country, this is the way to the WH, by now everyone knows Obama abused the law of computer fraud!!!!!

  17. Jennie Walsh says:

    You have to scroll down on the page quite a ways to reach the video: "Crime and Government" by Max Igan.

  18. VegasLarry says:

    She wants a carbon tax. So does Al Gore. I guess we’ll see both these idiots try to get rich of the power industry. Pucker up…you’re gonna get screwed again unless you help abolish the EPA.

  19. I never thought I'd miss socialist Lisa Jackson but facing this mirror image McCarthyism is freighting indeed.
    The first form of McCarthyism tried to stamp out communism now this Mc-Communism is threatening stamp out America. Anthropomorphic climate change is an expensive farce. We are into our 15th year of cooling which is exactly opposite of their pseudoscience predictions.
    Abolish the EPA.

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