The EPA Will Save Us From No Threat For $100 Billion


Armstrong Williams

Syndicated columnist Armstrong Williams has recently noted that the EPA is now on a jihad to protect Americans from the chemical known as perchlorate. Never heard of it? Few people have. It’s a salt manufactured and used primarily by the military and the aerospace industry, according to Williams.

Perchlorate also occurs naturally and in low amounts in water supplies, soil, agricultural crops and dairy cattle. It’s also found in fertilizers that farmers use to grow their crops.

Radical environmentalists have convinced the zealots at the EPA that this chemical is a dangerous pollutant that must be regulated. This is in spite of the fact that the National Academy of Sciences has stated that this chemical has no observable effect on the human body in its naturally occurring form.

In addition, the EPA’s own Inspector General in 2010 concluded that the EPA’s regulation of this chemical will not protect human health in any meaningful way. But, the economic impact of the EPA regulating this chemical will be catastrophic to our nation’s farmers. The EPA’s IG stated: “The potential regulation of perchlorate is a critical environmental decision that has significant social and economic consequences. The regulation of perchlorate could adversely affect $70 billion dollars worth of U.S. agricultural exports…when one considers both the agricultural and environmental clean-up costs, the potential regulation of perchlorate represents at least a $70–110+ billion dollar decision.”

In short, the EPA’s regulation of this chemical will produce no health benefits to humans, but will cost an estimated $100 billion to American farmers for “clean-up.”

Isn’t this just like the EPA? Lisa Jackson and her tree-huggers will find a non-existent problem, issue regulations to control it, and let farmers go belly up as a result of their irrational earth-worshipping ideology. Some might call this an unintended consequence of overregulation, but we’re way past the point of thinking these policy decisions are unintended. These are intended consequences. They’re deliberately working to destroy capitalism and to reduce our nation to a Third World status.




  1. The EPA is a rogue organization that needs to go the way of the dinosaur . It is mismanaged , misinformed , and misnamed . It should be called the " DAEA " the Destroy the American Economy Agency .

    • American partiot says:

      Right from the beginning, the EPA mandate was sold to the American People as a "motherhood and apple pie" agency to "protect" us from smog, air and water polution. There was no limits set on the agencies power or authority and no requirement for common sense or economic consequences of regulations they produce. By now, it's grown like a cancer on the body politic. It's totally out of control and doing more damage than any good it ever acomplished. If the general public had any clue about the amount of tax dollars the EPA is costing this country or the amount of fuel and other resources it's activities are wasting, There would be a revolt. The EPA needs to abolished completely and quickly.

  2. The EPA has to be defunded and dismantled. It should be an agency to help keep us save without bringing our country down to a 3rd world level. Then, when we get a new administration in office in 2013 we can resurrect the agency with people who have some brains.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      If it is resurrected at all, it should be given a very stringently defined and limited mission, along with a very small staff.

      • Yes, Voice or Reason I agree. We might even put a restriction on them that each new regulation would need to be approved by congress. And the way congress operates there would be very few new regulations, don't you think?

        • American partiot says:

          The way our current congress is behaving, I don't think giving them any authority or control over environmental regulations is a good idea. Such decisions should be made by non political, scientists and engineers and voted on by the public.

      • American partiot says:

        Agencies like the EPA and the BLM are like cancers. They have to be removed completely or they will grow back. "We the people" need to learn what these agencies are really doing to this country and get rid of them totally and completely. We've been conplacent far too long.

    • tiredofbums says:

      Pretty soon you won’t be able to move without breaking a regulation. Your personal dust is a pollutant. I hope I live long enough to see these horrible people fired from their jobs and all of their stupid regulations nullified.They can all eat cow pie as far as I’m concerned.

      • American partiot says:

        I agree. Actually I suspect that most of us are breaking dozens of their absurd regulations everyday. The majority of our citizens don't even know about most of their rules and regulations. If they did, there would have been a revolt long before now.

  3. "buck says" is 100 % corect about what should be the fate of the EPA. Their responsibilities and

    original mision – before the Obamaites added those outrageously inherent in buck's clarification of "DAEA" – could be easily handled by The Interior Department and the Depoartment of Agriculture. My God! Think of the savings that could be realized! – Especially since the EPA seeks to double their present, bloated bureacuracy. The results in $$$ savings are astounding if we just vote them and the "DAEA"- as defined by buck says out of existance in 2012. We are talking in the multi billions of $$$ that could be saved here.

    • American partiot says:

      You can add to those potential savings, all the fuel and resources that agency wastes daily under the guise of "protecting our environment"

  4. GET ON THE CAIN TRAIN – He believes a lot of the "agencies" can be incorporated, abolished or made to work the way they should and alot cheaper. He'll bring the flag back to the white house.

  5. John Torok says:

    Since the EPA was created has done little or nothing orpositive for the envirnoment but has cost millions of what were some of the best jobs in the United States. The EPA have taken many over many projects and companies over that were actually good resources and jobs and turned them into wasteful site that will be that have become hazardous waste site for no other reson than to make sites that the EPA and it's contractors can manage from here on out just to support the EPA. The EPA should dismantled and abolished.

  6. Finally an article that tells it like it is….the intended consequences…..destroy those who won't be controled anyway you can..

  7. Shut the EPA Down for once and all.

  8. John Stewart says:

    The best word to describe EPA is subversive. 90% of there actions are intended to destroy the economy of this Country.

    • American partiot says:

      Right on! You can add the BLM to the list of government agencies that should be eliminated ASAP. That agency is totally out of control and fleecing American taxpayers for far more than just their annual budget allocaton. They create their own laws, rules and regulations, enforce their "laws" with their own agents and levy their own fines, fees and charges, They have become an independent legislative and judicial body operating outside of the bounds of constitutional law

    • American partiot says:

      And …… they are succeding remarkably well in that goal. Worst of all, the majority of the general public still believe the EPA is "protecting" our environment as long as the government and our popular news media keep dispensing the Kool 'Aid.

  9. Richard M says:

    I get awful tired of people saying abolish, dismantle, get rid of (fill in the blank), but never any mention that the heads of these rogue agencies ever be tried as subversives. If, per chance, we're able to abolish the EPA, I'm real fine with that, but, at the same time, Lisa Jackson needs to be held over for trial for her subversive scheming plots to help Obama and his minions bring down the American economy!

    Obama, his czars, his admin. and Lisa Jackson and who knows who else, should all be investigated and put on trial as subversives and traitors to America, because that's what they are! Plain and simple.

  10. I see those commies over at the EPA are at it again! As if the Obama admin. alone isn’t enough to ruin our economy because of Obama’s policies, we’re now assaulted with the EPA doing their level best to help Obama ruin our economy.

    So many commie lovers and so little time!

  11. I remember being at a country fair as a kid back in the early 70's and hearing that it was the first "Earth Day". Even as a kid I had a sense for when something was just p.c. bull-hockey. Just like I knew even as a kid that I would never see a nickel of so-called 'social security.' But regarding the 'environment', sure we don't want smoke stacks chugging thick black smoke into the air, or chemicals being dumped in streams. But that stuff is almost non-existent these days. Coal burning technology is VERY clean. You can look at a smoke stack and not even tell that it's doing anything. The 'EPA' is a political arm of the socialist Democrat party. It serves no useful purpose and should be disbanded ASAP!

  12. Just like Obama and his gang, the EPA knows all to well, that most Americans are to busy just trying to survive to research all the new and continuing regulations. They know that the media won't report it, and if they do, they'll use Obama, Pelosi,Reid tacktic #2 Use Fear Mongering and Scare Tactics and it will work every time! When Sara Palin said she could see Russia from her back porch, she wasn't kidding cause she didn't have to look far — none of us do.

  13. Remember, these "regulations" are part of the UN's Agenda 21 program or that is also known as "sustainable environment". For more information on Agenda 21 look at this link

    It is also important for people to remember that Mr Obama is not a natural born Citizen and therefore nothing he does is valid. He was never eligible to run for office as Hillary Clinton's campaign pointed out. Therefore no regulation proposed under his auspices are valid. This is as important as it undoes everything he proposes including the monstrosity called "Obamacare".

  14. This makes me so mad, I'm going to burn some tires just for spite!

  15. Jheard1292 says:

    My advice to you as Patriots is to look well below the surface on issues such as these so as not to get caught up in being led down a path of narrow thought or led to where others want you to go. Don’t get caught up in the debate over the EPA banning/controlling perchlorate and it is just a natural occurring salt. Ask yourself what is the military and the aerospace industry using this for? The answer, I can tell you, is that perchlorate is used in explosives, rockets and missile propellants and similar items. Now if you ban perchlorates or make it difficult to manufacture or use, it reduces our military’s capabilities or at least cost the government more to protect America. Now ask yourself why would this president want that? Simple, he wants to bring America to it’s knees so we are not strong enough to fight for our independence and be forced into a U.N. model of world governance!


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