Obama’s EPA Attempts To Ban Ammunition

A federal court on Thursday halted — at least for the time being — an effort by the Environmental Protection Agency to ban all ammunition containing lead, much to the dismay of gun control groups hoping to use environmentalism to “make an end run around the Second Amendment” right of access to ammunition, according to officials from several organizations representing gun owners and manufacturers.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that it had dismissed a lawsuit brought by the anti-hunting Center for Biological Diversity and six other left-wing groups which demanded that President Barack Obama’s powerful EPA ban traditional ammunition containing lead components.

Federal Judge Emmet G. Sullivan dismissed CBD’s lawsuit, finding that CBD’s current petition was nothing more than an attempt to seek reconsideration of their previous petition, which the EPA had denied. Judge Sullivan also indicated that he would defer to EPA’s determination that the agency was not congressionally authorized to regulate lead-based ammunition, according to the Institute for Legislative Action of the NRA.

Traditional ammunition represents 95 percent of the U.S. market and is the staple ammunition for target shooters, hunters and law enforcement, with more than 10 billion rounds sold annually, according to officials with theNational Shooting Sports Foundation.

Last August, the NSSF had filed a motion to dismiss the federal lawsuit initiated by EPA attorneys at the behest of environmental and control activist groups.

Read more at News With Views. By Jim Kouri.


  1. The enviro fascist movement is the last repository for communists who hypocritically live in the free nations of the world. It's used to control, subjugate and tax to death any free market actions or the exercise of basic constitutional freedoms. Of course, communist Obama will do anything to achieve his Marxist goals. The NRA and those who value the 2nd amendment are a juggernaut he fears and we need to give him a smashing defeat in the 2014 elections as a not too subtle reminder.

  2. saddlebroke says:

    This country was not built on wimpy, politically correct ignorant people. The EPA, Obama and the liberals
    will turn this country into a third world power if they are not stopped. They are spineless self serving idiots
    pushing their agenda to the determent of the major of Americans. They are motivated by false assumptions about the world's condition with an unfounded fear. Deletion of lead in ammo will really save the world—yeah right!

  3. Robert Peterson says:

    I have a better idea let's ban Obama and the EPA

    • Thank you Robert Peterson..You are so right…Our Muslim Pres could care less about 'We The People', All he cares about is ripping our Constitution, and taking everything else away from us..Theres' one thing He likes and that is blowing OUR money…They [Lib Dems and our Muslim Pres] are trying to turn our Nation into Shari law and , try to make us believe the Muslim belief…We have read where there are some Jhad camps in the U.S. OUR Country was built on 'In God We Trust'..The only way He won the 2 elections is through voter fraud…It is time to ship Him and His lieing minions back to HIS Country. Some of the Blacks in our Country really think he is Black/White…He is White/Muslim…He should be MADE to open His past that He spent approx 3 million to hide from us..If He does not have anything to hide why did He do this??????

    • david cetina says:

      Yes ! I Agree OBAMA & The EPA needs to GO !!!

    • daf62757 says:

      Even better, ship the EPA and Obama to Club Gitmo!

  4. The damage has been done — What does it matter now? Obscumbo seems to have been brain damaged due to lead poisoning in the womb — He is a mental sap and a moron and can take this EPA and shove it where the sun cant shine!

  5. I'd like to see Obuttface get lead poisioning.

  6. begining says:

    If we listen to Queen Obummer we would no longer , have God , Guns , news the only the thing we'd have is the vial from his mouth.

  7. VegasLarry says:

    Who can put up with this constant attack on the Constitution for 3 more years? Hopefully, we can put and end to all this by voting in the midterms. There are 70 democrats in the House that also belong to the Socialist party of America. They all have to go. If the House goes Republican….Obama will become useless ( not that he isn’t now).

  8. Every bureau of the Federal government is being used by the Obama administration to take away our rights granted by the Constitution. If it isn't the 2nd amendment, it's the first, or the fourth, or the fifth. It is a war. Stop the war by impeaching Obama and removing his entire Communist administration.

    • Erik; I hate to inform you, but the Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights, DO NOT grant us any rights whatsoever. Being born, we have inalienable rights, (Bill of Rights), our Constitution merely guarantees that we will keep these rights as human beings. Since our government is no longer interested in following the laws set forth in the above documents, then our job is to dismantle that government and reinstall a new government that wishes to follow the laws promulgated.

    • I must take exception to your statement that the Constitution grants us our rights. Those rights were granted by our Creator. The Constitution was written to protect those rights.

  9. These communist faggots will try everything they can to destroy our constitution, may they all rot in hell !!!

  10. corporatejungles says:

    The pres will never give up power. Martial law will be implimented. We must never give up our guns. The first to fall are those that do.

  11. Solices says:

    OMG there Swine Tails >:(

  12. The EPA doesn't have the power to Ban lead ammunition using "The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976" Thanks to a couple of Republican Congressmen with forethought back in the 1970's that excluded the lead ammunition from the EPA's power to Ban as a toxic substance, knowing back then that this would be an issue later on!!!

    • Never say can't…. Obummer & his cronies are doing whatever the hell they want to including murder, releasing criminals, open borders, kissing Muslim azzes , everything that is against the American people & the constitution & just plain evil & getting away with all of it

  13. Psst – you do realize that non-lead ammo is actually better and generally not much pricier, right? In fact partswise it's cheaper, just there's less competition to keep the price down.

    The only problem is the ammo manufacturers would need to retool for it, and they don't want to – as a consumer though, you'd see little difference.

    Personally I use non-lead ammo and prefer it myself for target shooting and hunting light game to eat – always would bother me when I was younger with my dad's ammo cleaning a carcass to cook and realizing someone missed a piece of lead buckshot while we were getting it ready to eat.

    • fb/standandunite says:

      and the cost would sky rocket because of less competition and more demand. AND, everyone with lead ammo would be a 'criminal'. Cops would be busting in doors and confiscating ammo and jailing people. ANY incident with a gun with lead ammo would have an extra charge and more jail time, ETC, ETC, ETC…

    • Great idea, but they would soon go after that. The root of this attack on freedoms needs to be pulled our after a shot of roundup!

    • There's nothing wrong with non-lead ammo for a number of uses, but there are forms of shooting (i.e. Cowboy Action) where lead is the only safe answer. That aside, the EPA is way out of bounds with this attempt. They are ignoring current law and must be stopped.

    • Omario Rosario says:

      obvious troll is obvious
      “light game”

    • I thought I was the only one who liked non- lead rounds. Thank you.

    • Apparently you were asleep when they banned lead ammo for waterfowl hunting and the price of non toxic steel shot suddenly became 50% more expensive than traditional lead shot. The number of cripples resulting from non toxic ammo is incredible, not to mention cruel, because NOTHING outperforms lead in terms of expansion. Non toxic ammo retains it's form on impact and travels through the animal without causing the damage necessary for a quick ethical kill. Stick to target shooting. You are clearly not a hunter.

    • Bob dole says:

      I'm a primitive shooter. A banon lead stops my shooting.

  14. You guys know that you got this completely backwards, right? The EPA was on your side here. They were the defendant in the case. The CBD was suing the EPA to force them to regulate ammunition.

    • Hah, that's true too. Ironic.

    • Don't bet on that. The EPA gets together with other groups to manipulate law suits. The Sierra Club sues them a lot, and they settle (?) in court without the judge ever getting involved. This is a manipulated way to bring a law suit to get what you want, but not be the "bad guy." The EPA is not your friend.

  15. chapprg1 says:

    Finally, a good use for expended Uranium.

  16. Obama THUGS, the IRS and teh EPA, can ruin anyone and anything they please

  17. AverageJoe says:

    This is just another Obvious attempt to use the latest gun-control controversy to chip away at the Constitution. I personally think that the individuals who instigate these Anti-Constitutional attempts should be targeted and brought out into the open for all to see so they can't sit in the back ground and pull cheap shots such as this type of thing.

  18. These Gun grabbers are really starting to wear on my nerves. They want all the guns for control and unfettered power. Look at Washington and the corruption, do you trust blindly in other men, with their corrupt ways?

    Why doesn't the EPA focus on banning Fluoridated water and the massive problems of pharmaceuticals leaching into the drinking water. Or how about the effect Monsanto's poisons are having on the environment.

    Final note. Lead is found in nature. So, in essence, the EPA is against nature by attempting to ban something that comes from the earth in abundance.

  19. How did they come up with the title and summary? It has nothing to do with the story.

  20. InvictusLux says:

    Ah, this explains why the Obama DHS went out of its way to buy up so much more expensive (and deadlier) hollow point ammo for TARGET PRACTICE rather than the much lower cost ball-ammo and wad-cutter variety. The motive had to be less toxic lead in the atmosphere due to the hollowed out lead slugs hainv less total lead when that time comes to teach Americans how to toe-the-line in a display of shock and awe eh?

    Someone needs to run the numbers and see if we are still net improved in air-born heavy metals reduction when DHS shoots off its 1.6 billion round stockpile relative to the savings we have gained by EPA 's ban of leaded gasoline additives and going cars with toxic and heavy lead-acid batteries which get hauled all over the country by diesel trains and trucks and fail every 4 years o so? Brilliant….

  21. If you use non-lead ammo enough, it will eventually wreak havoc on your rifelings. Boy, talk about burning up your bore!!!!

    • Really? I didn't know this. What is the problem? Isn't it soft enough?

    • Copper jacketed bullets have no lead-to-barrel contact. The issue is that less dense metals have poor ballistic properties because they have less mass per unit volume and, so, cannot carry as much force as a denser bullet. Non-lead bullets also tend to mushroom poorly.

  22. redharley01 says:

    I had foreseen this would become a problem when OBOZO got his two gun grabbers on the Supreme Court, both Bleeding Heart Libtards who stated during their vetting process that they would not go after guns, (they lied) and then while the public and NRA fought against the gun ban in Chicago they both entered in to the fray and ruled that the ban should stand. OBOZO will use what ever means he has at his disposal to bring this country to its knees, he will bleed dry the NRA's financial might in the tactic of a death of a thousand cuts, to marginalize them and defeat their programs, he will use the EPA and any other means at his disposal to violate our rights as citizens, it time "WE THE PEOPLE" wake up and "IMPEACH THIS THREAT" before we find we no longer have a NATION we can call our own!!

  23. indianwolf says:

    I read the comments here and I wonder why some points are still being missed. Yes there are all good points but what most are missing is plain simple fact are that the government wouldn't be going after guns in the first place if they were doing what was right, and afraid the of the people willing to fight and die for the same freedoms our military has in the past and present for….our freedom. THe government knows that they are doing wrong, they know they are way out of line, and they know we will get fed up enough to fight back, by force if necessary. Thats the real reason behind why they are trying to take our guns away. Sad thing is if they suceed the criminals will still have guns, so it solves nothing to the excuses they use….ie children being killed in schools and what not. criminals will always find a way. Besides guns dont kill people…people kill people, and yes…. we need to impeach Oboma. HE had the chance to become the greatest President and set a good example for the black community, but instead has become the worst socalistic son of a bit*h. Honestly I am surprised someone hasn't tried to assassinate him. He has let everyone down, especially the black community. So sad, wev'e come so far this is going to be such a set back

  24. patriot says:

    If this were to pass, then the DHS would have to give up their billions and billions of rounds of ammo, too.

  25. gringo1836 says:

    Is it wise to continuously piss off that many armed people at one time ??

  26. obama our constitutional lawyer… i don't know if I wanna laugh or cry … I just don't know…
    notice how obama shares assault weapons with drug cartels than turns around to ban weapons from citizens… Notice how DHS buys millions of rounds of ammo now he wants to ban these same ammo from us… round and round we go in the twilight zone …

  27. it is a sad day today in light of all the terrorist acts world wide that until this president Obama was put in office was treated as an unacceptable act of violence against human beings and now it is acceptable according to Obama. the unrelenting attacks on our constitution used to be considered an act of treason and the person or persons committing this act was a traitor and now that the people have ben suppressed lied to swindled into voting on hidden agendas and laws against the constitution and the people just so that the government and politicians can have more control of the people. now it is not an act of treason but an act of compassion because they know that( we the people )no longer have what it takes to stand against them and unlike our fore fathers ( we the people ) will eventuality give in to there demands and become even more suppressed and the constitution that used to mean something no longer dose and has not for a long time .

  28. and unlike our fore fathers (we the people ) have become so passive that our government will enforce there will upon us. and like always (we the people ) will accept it . by allowing an impeachment we are saying that's ok next time you can take more from us and do more to us we will not oppose you . now if the oboma is tried for treason and convicted of being the traitor that he and his cabinet members are then and only then will (we the people ) have made a step in the wright direction and America might have a true chance for the freedom our fore fathers fought and died for

  29. Time to be serious about Psalms 91with out God we are a total doomed nation

  30. Christina says:

    Complete Dorks! The Washington judge UPHELD the EPA's *****REFUSAL TO HEAR THE ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP'S PETITION*******. Do you all know how to execute a Google search?! The EPA is on YOUR side. ((Idiots!))

  31. gringo1836 says:

    Will some of you gutless wonders in Washington please quit kissing Obozo's ass and do something about this son of a bitch !!!!

  32. shrimp boats says:

    Do they not know that guns alone do not kill people, It is the people that they put out on the streets that have problems, mental and stupid, we who have had a back check and have cwp don't kill people. We need to be on our toes, this will become a third world country If we allow this idoit to have his way with our country. I still believe he is not a citzen of USA.

  33. The EPA doesn't have the authority to ban such things. The Constitution says the rights to bears arms shall not be infringed upon. And if you ban lead in bullets' than you would have to ban lead in car batteries and such. Any Judge that approved this ban is a Communist IDIOT !

  34. Potato Joe says:

    I'm all about impeaching this friggin Muslim swine. We will not give up our guns or our ammunition and we will be taking back our beautiful country before these scum completely ruin it….as is their goal.

  35. These guys will impose laws and rules because they can. Not because its right.
    Maybe it is time to dig a hole somewhere.

  36. Guess we should unload all our lead ammunition into Richard Windsors office. Oh yeah, he resigned didn't she.

  37. Fred the American says:

    So, according to your article it wasn't Obama, it wasn't the EPA, it was some left wing anti gun group trying to do this. And it wasn't the NRA, it wasn't the National Shooting Sports Foundation that stopped it but the Government in the form of a Federal judge. Under the Obama administration.

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