Earthworms Blamed for Global Warming

The world of global warming alarmists is increasingly resembling a madhouse, with conservationists falling over each other trying to salvage the last shreds of credibility.


  1. Idiots at the EPA

  2. Dan Stewart says:

    How dumb can idiots be? Just look to the greenie weanies & the epa for your answer.

  3. You ever wonder whether their really is a God or not, that question has crossed my mind when we have people walking around under pretenses as to whether or not they actually can make statements like these and we are suppose to come to an conclusion it just came out of someone's mouth. Then you say to yourself did God really create someone this stupid. But then with idiots writing pure stupidity like they always do what conclusion am i suppose to think of God.

    • darthinton says:

      That sir is your choice, God give us choices. You choose to follow the path you want, believe what you want and act as you want. Judgement day is the time to hope you made the right choices. People have to accept that it is the choices of their own making that weigh the verdict. Every one picks their own path.
      May your path take you where you would rather be.

  4. earth worms causing global warming? The group that suggested this. I have a question for you. If global warming is caused by earth worms, how in the world did you ever get in a position with the EPA?

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