Editorial: Inhofe Calls For New Hearings On EPA’s Flawed Endangerment Findings


Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change members are climate alarmists committed to the redistribution of income from rich nations to poor ones.

Two days ago, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), the minority leader on the Senate Committee on the Environment & Public Works issued a call for a new investigation into the EPA’s flawed endangerment findings on carbon dioxide.

Inhofe’s call was related to the EPA Inspector General’s report showing that the EPA failed to follow the correct procedures before it issued its finding that CO2 is a dangerous pollutant that must be regulated by Lisa Jackson’s jack-booted zealots.

As Inhofe stated:

“The Inspector General’s investigation uncovered that EPA failed to engage in the required record-keeping process leading up to the endangerment finding decision, and it also did not follow its own peer review procedures to ensure that the science behind the decision was sound. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson readily admitted in 2009 that EPA had outsourced its scientific review to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  This is an institution whose credibility has already been called into question. Even so, EPA still refused to conduct its own independent review of the science.  As the EPA Inspector General found, whatever one thinks of the UN science, the EPA is still required – by its own procedures – to conduct an independent review.”

Of course, as Inhofe points out, the IPCC is notoriously unreliable when it comes to accurate information on climate change or “global warming.” The IPCC is biased towards climate warming hysteria and the so-called “experts” who feed the IPCC information are climate change zealots with a clear political agenda.

Anyone who has read through the Climategate emails will easily understand that these zealots cooked the numbers, suppressed data that they didn’t agree with, and tried to suppress the writings of climate change skeptics.

It is clear that the EPA is using flawed resources to reach flawed conclusions. It is not basing its decisions on “science” but on the politically-motivated data provided by “experts” who wish to use climate change hysteria to destroy capitalism, destroy American sovereignty, and to redistribute income to “poor” nations from hard-working American taxpayers. This must stop.

Please access Senator Inhofe’s Minority Member web site and use his excellent research materials rebutting climate change hysteria.




  1. Is anyone surprised???

  2. We are facing an economic collapse in Mississippi if the EPA has their way. Our state is building a CO2 capturing coal plant that will raise the costs of electricity beyond affordability. Southern Company along with Mississippi Power are following the Kyoto Protocols of the United Nations.

  3. Surly_Curmudgen says:

    There are no studies that show any "possible" level of CO2 overwhelming the feedback that keeps the system balanced.

    This alone indicates a huge gap in the man caused global warming theory.

  4. They are liers and cheats they do what Obummer tells them to do we need to stop this it is getting out of hand

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