EPA’s Secret Deals with Environmentalists

The EPA is under investigation for a practice called Sue and Settle. Environmentalists in government and private organizations have found ways to create new regulations by fashioning lawsuits tailored to have courts institute policy changes.


  1. tommyboy says:

    There's trouble brewing in River City.

  2. Florida Jim says:

    The only people who believe in global warming, climate change, carbon taxes are those benefiting from it e.g. Al gore, Soros, EPA, lawyers, professors, United Nation's dolts, Harvard University and other universities who say or do anything to gain more tax dollars or grant dollars. The facts are much different and most countries know the fraud is to take money from wealthy countries rinse it through the United Nation's dolts then redistribute it to "more deserving countries [read anyone but America and Europe]. If you doubt any of this ask yourself why Russia, China, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Spain, England and 100 other countries use oil as their energy source after trying the left-wing "green energy scam" and giving up on all of it to drill? Read "Red Hot Lies" by Chris Horner and other books on the scam and you will understand how the schools are in be with the politicians and lawyers to indoctinate our students of their foolish ideology.

  3. This is the way a Communist government works in a Capitalist land: they rig law suits for establishing a precedent and pay for it by stealing your tax dollars.

  4. Borders on criminal activity? With the blatant interaction of epa and enviro groups we're looking at a level of extortion that qualifies for imposition of the RICO act! The first to be arrested should be the bureaucrats of the epa.

  5. Brad Jones says:

    Sue-and-setttle tactics are being used to close down roads and access to public lands. There is collusion between the United States Forest Service and environmental groups using the Equal Access to Justice Act to rip off taxpayers and screw small-scale miners. The environmental extremists are raking in millions of dollars at the taxpayer’s expense.

    • stephenwv says:

      Is there any place in the Obama administration where government power is NOT used to by-pass Congress and impose controls over the people without representation? EPA? IRS? NSA? FBI? Forestry? Justice? Energy? Education? UN? Homeland security? TSA? Labor Relations Board? Presidential Executive Orders? Hello? Is there a pattern here? Do we need a Constitution when dictatorial orders will do?

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