Is Presumed EPA Nominee Trustworthy?

The Washington Post reports that the President is poised to nominate Gina McCarthy to succeed Lisa Jackson (a.k.a. “Richard Windsor”) as EPA administrator. If/when the Senate takes up her confirmation, lawmakers should know that McCarthy, the current chief of Air Regulation at the EPA, has a history of misleading Congress and the public on two of EPA’s most expensive regulations.

As CEI Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis points out in a 2011 editorial:

[McCarthy and other EPA officials] denied under oath that motor vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards are “related to” fuel economy standards. In so doing, they denied plain facts they must know to be true. They lied to Congress.

He elaborates:

That greenhouse gas emission standards implicitly regulate fuel economy is evident from the agencies’ own documents. As EPA and NHTSA acknowledge in their joint May 2010 Greenhouse Gas/Fuel Economy Tailpipe Rule (pp. 25424, 25327), no commercially available technologies exist to capture or filter out carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from motor vehicles. Consequently, the only way to decrease grams of CO2 per mile is to reduce fuel consumption per mile — that is, increase fuel economy. Carbon dioxide constitutes 94.9% of vehicular greenhouse gas emissions, and “there is a single pool of technologies… that reduce fuel consumption and thereby CO2 emissions as well.”

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  1. hanginjudge says:

    Ask yourself this! Is she a politician? Answer yes! Conclusion–not trustworthy! Simple as that.

    • Obama nominated her? She's terrible. How do I know that? Just when you think Obama has hit the bottom of the barrel in picking his appointments, he lowers the bottom of the barrel a few more inches and finds someone in the scum…Hagel used his voting machine company machines to count the votes where Obama was running close with Romney, Hagel's machines gave Obama huge leads. Hagel used his own machines to get into politics, that's another dirty story. Kerry, who got wiped out by the Swift Boat men who worked with him and blew up his story, has the sleazy character that Obama likes…..

  2. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Is the nominee trustworthy? The short answer is – if Obama nominated her – NO!

    • Whenever she talks, she is LYING. I wouldn't trust anyone in the Obama administration as far as I could throw an anvil.

  3. She is a Ovmit butt kisser we dont need anouther lier and cheet like lisa

  4. What did you expect America, you lost this battle in the last election. If not McCarthy, Obama will appoint another sycophant to head the EPA. The EPA must be forced to find a more trustworthy scientific basis for their ruling than the thoroughly discredited IPCC reports. Apparently this must be done by the USSC to overturn the lower court ruling. This must be done before Obama can stack the Court with another liberal. NOW.

  5. How about the House un funding the EPA?

  6. John Stewart says:

    If honesty exists in the EPA anywhere, state or federal, it is at such a lower level that, that person is known as an ex employee.
    This woman is nothing more than page two of the Jackson fiasco aimed at destroying this Country. I find it extremely hard to believe that anyone in the agency gives a rats *** about the environment, more so they believe more in communism.

  7. RichardCancemi says:

    There have been no "good" Obama nominations, just as there have been no "good" Obama policies and Executive Orders. In fact, there has been nothing "good" from the Democratic (Socialist) Party! Everything from this bunch turns into another 'cancer cell' killing the "Good" of America.

  8. Florida Jim says:

    Absolutely not she is another global warming clone who hates god, hates oil, hates professors who tell the truth on global warming and hates America. The entire EPA has been stolen by the 60's radicals, and their children, to destroy America economically through the Cap & Trade fraud, the redistribution fraud and he United Nations scam to bankrupt America. Russia, china, Canada and 100 other countries value oil and gas while these dolts plug up America to ruin us, and appease their fathers..

  9. Of course she is not trustworthy — she's going to tow the line — if she is nominated and confirmed, shame on Congress, especially the Senate. She's been a big part of hiding behind the scene deals on coal, and was privy to and participated in the Richard Windsor fake account that Lisa Jackson used. None of the politicals there should be eligible based on that alone. She willingly and knowingly worked with Jackson to circumvent the law, FOIA, and DOJ isn't going to do anything, but Congress better.

  10. All parts are interchangeable on liberals. They are all cloned from the same irreversible stupidity . Then they walk around all their lives making intelligent comments about global warming gay rights and gun control. Just imagine one even coming close to saying anything that would make sense. It hasn't happened yet. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

  11. Ken Redmon says:

    Prove you wrong, not me, I agree with you 100%

  12. iloatheovomit says:

    Any Dike Jerk that is appointed by the messiah homosexual ovomit, is a communist, and by virtue of their past, is a Sociopath and a LIAR. I wish that Joe McCarthy were alive these days. These brain dead idiots that the supreme homo ovomit appoints are rewards for their ability to kiss his rosy rectum. I doubt that any of them can win a game of chec kers with an Amoeba. Look at pelosi.

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