Senators: EPA needs more transparency


In the wake of top  officials using aliases and private email accounts to conduct official business, Republican senators are calling on Acting Administrator Bob Perciasepe to live up to President Barack Obama’s promise to be the most transparent administration in history.

“We sincerely hope that as the current head of EPA, you will work toward fulfilling President Obama’s call for increased transparency in the operations of the federal government,” Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter and Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe wrote in a letter to Perciasepe. “Our purpose in outlining the following areas of concern is to draw your attention to the ongoing problem, which you now have the opportunity to correct.”

Reports show that two top EPA officials have been caught using private email accounts to conduct official business. In January, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that EPA Region 8 administrator James Martin was corresponding with environmentalists using his private Apple “” account.

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Michael Bastasch.


  1. John Stewart says:

    That is in error, even a smidgen of transparency would would be more than exists now. Morals and ethics do not fit in this administration, ANYWHERE.

  2. Time for members of the House and the Senate to step up to the mark and hold these people accountable. States need to start nullifying the regulations forced on us by the corrupt EPA.

  3. Huapakechi says:

    The subpoenas have been ignored, there have been foot dragging delays worthy of a three year old knowing he's about to be punished, redactions that make the 'released' emails worthless.

    Why maintain the kabuki theater? Cut funding for the department immediately. When there is a full faith response to the demands for records, CONSIDER restoring the funding.

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