Challenge to EPA’s ‘Cap-and-Trade Tax’ Going to Supreme Court

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s costly new carbon emissions regulations are taking their case to the Supreme Court.

The Atlanta-based Southeastern Legal Foundation — representing 12 members of Congress and 15 businesses and business associations — is one of the largest groups that will file documents at the end of March to have their case heard.

The Foundation — known by its acronym SLF —filed the lawsuit against the EPA for levying what critics claim is an energy tax on U.S. businesses. The EPA unilaterally issued its regulations after Congress defeated a proposal to create a “cap-and-trade” scheme to limit carbon-dioxide emissions.

Cap-and-trade, modeled on a European system, is a program in which the federal government sells permits that represent a limit on how much carbon a business may emit. Businesses are required to hold the permits, or carbon credits, equal to their emissions. They are then required to buy or sell credits when their volumes increase or decrease.

“At a staggering cost of $1 trillion, Americans can expect the new regulations to inflict huge increases in utility bills, the cost of groceries and the cost of transportation, as well as the loss of 4 million jobs over the next two decades,” SLF Executive Director Shannon Goessling tells Newsmax.

Read more at Newsmax. By David Yonkman.


  1. I'm getting blue in the face saying this but where the hell is congress? They write crappy legislation and turn it over to the agencies to promulgate regulations but never give any oversight. When things start heading south it is up to business or individuals to head for the courthouse to seek relief from government overreach. Congress goes on to the next piece of crappy legislation with total disregard to the problems it has caused.

    • Totally agree!!

    • Hell_o America says:

      12 members of Congress are part of the suit. No mention of who the 12 members are. Basically as I understand it, the congress DEFEATED the 'Cap and Trade" bill……..SO Nomoral and his EPA made it a regulation and are trying to enforce it. That is the main reason the suit was brought to the Supreme Court. The EPA nor the President can or should be able to supercede the Congress…. Remember the Congress writes and passes laws.

  2. John Stewart says:

    When a bureaucracy like EPA is formed in Congress, then goes bonkers and becomes a tool of politicians to get more money in their pockets, it is time to eliminate this, what should be called, a Cabal NOW.
    Unfortunately the Cabal known as Congress is even worse. When it is said **** flows downhill truth has been spoken.

  3. Very simple answer: Congress alone has the power to create taxes. Period. The EPA, Usurper, or none of his many "Czars" can initiate new taxes! Raise hell with your Congressman, this theft plan must not be allowed to continue, or we will taxed on the air we exhale before long. The EPA has the ability to levy fines, but not to create a new tax.

  4. Keep the Obama rogue agency, the EPA, in court ALL the time for their transgressions of common business decency.

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