Climate fear-mongers’ blind faith in suspect and shoddy science

Bill McKibben, founder of, spoke on Sunday at the “Forward on Climate Rally” in Washington, D.C. He said, “Science should have decided our course long ago.” He was right. If only environmental policy were based on what science really says, billions of dollars would not have been wasted trying to “contain climate change,” as nonsensically demanded of President Obama this past weekend.

No matter what Mr. McKibben and Al Gore tell us, experts in the field understand that climate science is highly immature. We are in a period of “negative discovery,” in that the more we learn about climate, the more we realize we do not know. This problem is compounded by the fact that much of the data used by campaigners to try to convince the public that we are in an unusual period climatically is either wrong or highly suspect.

Rather than “remove the doubt,” as Mr. Gore tells us should be done, we must recognize the doubt in this, arguably the most complex science ever tackled.

The confidence expressed by Mr. GoreMr. McKibben and Mr. Obama that mankind is causing dangerous climate change is a consequence of a belief in what professors Chris Essex (University of Western Ontario) and Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph) call the “Doctrine of Certainty.” This doctrine is “a collection of now familiar assertions about climate that are to be accepted without question” (“Taken by Storm,” 2007).

Mr. Essex and Mr. McKitrick explain, “But the Doctrine is not true. Each assertion is either manifestly false or the claim to know is false. Climate is one of the most challenging open problems in modern science. Some knowledgeable scientists believe that the climate problem can never be solved.”

Read more at The Washington Times. By Tom Harris.


  1. Without sounding too technical, true science has discovered that weather systems are nonlinear chaotic systems. Even mathematics can't reliably predict what a weather cell will do. When the system reaches a certain point of chaos, a drastic change occurs causing what is known as a bifurcation. The change is unpredictable. How, then, can anyone reliably say that we have a global warming crisis?

  2. Hey it's making ALGORE rich that's all he cares about

  3. Dan Stewart says:

    Some idiots will believe anything. There are so many dummies in the US who have been intentionally dumbed down by the government school system, I'm surprised some of them can put on their clothes without help.

  4. chefrobert1407 says:

    Gee, I thought that the New and Great Messiah would of stopped Climate from changing already. All he has to do is use his Moses stick and Climate would remain still. Of course I prefer Summer. Of course i have always believed that the very idea that some uneducated and mindless think that we can stop the happening of the earth's climate from changing is stupid as it will never happen. You have the EPA and what good has it done to curtail CO2 as the Oceans produce more than their allowable tables or maybe again the new Messiah can change the Oceans. Of course it would help if our corrupt Politicians would not exhale for when they exhale their put out CO2 along with the lies they tell to enable them to receive their part of the Blood Stained 30 pieces of Silver to sell out the country.

  5. The more realism is brought forth about the subject matter and findings being manipulated to prove the hypothesis the more absurd the scientific community will become. Why? Because the hear the truth banging on the door and cannot admit they have been giving false information. Question; why is it we don't hear about the prime, number one weather creator and how it affects weather? The sun. Perhaps because the so called scientists know they really can't control the sun and the total effect it has on the weather. Instead they chose to misinform and create wealth for people like Al Gore.

  6. It is amazing how some people can be easily dupped by a guy who couldn't even pass freshman biology in college so he probably didn't even attempt equally hard courses in chemistry and physics. al gorzeera, the pied piper of global warming.

  7. The history of climate change is recorded in the rocks, the geologic record of climate change. If that is not part of the study, then what has been offered is nothing more than a partial torso of what is climate change.

    In fact, 65 million years of climate change data exist in cores from the Antarctic ice cap. If this data is not part of the current scientific effort, then the current scientific effort is flawed.

  8. Global warming, the healthcare bill and attacking the second amendment is about controlling the people.

  9. Florida Jim says:

    These paid protesters are the remnants of OWS youngsters brainwashed by democrats…what a sorry lot. Ask why these people will not debate Chris Horner and read "The Politically Incorrect Guide To Global Warming " or "Red Hot Lies"
    both tell us who benefits from the scam and how they kids have been indoctrinated at every level in school. Remember MR. Oil hater Al Gore thoughtt more of money than principle as he sold his failing TV channel to an oil sheik, hypocrisy can you say that.

  10. Bob Higginbotham says:

    We all know Gore's motivation for pushing manmade global warming/climate change, money. His companies benefit and that lines his pockets even further. He has become a billionaire preaching his phony science. I can only guess that McKibben and Obama have similar interests. Obama wants cap and trade in order to milk more the population that he can squander on his inane projects. Anyone that actually believes we can influence the climate or that CO2 is detrimental to our health needs to be reeducated by intelligent, rational teachers.

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