“Gore Effect” strikes global warming rally

Marc Morano of  global warming “denier” website ClimateDepot.com explains the “Gore Effect” on Feb 17, 2013 at the DC Global Warming Rally.


  1. jmsmaxwell says:

    Poor Al his waist line has expandes so much that everywhere he goes he blocks out the sucn and causes
    a record cold spot. The only global warming around his is the hot air he spews trying to sell his BS to
    others and the products he sponsors such as "carbon credits". Sort of makes you wonder what sort of
    Snake Oil Salesman he really is. Much like his political career and his marriage, all a sham of lies
    and decite.

  2. it doesn't matter what the temperature is the globle warmers have no clue. They are sheep following an uninformed leader who is greedy and wallows in the money he makes from his false knowledge. I pity them.

  3. No one seems to remember the ozone hole problem which turned out to be no problem, but cost Americans thousands of dollars doing away with R12 and replacing it with Rwhatever and then we found out they were compatible but price went from 56 cents a can to 14.00 a can. Isn't it interesting how our government screws the people it is supposed to represent

  4. I like the sign in the background that says "Carbon Free, Nuclear Free". What it doesn't say is fuel free, electricity free, heat free, and convenience-of-any-kind free. I lived in Cyprus (European island in the Mediterranean). The high cost of fuel there meant that no one owned a dryer, stoves and heaters ran on propane, and the fridge was so small that you had to shop almost everyday. That is the price of fuel that Obama wants us to pay, and he's using climate change to seal the deal.

  5. Florida Jim says:

    Al Gore has 35 proven lies in his book "An Inconvenient Truth" yet he refuses to debate anyone who has studied the global warming scam. Gore is such a hypocrite, as most global warming enthusiasts are,that he sold his failing TV channel to an oil kingdom,Qatar. If oil is so ad for America why are the alarmists not protesting China, Russia, Canada, Norway and the 100 other oil drillers and users? Perhaps they know it is a giant scam to redistribute the wealth of America and rich countries to "more deserving countries" read poor and failed countries. Cap & Trade Taxes, Carbon Taxes, coal shutdowns, nuclear fright, United Nations dolts , Muslims all stand to benefit from this scam. Here is a Joel Rogers, U. Of Wisconsin professor who admits the scam, http://www.popmodal.com/video/7799/Joel-Rogers-an…. Only college students, professors, UN dolts fall for this crap.

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