EPA inspector general warns sequestration will diminish agency transparency

Environmental Protection Agency inspector general Arthur Elkins predicts that sequestration will make the agency less transparent, a warning that emerges even as Congress investigates top agency officials for avoiding transparency laws with banned email accounts.

“What we do is provide a level of transparency to agency operations that otherwise you wouldn’t see but for the IG shop,” Elkins toldInsideEPA. “To the extent that our budget is affected on the negative side, it’s going to come out of FTEs [full-time equivalent staff]. Because our work is labor-intensive and because people do our work, if we have fewer FTEs, we have fewer people. You can do the math. That means there’s going to be fewer projects that are going to go out.”

Read more at The Washington Examiner. By Joel Gehrke.


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  1. What transparency????

  2. 2WarAbnVet says:

    You must first possess transparency,before it can be diminished.

  3. This is almost comical. WHAT TRANSPARENCY is Mr. Elkins referring to? The EPA is the most devious, underhanded, and secretive department. And what does sequestration have to do with transparency. The agency should have transparency, regardless of sequestration. Just another FEAR tactic perpetrated by the thugs in the Obama administration. It is shameful that LYING has become the NEW TRUTH in America.

  4. John Stewart says:

    How can anyone diminish what does not exist? I cannot think of an analogy for this.

  5. Toni Stimmel says:

    So where's the downside of sequestration if it reduces transparency by 50%, half of nothing does not diminish it, it's still opaque. It sounds like the IG is a big gun, but he has no bullets and he's not allowed to point at anything.

    All the executive agencies are operated and evaluated like community organizers, read ward healers, in Obozo's home, south Chicago.

  6. Their transparency is already so polluted that we can't see anything through it. It should be held to the standard that they have set for air and water. That would give us a clear view into their dark, dishonest, money grubbing, and power hungry souls.

  7. What a joke! Washington monumenting at it's best — this IG investigates nothing that this Administration wants investigated — budget has nothing to do with it. His investigation of Richard Windsor/Lisa Jackson is part of the whole coverup.

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