EPA should dump E15, ethanol mandate

One of the worst decisions made by departing EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was to approve the use of E15, a caustic fuel that can destroy automobile engines and fuel systems.

According to the American Automobile Association, the damage from E15, a blend consisting of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline, could result in costly repairs for unsuspecting consumers. Automakers have said they may void warranties for anyone using E15, providing no protection for motorists.

The problem affects millions of car owners, and current developments are making it, if anything, more urgent to remove E15. There are 3,000 E15 stations in the United States, the majority in the Midwest. Most cars were never designed for E15. Only about 5 percent, or 12 million of the more than 240 million light-duty vehicles on U.S. roads are approved by manufacturers to use the fuel. These vehicles are mainly flex-fuel models.

Now that Lisa Jackson is leaving the EPA, her successor should suspend the sale of E15 until consumers are better informed and protected at the pump. But there is a larger issue at hand that Congress needs to address.

Read more at The Billings Gazette. By David L. Tyler.


  1. I will destroy a 4 stroke outboard motor

  2. pookieamos says:

    Here's your proof the left don't truly care about the environment , Ethanol puts out more green house gases than gasoline. The reasons for E15 are multiple and they are inherently evil . The far , far left want to use as many of our food products as they can push to starve people around the globe . Their goal is to depopulate mother earth by 5 billion by 2050 , I know it sounds crazy but sadly , it's true. Their goal is to take cars from the roads. It has been proven this will destroy older engines , which will take cars off the roads, by increasing the cost of cars through CAFE standards and other crazy mandates , most Ameicans will not be able to afford to replace the ones that are destroyed ! The big boys in the commodoties trading are reaping big bucks from this as well. It also harms ranchers and drives our meat prices , forcing Americans to eat less meat , another goal of theirs. You see people , we have some seriously messed up evil people trying to destroy the United States of America and bring in AGENDA 21 , around the globe . The tenements of AGENDA 21 are healthcare , housing, education , energy. To implement Agenda 21 , they now have Obamacare , the Healthy Housing Initiative , Common Core Curriculum and the green movement. IT'S ALL EVIL and will destroy freedom.

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